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Virginia joins probe into companies’ role in opioid crisis

Virginia's attorney general and the top attorneys in other states are investigating whether opioid manufacturers have used unlawful marketing and sales practices.

Attorney General Mark Herring said in a statement on Thursday that the bipartisan group of attorneys general is looking into whether drug manufacturers played a role in creating or prolonging the addiction epidemic.

Herring didn't provide further details about the investigation, including what companies they're investigating. His office couldn't provide a list of all the states involved, but attorneys general in Pennsylvania, Texas and Illinois, among others have said they have joined the investigation.

Herring says in a statement that the investigation into the "culpability of opioid manufacturers in creating, sustaining and extending" the drug crisis is part of an ongoing effort to tackle the problem in Virginia.


“unlawful marketing and sales practices”???

It take a doctor to prescribe the medicine. If anybody is at fault, it’s the doctor who writes a prescription to patients for opioids. 

Herring is just chasing down Big Business with deep pockets vs. small time doctors.  Just another politician looking for headlines as they pad their resume for future office runs.

If a doctor prescribes a drug and someone becomes addicted shouldn’t the doctor pay from malpractice insurance?

This article is a whole lot of nothing.  Can provide names of the companies, the other states involved in the investigation or the specifics or what exactly is being investigated. Only that some sort of investigation is ongoing.

Doctors, dummies!

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