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Virginia Village in Leesburg under new ownership

After owning the property since the 1950s, the local Ours family on June 21 sold Virginia Village’s 18-acre site and buildings to Keane Enterprises, led by Brian Cullen. Times-Mirror/Trevor Baratko
The tenants of Virginia Village shopping center on Catoctin Circle and King Street in Leesburg have a new landlord.

After owning the property since the 1950s, the local Ours family on June 21 sold Virginia Village's 18-acre site and buildings to Keane Enterprises, led by Brian Cullen.

John Ours was Leesburg's first commercial developer. He passed away in 1991, and the property continued in the family and has been owned and operated by his three sons – Brian, Warren and John.

Ours' original attraction to the property was the town’s nearby water and sewer plant -- which were long ago moved -- and the ability to rezone from agriculture to highway and village commercial use. Then, Ours was able to offer space to the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) store, which is still in operation there today.

“I knew if we got that and the Safeway Store (now the Rite Aid), we would have the food and drink and that would be the key,” Ours told the Times-Mirror in a 1987 article.

Cullen said they are intending to run a successful retail center, and plan to further support the weekly Farmer's Market to make the center more of a destination. He said Keane Enterprises is not in a “big hurry to make any changes.”

“The tenants know what we are doing and any new plan would take some time to develop,” Cullen said.

Cullen said they were interested in Virginia Village because it is a “great piece of real estate, and is well located in close proximity to downtown.”

“There is a strong tenant base and we are focused on re-energizing the center to ensure success for our current tenants,” Cullen said.

Virginia Village currently has office space available as well as several retail spots.

“We want to help drive traffic there to put some energy back into the businesses,” he added.

In a statement, Brian Ours said they felt good about selling the property to Keane Enterprises, as it is a Loudoun County business, and has owned and developed property in Leesburg for almost 15 years, and Loudoun for 30.

“We wanted the property to go to someone local, with a face and a name, who would carry on the stewardship but also give Virginia Village a renewed sense of vitality and vibrancy. Brian is very sensitive to the tradition and the history, as well as to what the town needs in the future. He’s the right guy to do this and I feel really, really good about it,” Ours said.

“Think about walking down Harrison Street or King Street, with interesting things along the way, all coming together at Virginia Village. It will be an incredible centerpiece for an expanding downtown Leesburg,” Ours said. “I think the town is going to come out the winner on this.”


Start with cleaning it up…you want to make it a destination, clean up the area down near where the laundry is and/or question whether a laundry is consistent with your vision.  A plaza with a great farmer’s market and one of Loudoun’s best jewelry stores is not consistent with some of the seedier places there.

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