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Van Metre looks to build 245 homes in Dulles South area

Van Metre Communities, L.L.C. has submitted a rezoning application in conjunction with R.G and Wilma Whitman so that a parcel of land by the intersection of Gum Spring and Braddock roads near Liberty Elementary School will be allowed to support higher density housing.

The 66-acre parcel of land in the Dulles District is currently zoned to support only single-family homes.

This rezoning would allow 51 acres of the parcel to accommodate a maximum density of 4.8 dwelling units per acre and allow for up to 245 residential dwelling units on the land. The proposed units would consist of 90 single-family detached homes and 155 single-family attached homes.

The rezoning is designed to follow guidelines laid out by Loudoun County's Comprehensive Plan for residential areas.

“Our plan is in line with the Comprehensive Plan in that particular area,” said Denise Harrover, vice president of planned communities for Van Metre. “It's a good fit considering the size of the area.”

The proposed community will help provide housing for lower income families and will provide opportunities for first-time homeowners in the form of 31 Affordable Dwelling Units

Harrover said the process for approval will probably take about a year, and the application will have to go through the Transportation and Land Use Committee as well as through the overall Board of Supervisors before it is approved.

Harrover said she believes the application will be successful.

“I don't foresee any hurdles,” Harrover said.

Van Metre Co. is a private real estate business that has constructed over 16,000 houses and several thousand apartments, as well as office buildings and shopping centers in the Northern Virginia area.


Did Van Metre do this with a straight face?  Are you kidding?  You want to rezone for HIGHER DENSITY?? Have you even driven on Braddock Road in the morning or afternoon?  The area is chronically congested.  What we _don’t_ need Loudoun County BOS, is HIGHER DENSITY i.e., HIGHER CONGESTION, i.e., HIGHER FRUSTRATION.

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