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Va. regulators OK Loudoun County power plant

An artist rendering of what the Stonewall plant might look like when it becomes commercially operational in 2017. Photo Courtesy/Panda Power Funds
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Virginia regulators have approved plans to build a 750-megawatt natural gas-fired generating facility in Loudoun County.

The State Corporation Commission said Wednesday it approved the request by Green Energy Partners/Stonewall LLC.

Regulators said they found the project is in the public interest and is likely to produce significant economic benefits in terms of jobs, taxes, and revenues in Loudoun County.

The company proposes to build the power plant on a 101-acre site near the Leesburg Executive Airport and the Dulles Greenway. It is expected to be in commercial operation in March 2017 at a cost of $500 million.

According to the company, the facility will use reclaimed water from the Leesburg waste water treatment facility.


Its going in to feed the ever growing data center business here in Loudoun.

With natural gas lines and power lines intersection in close proximity, this is a boon for the power company. And if folks knew anything, all the electricity produced will feed into the East Coast grid. That means folks in New York City will enjoy the electricity while those in Leesburg choke on the NatGas exhaust fumes.

A NatGas plant was defeated about 10yrs ago around the same location. I suppose if you keep submitting an application, it will eventually be approved.

Barbara its good to know its just over a line and that we are not drilling in place for the gas via fracking.

Fracking is not clean or safe, there are thousands of localized disasters due to fracking including earthquakes ad drought caused by the use of water for fracking incase you have not kept up with recent news. One of the major issues with the use of fracking is leaking gas and oil into local water supply and as this will be near a stream it would be a problem.

As to coal there is no need for it anymore which is why we are not building coal plants anymore and shutting old ones down in favor of wind, solar, nuclear, and gas. This state is mostly gas and nuclear. We built one modern coal plant and closed 3 old ones in the last 5 years.

fedup, the plant was approved there because it is at the intersection of a natural gas LINE and power LINES.  Fracking?  Seriously? 

If you mean was the gas being moved through the LINE obtained via fracking somewhere else, well, valid question.

Kind of like it’s a valid question when the people who demand electric cars also demand all coal-fired power plants be closed, yet go mute when asked where the electricity for the cars will come from…

Will it be fracking for the gas is my question. I hope not its too close to Beaver Dam Reservoir

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