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UPDATED: Loudoun deputy arrested for DWI; officials deny FOIA request

A Loudoun County Sheriff’s deputy has been arrested for driving while intoxicated and placed on paid administrative leave, according to Liz Mills, spokesperson for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

He was arrested Nov. 10 after sheriff’s deputies responded to a report around 12:30 a.m. of a possibly intoxicated man attempting to leave in a vehicle in the Lansdowne Town Center area. When deputies arrived at the scene, they learned the driver had struck two parked vehicles with his personal vehicle.

The department will not release the name of the deputy because he is part of an ongoing undercover investigation, Mills said.

The deputy has been employed with the Sheriff’s Office for 10 years.

“We hold our deputies to the highest standards and respect due process. We must allow the criminal justice system and an internal investigation to take its course regarding this matter,” Sheriff Mike Chapman said in a statement. “The deputies who responded to this incident took the appropriate action and we are thankful for their dedication to this agency and to Loudoun County.” 

Mills said the incident is still under investigation. 

The Loudoun Times-Mirror on Nov. 14 filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the incident report in connection with the arrest.

Officials with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office on Nov. 16 responded to the FOIA request, saying they could not release the incident report because it was part of an ongoing investigation.

“The information you have requested is exempt under § 2.2-3706 (D) of the Code of Virginia (Freedom of Information Act), as release of the information you seek could identify an undercover officer and jeopardize current ongoing investigations or prosecutions,” the response said.

The Sheriff’s Office has not released what the deputy’s blood alcohol level was and how much damage was caused to the two parked vehicles he hit.



Wonder how the new sheriff will handle this situation?  Under the hiring standards part of the LCSO website is says they won’t hire you if you have an alcohol related driving offence. Isn’t refusing to take the blood or breath test a violation as well?  My money says that between the sheriff and the Commonwealth attorney they will try to reduce this one (don’t see how you can when your alledgely drunk and hit two cars) and make this go away.  We will watch and see.

Imagine someone outside the law having a DWI while finding out a loved one was in a crash and taken to hospital. I highly doubt the officer would give me the time of day to try and explain. Instead I’d be locked up right away. Yeah, you feel sorry for the guy however, being in law enforcement means you follow a different more stricter set of rules. He should be let go.

From my experience if you drive for your job and get a dwi, most employers would fire you for insurance reasons.  If it wasn’t for the property damage, they let him off and gave him a ride to the hospital.  Bottom line, noboby should be above the law.

I’m sorry, but the LCSO is held to a higher standard and this officer should be fired.  He’s probably union, so will it will have to go through all the union red tape 1st, but ultimately he should be fired - he no longer has credibility as a police officer - mall security officer maybe.  The fact that his father was in an accident is irrelevant. If this happened to me, I would be fired.

How about not drinking the stuff in the first place? That’s the simple solution. This whole thing is yet another example of the problems the stuff causes–damaged cars, people talking about bending or breaking rules, and this stuff turning an awful night for a son into a much worse one.

I was sorry to hear of this accdent and the person was a depuyt,who had hit two cars trying to get to SEE HIS FATHER, AND YET NO one WILL COME FORWARD and say, the deput was under some type of duress and had to see this father for the last time. Even tho he is law enforcment a kind eye will go father, as well as the readers. We all make mistakes, be kind to him.




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I feel sorry the officer considering his dad died and think he used very poor judgment and he should receive the same punishment as everyone else who gets their first DWI however that should not include losing his job. 

How many of us would lose our jobs if we got a DWI?  Not very many of us.

I do realize that Police officers should be held to higher standards but this man’s father died as a result of an accident and he to trying to be with him. 

Give him a break.  Punish him like the law states but don’t take his career.  Give him a desk job for awhile

While sad about his father and understandable that he wanted to get to the hospital ASAP., in his condition he should have asked someone to drive him or taken a cab. There is never an excuse for DWI or DUI no matter who you are or what the circumstances.  There are always alternatives.

Loudoun Sage you have can’t be serious?!  How does arresting a drunk driver, who already hit two PARKED cars, raise any question about the leadership of the Sheriff’s Dept?  Would it have been better to let him drive?  Oh you think they should have driven him to the hospital so he could have been drunk in the ER?  How about the driver should have called a cab?  How about you realize that no one else would have received any different treatment (nor should they)?  I am sorry about the circumstances, but letting this go until a later time would have raised serious questions about the department.

He is not in jail.  If you looked at the court reccords online, you would see that he was released on his own recognizance. He could have taken a cab or if it was Loudoun Hospital, he could have walked from Lansdowne, it is like one mile.  He must have been obnoxious for him to be arrested.

I can guarantee you they wouldn’t let me get to my destination if I were pulled over for DWI.  It wouldn’t matter if I had the President on the phone telling me to head to the White House for a meeting. 

I feel bad for the guy if he lost his Dad, but there shouldn’t be a double standard for this stuff because one person is a regular Joe and another is a Sheriff’s deputy.  If anything, you’d think he could call a buddy to come get him in a squad car, which while also probably against the rules, isn’t nearly as bad as drunk driving.

There was probably a bette way to handle this, the deputy may have been wrong but the LCSO could have dealt with him administrativly just like they do all the time.  When a family member is dying and taken to the hospital they least you think the LCSO could do for one of their own is even it they have to arrest him they could have someone come and get him instead of making him stay in jail until the next day while his father dies.  LCSO gives citizens breaks all time - a friend of mine was allowed to have someone come get him recently when he had too much to drink. Before you pass judgment lets see if the deputy gets convicted of DWI when he goes to court.  Very sad all the way around.

Would you expect any Sheriff or THE SHERIFF to excuse any regular citizen of driving drunk in instances of emergencies??
It is sad to hear the passing of his father.  May he rest in peace.

Raises concern in the leadership of LCSO that deputies arrested someone drinking and driving? For once, the cops did something right. While sad about his father, if true, that’s no excuse for drinking and driving.

Very sadly I understand that the deputys father had an accident and was badly hurt and that off duty deputy was just trying to get to the hospital after the ambulance took his dad away and he sadly died later at the hospital. I would have thought that if the deputy did something wrong it could have been handled later on instead of arresting him when he was only trying to be with his dad in the hospital instead he is in a jail cell.  Raises serious questions about the leadership at the Sheriffs Department.  Our prayers go out to the deputy and his family.

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