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Herring: Virginia will stop recognizing concealed handgun permits from 25 states

Virginia will cancel its concealed handgun permit reciprocity beginning Feb. 1, a move that disallows firearm carriers from more than two dozen states to automatically be able to carry in the commonwealth.

Attorney General Mark Herring (D) announced the policy shift Tuesday morning. The action follows a months-long audit of concealed handgun reciprocity across the nation.

According to the attorney general's office, the out-of-state issuing authority must provide "the means for instantaneous verification of the validity of all such permits or licenses issued within that state, accessible 24 hours a day," and "the requirements and qualifications of that state's law" must be "adequate to prevent possession of a permit or license by persons who would be denied a permit in the Commonwealth under this article." Herring said 25 states did not meet that criterion.

"The standards for proving competency and responsibility are up to each state, and the General Assembly has established Virginia's standards for whom it considers capable of safely carrying a concealed handgun," Herring said in a statement. "Those standards should be applied evenly, consistently, and fairly to anyone who wants to lawfully conceal a handgun in Virginia."

The attorney general's announcement was met with distaste from his political opponents.

“The House of Delegates will immediately begin a careful review of the attorney general’s findings,” said House of Delegates Speaker William Howell (R) in a statement. “Unfortunately, I have little doubt as to his true motivations. Despite promising to take politics out of the attorney general’s office, Mark Herring consistently seeks to interpret and apply the law of the commonwealth through the lens of his own personal, political opinions.”

Local state Sen. Dick Black (R-13th) noted on Facebook, “Herring claims that he is making Virginia safer by restricting law-abiding gun owners while he is rolling out the welcome mat for Syrian refugees who can't be vetted. Liberal logic.”

Virginia will not provide reciprocity for the following 25 states:
Delaware #
Florida *
Louisiana *
Minnesota #
New Mexico
North Dakota *
North Carolina
Pennsylvania *
South Carolina *
South Dakota
Washington #
Wisconsin #
Wyoming *

* indicates states that will no longer recognize Virginia concealed handgun permits because of laws in those states that require mutual recognition of permits
# indicates states that do not currently recognize a Virginia concealed handgun permit

The commonwealth will still recognize concealed handgun permits from Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and West Virginia.

Virginia State Police officials cautioned permit holders that, as a result of the revocation, Virginia concealed carry permits may no longer be valid in the 25 states.

"Permit holders should, prior to travel, contact each jurisdiction to determine if their permit will be recognized prior to carrying concealed in that jurisdiction," VSP's website states.

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LAWMAN… .change your name.. .b/c you just have no clue…. Watch this video… maybe you can really begin to understand what the constitution was for… and why it was worded in such a way.  This might hurt for you to listen… but go ahead…

Most gun deaths are not from mass shootings. While that’s where the media attention is, there are more deaths are from domestic violence and accidental shootings than anything else. The common sense regulations that the 2nd amendment allows for would reduce those unnecessary deaths and injuries. Let’s focus on the real issues, instead of the hype.

I’m not interested in taking away your gun, just making you responsible for using it. If your gun accidentally kills your neighbor’s son because you didn’t secure it, you should pay for the pain and suffering of your neighbor. $10 million will usually do the trick. If your daughter uses your gun to kill her boyfriend because she’s angry that he’s sleeping around, it’s only fair that you loose your house in exchange for his life since you didn’t teach her about proper fire arm safety.

Regulations help us all to deal with life in a complicated world. Common sense gun laws go a long way towards making us all safer.

Funny how all the arguments the pro-gun folks here have apply equally to the voter ID laws passed in Virginia and other states recently. There’s no evidence that there’s any voter fraud which can be prevented by these laws. All these same folks thought it would be a good idea to add more laws which would disenfranchise thousands of Virginians who have done nothing wrong.

Either speak up for freedom or shut up and deal with it.

Herring, driver license from other states will not be recognized in Virginia because their testing is not as stringent.

Can someone quote me numbers of gun related crimes committed by out of state concealed carry citizens? The long list , please, the short list, please, you don’t have one? Lawman, mephsito do you have any facts that make Virginia a safer place to live or visit while ignoring cc permits from 25 states. Get the number from those 25 states about crime committed by cc holders, there isn’t any. Lawman back to your day job at the mall!

“lawman” clearly isn’t happy.  I think he just shot himself in the foot.

Typical liberal response to solving a problem that does not exist.

This a purely (stupid) political move by Herring.  If this was a real issue,  he also would have looked at:  drivers license reciprocity, medical doctors reciprocity, nurses reciprocity, etc.  He did not do any of those things.  Why? Becausue he is pushing his liberal, ill-advised anti-gun agenda on law-abiding citizens.  Period

Your Gun Necks and the rest of the 2nd Amendment Revisionist are always trying to take one clause that actually ties gun rights to militia’s because back in the “high and mighty Founder’s day militia members keep their own guns is ridiculous.  Again thousands of more people die from self inflicted gun shots for ever one so-called righteous gun owner taking out a bad guy.  Just admit it makes you feel safe and like a big man and move on.  Try not to shoot yourself in the foot or head in the mean time.  Know the FACTS before you comment.

No one is walking around “playing big bad militia.”

The Second Amendment does not exist for hunting or for only protecting people in their homes. It is the doomsday provision of the Constitution.  I suggest lawman do a little research on the Battle of Athens, TN, 1946.  It is precisely that sort of scenario for which the Second Amendment exists, whether “lawman” likes it or not. His opinion doesn’t matter here.

Lawman… has NO BRAIN MAN>.... your logic basically is calling the fathers of this country and of the constitution GUN NECKS…. you are ridiculously ignorant…. which makes us GUN NECKS more valid… THANK YOU SIR

This does NOTHING but stir the pot.

- Those in VA with a VA CHP can still Open Carry (OC) or Carry Concealed (CC)
- Many permit holders also have a UTAH permit which expands carry to 34 states including VA
- Bad guys don’t follow the laws
- This is nothing but “smoke and mirrors” to make it look like the Gov and AG are doing something but instead they poked a bear.

Molon Labe

@Lawman.  What in the world are you talking about?  Put down the egg nog and come back to reality.  The only person talking about some make-believe militia force is you.

What has Mark Herring accomplished here?  What problem has he solved by removing reciprocity?  What crimes would have otherwise not been committed if this was in place earlier?

Nothing.  That’s the answer.  It is political grandstanding with no practical positive benefit.  So, Herring goes and punishes the 420,000 Virginias who have done nothing wrong in order to make the point on top of his head even sharper.

@Lawman - I’m not sure if you can draw a conclusion from that factoid.  I went to this website www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/murder-rates-nationally-and-state#MRord  
and notice Virginia and Texas have about 1/3 fewer murders per capita than Maryland.  However, one would be wise to stay out of Louisiana, where they have over 10 per 100k.  Addressing mental health issues is key, and no one wants to really address that;  lots of talking, but not much walking.  This thing Herring has done, makes logical sense, but the reality is, it won’t stop the sickos that go on these mass shootings.  It’s nothing more than a political stunt.

You Gunnecks are delusional.  People should be able to have guns for home protection, although statistically more than likely you will shoot yourself or a family members or vis versa: no rhetoric, them is the facts.  You should be able to have guns for hunting and target shooting is that is what makes you happy.  But people walking around here playing big bad militia keeping the Government straight is nonsense.  That Government took out the fourth largest army in the world in a matter of days; so I do not think it is worried about bunch a middle aged fat guys with guns who have never faced incoming fire.  A Regiment of Marines could go through one side of Virginia and out the other no problem.  One statistic the Gunnecks do not want to show you is that the states with the worse per capita homicide rates are the states with the most liberal (as in lax) gun laws, so go figure.

@mephisto.  First, nobody thinks “guns belong on everyone.”  How many times do we have to say it….law-abiding citizens shouldn’t be bearing the brunt of the problems criminals are causing.  Democrats need to stop punishing the innocent.

Using Herring logic, shall we stop all people at the border whose state’s drivers license standards are not equivalent to Virginia’s?

I cannot believe all the fearful DEMS buy into this hogwash.

Listen people, Virginia is an Open Carry state. 

You can legally open carry a firearm in the state of Virginia EVEN if you are not a Virginia resident.

This move protects NOBODY, and I can’t believe the liberals buy into this nonsense.

Perhaps the readers who think guns belong on everyone, everywhere,can offer an argument that explains why Virginia should accept a concealed weapon permit from another state if that state’s permit process doesn’t meet the threshold we set for that privilege in Virginia?

This will help increase tourism, not.

9 of the 10 homes on my street are protected by guns and other weapons. The one home missing in the equation ironically is an ex military couple who are very liberal. They are the first house on the block and statistically pre-disposed to being victimized. they are more concerned about hard working, law-abiding folks who have never committed crimes versus street thugs who will rob and rape them blind. To Mr. Herring, please go to the Churchill neighborhood in Richmond, even during the day, without your two State Troopers, and I think you will understand that legal or not, we law-abiding citizens will turn into non law-abiding citizens. In an effort to tick off the likes of Satchmo, I will start to openly carry mine in opposition to Mr. Herring and our beloved Governor who is a plant for our President. The best money can buy! I can appreciate gun show loopholes, straw purchases, etc. as I have kids and we need to educate and protect our future, but not coddle. One major issue is mental disease. I recently had an acquaintance do suicide by cop. One day he was 100% fine, and a year later, he was having major mental problems. The background check did not stop him from purchasing a shotgun, and the suicide didn’t occur untill the police went to retrieve the gun. Fortunately, he didn’t lash out against society, but access needs to be better regulated similar to terrorist databases. Our government can’t seem to get too much correct, other than fighting and collecting taxes, so I wouldn’t expect much movement. I do expect to see our President try to use his Pen after the New Year, which is laughable, because on the flip side he continues to open the flood gates in our prisons and Cuba, and tries to penalize the honest, law-abiding citizen protecting his livelihood, neighbors, community and country.

Rob Bell is the Republican running against Herring in the next AG race.  Since Herring only won his seat by about 150 votes, I have no doubt he will lose.  Please help remove Herring from office and vote for Rob Bell, who is an outstanding Delegate (out of C-ville…Thomas Jefferson’s seat), a rule-of-law kind of guy, and who will be a much better AG than Herring.  Search “Rob Bell for AG” and sign up for his information.

Vote for Rob Bell for AG.
Vote for Rob Bell for AG.
Vote for Rob Bell for AG.

Logical action?  I didn’t mention “logical action” because there is no logical action that Herring took.

What was the problem that Herring is trying to solve?  Again, we see the Left whittling down the ability of law abiding citizens to carry guns.  It isn’t the law abiding citizens that are the problem, it is the criminals.

What problem are out of state concealed carry permit holders causing that Herring is trying to fix?

There isn’t one.

Very important b/c you know… look back in history and see how many times a LEGAL GUN OWNER with a CCW permit committed a mass shooting….. I mean… this will totally cut down on the crimes committed by those ppl… SMH

Does federal rights (2nd) Trump states law?

Good work Mark. Time to shut the “gun-show loophole.”

thank you Dickinson…but facts don’t matter with liberals…only feelings.  and the feeling with the “red herring” is group think…“our gang will fight you about everything”....he’s just another person with power who thinks his opinions are more important than mine.  FACTS.  they just don’t matter.  he cant be gone soon enough.  oh the conceit of the left.  facts and reality don’t support this waste of his time.

The AG is simply upholding the law in Virginia that was made by the Virginia General Assembly. Why would we want to allow people to carry concealed if they don’t meet VA’s standards? This is simply common sense.

Dickinson, you skipped over the “logical action” narrative. 

It is time for a move on gun control.  Have at it.  And I see absolutely nothing illegal about Herring’s move.  He has a lot of support for such a decisive action.  I hope he finds other options for such efforts to protect the citizenry from gun violence.

I can see he’s on the right track based upon your hysteria over this common sense move.

Recall Herring!

“really ticks off all the right people.”

And that is the liberal motivation for changes in law.  Not, what actually works?  Not, what is the problem and how do we fix it?  But, what ticks people off?  That is how the Liberal Left rolls.  No solutions, no common sense, just an us v. them mentality.

Herring, and his liberal cohort are just disgusting.

Excellent move!  Thank you Mr. Herring.  Another logical action that really, really ticks off all the right people.

How many concealed carry holders have committed crimes in Virginia to warrant this change?

Again, we see Democrats pushing a political agenda (like tolling more roads so people will use mass transit) that isn’t based on solid facts.

And I have to add that Herring is a complete embarrassment to the Commonwealth and to Leesburg.  I never would have guessed that he would turn out to be such a liberal toadie.  But here he is, a political pusher instead of an Attorney General.  We can’t get rid of him soon enough.

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