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Virginia’s jobless rate falls to 5 percent in January

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- The Virginia Employment Commission says the state's jobless rate fell to 5 percent in January.

The state's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is down from 5.2 percent in December and down from 5.7 percent a year ago.

Officials say January's jobless rate was the lowest since the November 2008 of 4.9 percent as the labor force expanded and the number of unemployed fell.

The Labor Department says unemployment rates fell in 43 U.S. states in January as more Americans began looking for work and most quickly found jobs. The national unemployment rate fell to 6.6 percent in January


Maryland also has the highest median income in the country.

That darn political ideology is really coming back to bite those crabbers in MD.

Either way, the states with the most government jobs are conservative states. 

The GOP is fooling you all.  They are the party of government growth.  They are the party of Bush.

Frank Grimes -
I’ll have to double-check Wikipedia, but I’m pretty sure Maryland has the United States Naval Academy, Andrews Air Force Base, and the Aberdeen Proving Grounds (amongst others).

Any way you add it up, MD has (or has access to) just as many government jobs as VA. There’s no reason other than political ideology for the difference in unemployment rates.

You cant compare MD to VA.  MD doesnt have the Naval shipyards in Norfolk, which is a huge on government jobs.  Navy Seals are down there too.

But thats “defense” so thats the happy part of big government the the GOP loves.

And it doesnt matter if the GOP in DC are conservatives.  They know the conservatives are stupid enough to vote for them and they know the Tea Party is their puppet.

The majority of the GOP in DC are not Conservatives so you can’t say it’s Conservative polices are propping up NoVA.  Stop taking money away from those that make it and you’ll see the real unemployment numbers decrease and the economy explode.

Maryland’s unemployment rate is almost a full percentage point higher than Virginia’s. They have “all the government jobs,” too.

What say you?

Virginia’s economic recovery (wait we never had a recession) paid for by the Federal Government!!!

Using millions of government jobs to prop up your economy IS conservative economics because the dirty little secret is the GOP loves the Government when they are in power and will expand as much as the need to re-elect their presidents.

Itll happen again some day and all of a sudden the GOP wont care about deficits anymore.

Keep telling yourself Virginia’s economy is due to “conservative” policies.  It is all thanks to the buffet of federal spending, which conservatives hate.  Leave Northern VA or Hampton Roads and it is not 5%.  Conservative policies are doing nothing for people in Wise County.

DC has higher unemployment because of a higher percentage of unskilled labor vs. Arlington, Fairfax, or Loudoun counties.

Funny how Radio Shack, Staples, Penny’s, Sears, Barnes and Noble… close and jobs are lost yet the unemployment rate goes down? Since expanded unemployment ended on Jan 1st that seems to be a large reason for the drop does it not? U-6 numbers about 12.5% not so good is it.

As long as we remain a Red conservative state, business will continue to flock to Virginia and provide jobs to its citizens. It’s only when you elect an all liberal Government, do they start taxing the golden goose to death, ending up with massive unemployment. Case in Point, Washington DC at 7.4%. Or New York, with all it’s money, at 6.8%

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