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Virginia lawmaker wants porn declared a public health hazard

A Virginia state lawmaker wants to have pornography declared a public health hazard, calling it a moral scourge that leads to infidelity, the "hypersexualization of teenagers" and the objectification of women.

The Washington Post reports that Del. Robert G. Marshall of Prince William County has proposed a resolution stating that pornography leads to many social problems and that the General Assembly needs to address it. The legislature's annual session convenes Jan. 11.

The resolution does not call for a ban but rather urges lawmakers to recognize the need for education and research to address what Marshall called an epidemic.

He says such a declaration could help pave the way for future limits, similar to how a 1964 federal government report linking cigarettes to disease spurred future restrictions.


I’ve been doing overtime researching this topic.  So far my health has not suffered, I’ll keep everybody apprised as research continues.  I’ll likely set up a fund for further investigation.

If the NEA can sponsor Mapplethorpe for exhibits in out museums, why would anyone care what if viewed on personal computers?  It’s all an art form.

One of the top donors to the Democratic party is the Porn Industry. I can understand why GrabEmByTheTrump is upset. If the Porn industry is criminalized that means less money for the Democrats. I get why they are upset.

Typical Virginia politician. He’s not interested in putting in the hard work and effort to postively improve the lives of citizens through constructive means so he attempts to get behind those same citizen’s front doors to make headlines. This has zero chance of becoming law.

Yes! Porn is a public health hazard. Please make one of your first targets the Fairfax Underground website (www.fairfaxunderground.com).  Porn is rampant and of the very worst kind, much of it submitted by a poster called Eesh. Our family has been a victim of this Eesh’s defamation and stalking efforts over the past 2 yrs, so much so that we won a large judgment against him in Loudoun Courts.  (Will probably collect little, if any, of this judgment since this creep—who loves his porn, mostly directed at denigrating women—professes to be a penniless, perennial community college student.)

Government should stay out of people’s private lives.

He’s appealing to a certain crowd with these declarations.  Most likely got caught ‘researching’ by his wife and he’s making these statements as an apology to her.  Public health hazard, lol.

I’m guessing after 6 months or so of being screwed over by Trump’s corrupt self-dealing, we’ll have a whole new definition of porn and what should be cleaned up…

I consider myself very conservative and although I find pornagraphy immoral and wrong, I don’t think the government has any business banning it. We already have too many regulations and restrictions.

It’s interesting to consider though—what’s the difference between prostitution and pornography? Answer: a camera.

I wonder how many movies he watched or how many marriages he had before he came to this conclusion. If he is that serious about it why not try and have it banned?

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