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Virginia firearm sales nearly doubled during Obama tenure

State data shows total firearm sales in Virginia during President Barack Obama's tenure nearly doubled sales during President George W. Bush's two terms.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports estimated firearm sales based on mandatory background checks on Virginia gun buyers totaled about 3,153,000 during the Obama administration ending in 2016. During the Bush years, there were about 1,713,000 transactions.

Firearm sales increased 39 percent during Bush's tenure, whereas sales spiked 76 percent during Obama's eight years.

William V. Pelfrey Jr., a criminologist and assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, says Virginia's increased firearm sales can be attributed to a variety of factors, such as the recent rise of homicides in major cities and an improved economy.


yes but our newest candidate for govt wants to do away with fees/licensing for gun owners. Next we will let anyone get behind the wheel of a car…and lower the drinking age to 10. whee.

It’s possible that the suicide rate increased solely due to Obama - the gun was just the means.

- Gun sales went up 184% during Obama vs Bush.
- Gun suicide went up 117% during Obama vs Bush.
- Small spike in suicide.
- Possible conclusions: 1. Some sales to new folks got used for suicide. 2. A lot of people added an extra weapon or so to their collection.

Where are the numbers that say a million weapons have been stolen out of vehicles. Don’t you include household burglaries in your numbers, accuracy counts!

Illegal/stolen gun possessors are, by definition, not law abiding citizens. They are still people with guns. These same people would still be bad seeds, prone to doing bad things. Allowing them physical access to guns only makes them bad people with guns, as opposed to bad people with [name your weapon - knife, pipe, chinese throwing star].  Bad people do bad things - fact. IMO, the worst thing a bad person can do is kill an innocent person, and the quickest/easiest (since it can be done from a fair distance away, increasing the odds they won’t be captured) means is a gun.  I don’t think that point is irrefutable, but I am sure someone will try.

the majority of these gun sales took place in Chicago. NOT!!! Chicago has some of the strictest laws in the country when it comes to gun ownership and they have the highest murder rate along with Los Angeles and Detroit. HMMM, wonder what they have in common? They are all governed by corrupt, inept Liberals!!

How does that correlate with the suicide rate by gun in Virginia?

goes to show everyone that Obama was a friend of the gun industry

You figured with the record amount of firearm purchases the streets would be flowing with blood.  Guess not because gun owners are law abiding citizens.

And nearly a million of these weapons have been stolen out of unsecured vehicles.  Can we please make it more difficult to obtain deadly weapons?  There are far too many people out there that lack the requisite IQ to have a firearm in their possession.

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