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Virginia GOP leaders want to tighten state’s welfare rules

Virginia lawmakers say they intend to tighten the state's welfare system during the upcoming legislative session.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Virginia House of Delegates Republicans announced a series of welfare reform proposals during a news conference call Monday while also unveiling a larger legislative package aimed at the health care system.

The GOP proposals include a requirement that able-bodied, adult welfare recipients who don't work must instead spend 20 hours per week volunteering or taking job classes.

Other proposals include lowering lifetime limits for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families from five years to two years and placing new restrictions on EBT cards used to buy food.

Republican leaders also say they want to crosscheck welfare applicants against a list of state lottery winners.


“An update to a story we brought you earlier this week regarding fraud in the food stamp program. We reported that in 2016, $70 million was wasted on food stamp fraud. THAT WAS INCORRECT.  The latest information shows the fraud at 1.3% . . . Nationally food stamp trafficking is ON THE DECLINE. SO SORRY ABOUT THAT MISTAKE. Back to you….” abbyhuntsman

“(Off screen male host): We forgive you”.”

mandatory drug tests 4 politicians please

I love how our Commonwealth punishes even skilled workers who fall through the cracks of our economy.

Let’s cross check the gifts and so on to legislators while we are draining,this swamp

moving in the right direction…

Mandatory drug testing too please.

I am all for changes that are aimed at preventing fraud and people taking advantage of the system.
“able-bodied, adult welfare recipients who don’t work must instead spend 20 hours per week volunteering or taking job classes” is a great start in getting people to start looking to improve their own conditions instead of just living off the system without attempting to find work or refusing work because it will impact what they are getting through the system.

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