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Va. Senate passes ultrasound repeal bill

Democrats in the Senate of Virginia today passed a measure to repeal the controversial 2012 “mandatory ultrasound” bill that required women seeking an abortion to undergo an abdominal ultrasound.

The repeal legislation, SB 617, was patroned by state Sen. Mamie Locke (D-2nd) and supported by local state Sens. Barbara Favola (D-31st) and Jennifer Wexton (D-33rd).

“We need to think about the rights of individuals: of women, men and all of us. Because when one group us has their rights threatened, we all have our rights threatened,” Ms. Favola said in a prepared statement. "I'm glad my colleagues agreed and voted to protect women's rights.”

The legislation passed the Senate on a party-line vote, with Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam using his tie-breaking authority in the 20-Republican, 20-Democrat chamber.

It's unlikely SB 617 will be approved by the Republican-controlled House of Delegates.

Today is the final day before “crossover” in the General Assembly -- the day legislation that passed one chamber moves to the other for consideration.

-Trevor Baratko


I will point out again doctors find these laws to be total BS and not medically sound. Is this how you want laws made VA? Going against medicine, science, and logic in favor of emotion?

“I’m amazed there are zero moderate Republicans willing to vote for this.”

@TroyMcClure:  Define “moderate”.  Does it mean someone who is wiling to set aside their convictions?  Or something else?

TroyMcClure:  apparently even moderate Republicans don’t want blood on their hands any more than conservative Republicans.

I’m amazed there are zero moderate Republicans willing to vote for this.  Or are they just ignoring their own convictions to tow the party line?

@workhardgetahead, and when did men start having babies??? They come off looking anti women. If you want less abortions, give out free birth control…

Here is the most important point, this is anti medicine and anti science. Doctors opposed this totally useless requirement in a overwhelming majority. This is a clear violation of people personal medical rights.

Remember the overused rhetoric
that life begins at birth
Now they say if you’re not wanted
you have no inherent worth

When dignity becomes arbitrary
we’re under an evil hex
Willing to admit our nothingness
for the politics of sex

disingenuousYou:  so by your logic killing a baby to “pay for its parents’ sins” is better than that baby growing up under tough circumstances.  I’ll have to disagree.  And every pro-lifer I know financially supports some sort of charity to assist unwed/teen/etc… mothers who need help caring for their babies.  We give to the local shelter here in Loudoun, sponsor a little girl in Haiti, and collect funds through our church as well.  So watch who you’re calling a hypocrite.

Hey Jehovah Jireh:
Maybe watching would help most conservatives as well since they apparently have no trouble watching that same baby starve or freeze or suffer neglect after being born… No problem having that defenseless/innocent life you conservatives so gallantly defend pay for the sins of their parents after they pass through the birth canal.  What hypocrites.

I’d still like to know why these Wexton, Locke and Favola believe that performing an ultrasound prior to an abortion is an “attack on women’s rights.”  This is a standard “on the belly” ultrasound.  Not invasive.  The abortionist is going to use one as well to determine where the placement of the baby is before he/she aborts it.

it’s not that the republicans are anti woman, they are pro baby!!

I agree Satchmo. As an Independent voter(use to be republican), the republican party doesn’t get it and until they do, they will be on the outside looking in(scratching their heads).

Maybe there should be an amendment to bill instead that says any male who is the father of the unborn baby needs a thorough rectal exam ....and since paternity can’t be established until after birth…let’s just say any guy accused of being the father gets the exam.  Nothing wrong with that, right guys?

Who ended slavery, old white men.
Who ended the Jim Crow laws, old white men.
Who passed Roe v Wade, old white men.
I bet without looking that the majority of the voters were old white men including the Lt. Governor. Your race baiting is a waste of time back to the drawing board for you.
There is no war on women except by the bomb throwers from the left who resort to extremes.

It makes it awfully hard to kill a baby after you’ve seen a photo of it moving around inside of you.  That’s why Locke, Favola and Wexton want to repeal the ultrasound requirement.  Talk about a “war on women.”  How does showing a photo of a baby to a woman about to kill it “protect a woman’s rights”?

Another stupid game of political one upmanship. With a GOP controlled House, this bill is DOA. Maybe Democrats in the Senate ought to work on legislation that will pass instead of legislation to use as ammo for the next election.

Democrats and Republicans need to learn that you can’t move a whole mountain in one go. But a shovel full at a time is much easier to manage. Until that lesson is learned, nobody should expect anything to ever change.

Seriously, not one Republican voted for this?!?

And the current crop of Republicans continue to whine when they are caste as being anti-women.  Here’s a clue why, they don’t get it and probably never will.  Must be an old white man’s syndrome.

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