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Vantage Data Centers purchases 42 acres in Ashburn’s ‘Data Center Alley,’ plans to invest $1B

California-based Vantage Data Centers announced today it has purchased 42 acres in Loudoun County's "Data Center Alley." The land grab and development plans represent Vantage's largest expansion to date, according to company officials, with a billion-dollar planned investment in a new, 108-megawatt wholesale data center campus.

Once complete, the campus will feature five buildings totaling 1 million square feet.

"Vantage's expansion to Northern Virginia is in direct response to demand from our cloud and large technology enterprise customers, who have expansion plans on the east coast," said Vantage President and CEO Sureel Choksi in a prepared statement. "We are very excited to expand beyond the west coast to a third market, with our largest data center campus to date. Northern Virginia is a vital and strategic market for our customers and company."

The new Vantage campus is near the corner of Waxpool Road and Route 28 in Ashburn, situated less than two miles from the densest interconnection points on the east coast, offering “robust fiber connectivity,” officials said.

The purchase price was not disclosed.

Design and permitting for the new campus are under way, with construction expected to begin in early 2018. The first of five planned buildings will total 24 megwatts of capacity.

Vantage already operates data centers in Silicon Valley and Quincy, Washington. The company is currently developing a second Silicon Valley campus

Vantage was acquired by Digital Bridge Holdings earlier this year for an undisclosed sum.

Loudoun is home to more than 60 data centers, according to county officials. "Data Center Alley" falls in Ashburn, loosely along Loudoun County Parkway near Waxpool Road and Gloucester Parkway.


Randall talks about preservation yet votes for another concrete monster. She talks about reducing the carbon footprint on the American Legion by eight thousand cars a day while adding eighty thousand (80,000) cars a day on a Potomac River crossing at route 7 and 28. She also says without Maryland on board talk about a Potomac River bridge is a waste of time yet she votes for it as the Vice Chair on the NVTS. She says she is a staunch supporter of the first amendment yet shuts down comments at the transportation summit. Do we see a pattern by Randall of believe what I say not what I vote.

Don’t buy the “it’s an East vs West” thing.  Our BOS will sell out the East, then sell out the “transition zone,”  then sell out the west.  It’s just a distance from DC thing and a government that’s in the pocket of developers and content with distracting voters with their mumbo-jumbo, culture war rhetoric. 

Toss ‘em and things will get better.

Welcome to the Boom Town….Hello to all you folks from western Fairfax county who moved out here thinking life would be quieter.Keep going, next stop?....West Virginia!

How much of a sweetheart deal did the BoS sign off on for this sale?


The BOS is only concerned with preserving quality of life in super-important WESTERN Loudoun.  The east doesn’t matter, anything goes there.  They’d let them build a paper mill or rendering plant here if some developer wanted to.

Get ready for more big, ugly power poles…

42 acres of prime real estate, 5 buildings, 1 million sq ft…so for a data center that’s probably around 20 jobs?

Also I thought Loudoun’s tax rate was too high and nobody wanted to build data centers here anymore?

The drive into Ashburn is so lovely now, data center after data center. every tree cut down. Everything that made the drive into Ashburn beautiful has been cut down and replaced by data centers. When is the BOS going to worry more about preserving the quality of life for residents than cramming more buildings into Loudoun? when does it end? the traffic is a night mare every day! Agenda item, improve the quality of life for Loudoun residents now, not after it’s gone.

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