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Vogel’s ultrasound bill sparks media firestorm

Women in Virginia considering an abortion won’t be required to undergo an internal ultrasound before having the controversial procedure; this after national media outlets zeroed in on contentious legislation sponsored by state Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel (R-27).

Senate Bill 484, a measure introduced by Vogel that would’ve mandated pregnant women have an ultrasound before proceeding with an abortion, garnered vast attention yesterday as a final vote from the state House of Delegates neared.

Gov. Bob McDonnell, a pro-life Republican, played a key role in the drama. McDonnell said after recently discussing the bill with attorneys, legislators, physicians, advocacy groups and other governors, that he believes “there is no need to direct by statute that further invasive ultrasound procedure be done” beyond an external ultrasound.

Following McDonnell’s direction to amend the bill, the House of Delegates on a 65-32 vote passed a substitute measure that nixed the mandatory transvaginal ultrasound.

Following the vote in the House, the revised bill was sent to the Virginia Senate, where the original version passed Feb. 1 by three votes (21-18).

Sen. Vogel, however, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch she intends to withdraw her legislation, which is titled “Abortion; informed consent” on Virginia’s legislative information system website.

As introduced, the bill required that, “as a component of informed consent to an abortion, to determine gestation age, every pregnant female shall undergo ultrasound imaging and be given an opportunity to view the ultrasound image of her fetus prior to the abortion. The medical professional performing the ultrasound must obtain written certification from the woman that the opportunity was offered and whether the woman availed herself of the opportunity to see the ultrasound image or hear the fetal heartbeat. A copy of the ultrasound and the written certification shall be maintained in the woman’s medical records at the facility where the abortion is to be performed.”

Loudoun County Democrats were quick to release a statement on yesterday’s events. The county’s Democratic Committee Chairman Evan Macbeth said Vogel “needs to stop carrying the water of the most socially regressive members of the Republican party and start standing up for the mothers, sisters and daughters of her District.”

“Her sponsorship of SB 484, which was so tasteless that it offended the sensibilities of the entire nation, demonstrates blatant disregard for Virginians and their values,” Macbeth said.


We need to pass a law requiring whoever passes this law to get a transvaginal wand jammed up their butts ... and to have to pay for it out-of-pocket.

Being “branded” could warrant being denied a job by employers if someone got hold of your private files?  This is yet another reason why the bill is egregious and has a potentially discriminatory effect. What were they thinking? NOT

From the draft of the bill Sunshine posted I quote: 

“C.  The qualified medical professional performing fetal ultrasound imaging pursuant to subsection B shall verbally offer the woman an opportunity to view the ultrasound image, receive a printed copy of the ultrasound image and hear the fetal heart tones pursuant to standard medical practice in the community, and shall obtain from the woman written certification that this opportunity was offered and whether or not it was accepted and, if applicable, verification that the pregnant woman lives at least 100 miles from the facility where the abortion is to be performed. A printed copy of the ultrasound image shall be maintained in the woman’s medical record at the facility where the abortion is to be performed for the longer of (i) seven years or (ii) the extent required by applicable federal or state law.”

Following the States verbal inquisition of shame, the scarlet letter is administrated?  You have to wear it for seven years or as required by applicable federal or state law, whichever is greater. Does the ‘A’ remain at the abortionists office or is it transmitted to the patients major medical file?

K. Byron’s bill as amended:


Has anyone read the bill?  I can’t get to it until tomorrow.

The Senate postponed a vote today on the amended ultrasound bill.  This will continue tomorrow.  Please write to or call your representative in the Senate, as well as others, if you wish to have your voice heard.  There are swing voters, Colgan and Puckett, as well as Bolling who might break a tie.

Vogel was keeping a low profile on her radical conservative agenda until this ridiculous bill. Now she’s shown her true colors. I’d bet women won’t forget.

One thing for sure, the republicans are moving more and more people to the middle with their far right extreme social thinking. You’d think they’d wise up and back off and start fixing the economy, transportation and high taxes. Keep pulling stunts like this and OBAMA will get elected again. Because as much as I want lower taxes and less govt, I hate even more all the old farts making abortion more stricter and birth control harder to get while viagra is cheaper.

This is a quote from an email sent to me from Black’s office:

“Although the media has focused a great deal of time on the social issues that have been introduced this session, they only make up a small percentage of the legislation introduced this session.”

I thought it was the “content” of bills, not the “quantity” that was more important.  They must really think we are idiots.  Or perhaps they are for attempting such a lame argument.

What?  The media is responsible for the extremists’ perverted sense of control and unwanted, unnecessary, costly, penetration of private parts and lives?  Yeah. . .

I recall that the Governor and others said in November, “Now we can really get some things done.”  Hmmm.  I for one am glad that news spreads much faster now.  No, they shame themselves by trying to hide behind a “we’ll take care of the jobs and transportation” agenda, using ALEC legislation and sharing it across the nation.  Corporate interests; no interest in helping people, especially women, this year.  No Second Class Citizens Here!

I sent a letter to Black’s office voicing concerns regarding the present moral ans social crusade of Republicans in the General Assembly.  There is emerging a clear agenda that is attempting to assume some sanctimony with regard to individual rights.  It is clearly offending moderate Republicans. 

Black’s office responded to my email in saying that the media was essentially to blame.  Funny,  thank goodness the media was on its toes.

If you go to the Virginia General Assy. website, the truth is their for all to see.  I believe they plan to revisit the issue in the 2013 session.  In the mean time it will be essential to remain vigilant until more moderate voices have an opportunity for change in 2014.

All the self-righteous out there ... I don’t know what God you pray to ... maybe the same God that told GW to invade Iraq. Stop. Just stop.  We don’t need it. We don’t need big guberment telling us what to do, forcing us to participate in commerce by getting our vagis sonared and increasing our healthcare costs. This is 1940’s nazi $hit!!

Ron Paul 2012!!!

At least one of them, Rep. Dave Albo, tried on the House floor to make a bid for Co-opted Conservative Comedy by diminishing the seriousness of the mandated trans-vaginal probe.  Where’s the decorum and the jobs?  He cannot even bring himself to say the “v” word yet wastes taxpayer money with his skit.  He’s no Jon Stewart!

Nice Jill, check the facts after the fact.  Rather scary to know this is how our legislature rolls in Virginia.  What else do our esteemed lawmakers do on the fly???

BTW this a potion of Vogel’s letter on her website:

“I say this because in recent days, new information about the ultrasound bill has placed a number of facts in conflict. I have received feedback from physicians, clinicians, lawyers and constituents and clearly, I do not have all of the answers. Also, information came to me yesterday that the Governor was hurrying amendments to the floor. In light of all of that, I knew it was time for me to call “time out” on my bill.”

Should have don your homework, lady.  Now I need to call the “Dick” Black on the carpet.

Forcing people to participate in commerce who don’t want to participate by paying for an unnecessary service. Doesn’t that violate the constitution and increase healthcare costs? Am I missing something here? Or is the double standard now “the” standard.

Do these politicians even read the bills for better or worse?  Then, they say they did not know “it” was in there.  All of these folks need to be recalled and voted out of office for garbage like this, coming from a moderate Republican.

Our esteemed governor is saying he never knew the bill referred to “internal” probes.  Gee, SOMEONE knew about it!  What a sorry basket of liars.  I will remember them all when they try to run for office in the future, especially Gov. “Ronald McDonald” who wants to be a VP pick.

While the Daily Show pokes proverbial fun at the issue, there are many other sites for research.  Just google Virginia’s trans-vaginal ultrasound probe and the FBI definition of rape for starts.

Any unwanted penetration is rape Jeanne…an unwanted vaginal probe for the required sonogram would then be considered rape…not too hard to figure out.  The most amazing thing about this entire bill is the fact that Jill is now saying she didn’t know the sonogram would be internal…how can you sponsor a bill you haven’t even researched?  And Jeanne maybe you should also do some fact checking before posting…

Maybe Jon Stewart’s explanation will help you understand why government dictating your medical procedures is not such a good thing:

www DOT thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-february-21-2012/punanny-state—-virginia-s-transvaginal-ultrasound-bill

To add to Get Out’s comment, the ultrasound images are then placed in your medical file.  Why - for future scrutiny or humiliation? I just wrote the Governor again about killing the amended bill.

Jeanne—imagine this.. You have tried for years to get pregnant and are elated with the news that you’ve finally conceived.  Only to soon learn that the fetus has stopped developing and has died.  Complete Devastation!!  A procedure, called an abortion, is necessary in order to complete the removal of tissue.  But wait, before the doctors can perform this medically necessary (and legal) procedure, they must perform an unnecessary government mandated probe into your body.  Then, the doctor is required by law to offer you the opportunity to SEE the images of the lifeless fetus. These bills are absolute ignorance and insanity.

Dear government, GET OUT of my doctors office.

Thank you long time republican! What you described is exactly what we need in our elected officials!

I am thoroughly disgusted by what is happening in VA!

It seems like every election. I vote for the candidate who I believe will do the least harm…
We need better candidates, better leadership! The current situation is alarming.

Vogel is just a pawn; the Governor pushed his own agenda.  If people who respect women had read his masters’ thesis they would not have voted for him. When conservative politicians say they won’t restrict anyone from getting contraception, watch out!  Saw this coming.

Although I’m not a L-County resident, I would hope the good people there would launch a recall effort against this Vogel character.  She is a horrible person for trying to perpetrate this criminal act on the women of Virginia.  RECALL HER NOW!!

@long time republican:  We agree! I think there is such a thing as going too far right in certain cases
and this really touches a chord.  I’m almost ashamed to admit being a native Virginian.

Do our state and national elected representatives from both parties have a clue?  They should be focusing their efforts and misguided talents on improving the economy, getting people back to work, balancing the budget, improving the infrastructure, enhancing our educational system, and in general improving the lives of their constituents.  Instead they seem to have their heads somewhere in the clouds and are trying to dominate people’s social lives.  I don’t need an elected official telling me how to live my life instead I want them to help me improve how I live my life.
Maybe if they spent more time writing laws where repeat criminals, such as the one who injured the Danner couple in Lovettsville, were incarcerated and prevented from further hurting innocent people they our lives would be safer.
Our Governor has promised so many ways and methods to finance roads, schools, etc. and none of them have yet to materialize.
Our elected officials need to go to Washington, Richmond, or Leesburg and concentrate on what is really important.  Spend less, make laws that judge’s have to adhere to and stop meddling in people’s personal lives.
I am a life long Republican and it is getting to a point where I am almost embarrassed to admit it!

Jeanne, you missed the point. Uh, abortion is a legal medical procedure that a patient seeks out of their own free will.  The whole point of this is that the state cannot mandate a procedure without consent.  That and the recent Federal definition of rape call into question Virginia’s overstep.

I have completely given up on God after hearing the evil, vile, hateful speech done by Evangelical Christians and Cataholics this year in the name of Jesus. They whip up hate, advocate violence against the government, call non-believers “anti-American”.  This has nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with a group that is power hungry, willing to use the word of God to do their evil. Yes, the anti-christ is with us, and he drinks TEA.

I don’t care what party you belong to; we need to move the present regime in this Commonwealth away from the far right.  This is getting scary.

Apparently Gov. McDonnell was the primary architect, both in writing and amending the bill.  All of a sudden, over a week’s time, the unwanted medically unnecessary non-consentual probe that was not invasive was now determined to be invasive?

“Forcing women to undergo this procedure amounts to rape under the law.”

Well how would you know, “speakin”?

“under the law”?  Please explain.

How invasive is an abortion procedure (any of them)?  Is it comparable to rape, too?

Dick Black was also an official “Patron” of this bill.  So much for his deceptive campaign posture of being a new man, one that had learned his lesson over pushing sever obtuse social legislation.  What a liar.

Mark Tate would not have caved like this to pressure from abortionists.  Too bad Jim Plowman and the rest of Jill’s operatives had to destroy him.

I have written my own Representatives in Richmond about how absurd these measures are.  We sent the Representatives to fix roads and fund education and they can’t even do that but yet they have the time to police a woman’s uterus.  I really believe most women in Virginia can do that themselves.

Even if Jill was doing a favor for her male buddies, there is no excuse.  The answer, Mrs. Holtzman Propane, is that there is no need for a government mandated ultrasound.  Less government, not more.

@Troglodytes Indeed:  Lol! They eat their young you know—figuratively speaking, I think.

The Daily Show crushed this bill and also Vogel on Tuesday Night playing juxtaposed clips of Vogel pushing her silly bill and also saying the HPV vaccine is goverment intrusion. Hilarious.

Wow, the religious nuts are out in full force, aren’t they?  I bet they will be hanging Jill Vogel in effigy soon.

@women are weak: go back to your cave and beat your wife and whatever remains of your manhood you troglodyte.

Dick Black should have been the one to introduce this bill.  He would not have folded like a wet noodle like this weak woman Jill Vogel.  This once again shows you why women cannot be trusted and need to be led by men.  Jill needs to stay home and raise her children. Leave the work of God to righteous men.

@ Loudoun Clear

“Howell’s amendment was perfect: any male wishing to get Viagra would be required to have a rectal exam.

Funny, the men in the senate found that an invasion of their privacy.  What hypocrites these Republicans are”

Bravo Howell! 

Vogel and others are such idiots.  Where is their compassion for those children born to neglectful mothers/fathers who are now in foster care?  Where is the outrage there?  There are millions of (living) souls without loving parents or stable homes.

Clear example of voters not paying attention.

My guess is that J. Vogel and C. Byron, females who introduced the invasive bills, were coerced to do so on behalf of their male buddies so that it would appear less offensive to the women of VA and the USA.  Not so!

The result of this battle only solved part of the overall war.  The underlying purpose is still to overturn Roe v. Wade and restrict contraception.  Personal beliefs do not trump medical privacy.  Less government, please, especially in matters of love and women’s health.

Planned Parenthood performs sonograms on women who are there to have abortions - just not vaginal sonograms…most abortion providers do the same to determine how many weeks the pregnancy has progressed to among other sound medical reasons. Thank you to Senator Herring.

The problem is that this bill was not knocked down, only watered down.  90% of it is still in play.  McDonnell, Vogel and company are forcing all of us to live by their crazy religious views.  Bye Bye to both of them, and those idjits like Black, Minchew who also supported and voted FOR this travesty. May they all find a time machine and go back to where they want to be, in the days of the Inquisition.

We can thank Mark Herring for battling this nonsense bill.  He and J. Howell in Fairfax were instrumental in knocking it down.

Howell’s amendment was perfect: any male wishing to get Viagra would be required to have a rectal exam.

Funny, the men in the senate found that an invasion of their privacy.  What hypocrites these Republicans are

@ speakin and how:  Vogel is a Catholic, not that there is anything wrong with that but she is using her position to pushing here own values on us.  She was voted in as a result of the conservative backlash.  Be careful what you wish for folks.

This is just another attempt by extremists inquisitors in Virginia’s conservative party to propagate an agenda of intolerance, bigotry and ignorance.  Their pulpit continues to spew didactic and sanctimonious diatribes that threaten the individual liberties of Virginians and degrade political discourse.  Out with Vogel, Cuccinelli and McDonnell and take your dark-age agenda with you.

At times a woman experiencing a miscarriage has to undergo a “D&C”, basically cleaning the uterus of (hate to say this) dead tissue.  Under this bill she would be subjected to listening to having an ultrasound to view and to verify no heartbeat - forced to do so! How humiliating for a poor woman who knows her baby is dead!  Vogel is a disgrace to all women for this monstrosity of a bill.  Her career is toast!  As for the stupid “personhood” item.  A fertilized cell is NOT a person!  Every day thousands of fertilized cells get flushed down the toilet by women because the fertilized egg is unable to attach in time. Are all these women murderers?

This bill STILL requires women to undergo a medical procedure that is unnecessary unless her doctor feels otherwise.

This bill STILL treats women as incapable of making medical and family planning decisions on their own.

This bill STILL attempts to humiliate women by REQUIRING them to sign a medically UNNECESSARY form stating “that the opportunity was offered and whether the woman availed herself of the opportunity to see the ultrasound image or hear the fetal heartbeat.” 

This bill STILL requires that “a copy of the ultrasound and the written certification shall be maintained in the woman’s medical records at the facility where the abortion is to be performed.” Again, this is NOT medically necessary.

This bill is nothing but an crude attempt to humiliate women and trample their Constitutional right to make decisions about their own bodies.

Government has NO business legislating medical care for anyone.

Jill Vogel is an embarrassment to her gender.

Wth? Don’t Repubs believe in less gov’t in our lives, I know I do.  Where are the real repubs? we are getting slammed with these religious zealots on these type of issues, not all repubs care about these issues, I for one, don’t.  Less gov’t in my life, lower & fairer taxes for all, strong national defense, protection of my constitutional rights.  Get off of the religious agenda.

There is NOTHING more important than protecting the unborn!  Little Bobby McDonnell has proven himself to be the RINO we always knew he was.  Governor Cuccinelli will make sure this is fixed when he ascends to his rightful position.

Ha…did not take much for McDonnell to change his tune (typical politician only interested in seeing how high up he can get) and he hung his Republican buddies (especially Jill) out to dry. 

Now can we please get back to the real business at hand.  Get our tax money spent on transportation items we NEED up here. 


Thu, Feb 23 at 07:50 AM by susan
“just go into DC or Maryland where the laws on abortion are much more in tune to where they should be”

You DO realize that Virginia doesn’t stop with NoVA, don’t you? You’re not really suggesting that someone on the NC or KY border can just pop into MD or DC, are you?

She’s the daughter of Holtzman propane.  Switch to Amerigas in protest.

At least we’re not Maryland.

just go into DC or Maryland where the laws on abortion are much more in tune to where they should be

I agree with you HOW. Someone needs to tell her “it’s the economy stupid?”. Why a bill like this is so important? News flash to Jill, You’re wasting taxpayers money on non issues. Northern va should get more of our tax money sent to Richmond. Are you and Dick Black bed buddies?

I don’t think it would have made a difference to the woman wanting to abort her child if she had an ultrasound before the procedure.  She will abort it anyway.

Roe v. Wade needs to be overturned because it is a violation of the 10th Amendment.

1)how did this person get voted in…seriously?
2)She is a woman and yet she believes women are second class citizens? wow…is she from the dark ages? Just proves there are crazy people everywhere

Jill Vogel is an over-opinionated bigot and does not represent the people she serves.  She is self-serving and needs to leave her personal agenda at home.  Forcing women to undergo this procedure amounts to rape under the law.  Jill has enjoyed a life of privilege and doesn’t relate to the everyday problems of others.  She needs to be voted out!!!!!

Bravo Evan!

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