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Volpe, Delgaudio led supervisors’ fundraising in 2012

photoTimes-Mirror File Photo/Beverly Denny Loudoun County Supervisor Suzanne Volpe (R-Algonkian) speaks in support of the Romneys at the Women for Mitt Rally with Ann Romney Sept. 7 at the Twin Oaks Riding Academy in Leesburg. Volpe raised more than double the campaign funds of any of her colleagues in 2012.

Loudoun County Supervisor Suzanne Volpe (R-Algonkian) built up a solid campaign war chest in 2012, especially compared to most of her colleagues on the county’s all-Republican governing body.

Volpe, who was elected to her first term in November 2011, raised more than $27,000 in 2012, almost double the cash of the next-highest-grossing supervisor, Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), according to the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP).

The majority of Volpe’s cash came from donors based outside Loudoun County.

Out of 27 donations more than $100 given to Volpe in 2012, 16 came from outside the county she serves. Two groups based in Fairfax County, Citizens for Virginia’s Future and Lansdowne Development Group, pledged $10,000 to Volpe. While based outside the county, the groups may still have a footprint in Loudoun, as the Lansdowne group suggests.

Other four-figure donors to Volpe included Melvin D. Satterwhite Sr. of Sterling, Disruptor Inc. of Alexandria and Sonja J. Shockey of Aldie.

Delgaudio raised $13,275 in 2012, with Satterwhite Sr. topping his donor list by giving $1,500. The majority of Delgaudio’s fundraising came from individuals or groups in Loudoun County.

Of Loudoun’s supervisors, Delgaudio maintains the most cash on hand with more than $48,000. Volpe follows with more than $47,000. The remaining supervisors’ available campaign cash ranges from approximately $700 to nearly $13,000.

Supervisor Ken Reid (R-Leesburg) raised just more than $12,000 in 2012, with Citizens for Virginia’s Future giving $5,000. Other top donations to Reid included $1,500 from William H. Dean, $1,000 from Lansdowne Development Group and $1,000 from Sharon Virts Mozer. Eight of 12 donation given to Reid came from outside Loudoun.

Supervisor Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge) raised $1,200 in 2012, while Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) took in $1,000.

Four first-term supervisors – Matt Letourneau (R-Dulles), Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin), Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn) and Shawn Williams (R-Broad Run) – didn’t raise any funds in their first year in office.

VPAP is a nonprofit group tracking money in Virginia politics. The organization has garnered awards from the Virginia Coalition for Open Government, L. Douglas Wilder School of Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University and the Society of Professional Journalists.

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I myself am pretty pleased with Suzanne Volpe’s performance so far. It could have been Denise yikes!

Troy - here’s a link to a list of people for Delgaudio supporters. Must be rewarding to have your name on a list of people who donated money to a man who makes a 6 figure salary peddling hate. And who is under active investigation for abuse of office.


At least the Loudoun Hounds and Sheila Johnson were smart enough to keep themselves off this list so far in 2012.

Troy: you must be a lot more attentive than the rest of the voters and also most of them didn’t know they were in a new district. If he gets elected again there won’t be znc excuse

Not impressed - I thought that was pretty clear when he ran in the first place.  I voted for Dave Butler.  At least the guy had experience with doing something other than rezoning Loudoun for residential.

Randy Minchew is a shill planted by the Fairfax development community. Google his bio at “Walsh Colucci” (“the land lawyers”) and read the bill he patroned in the General Assembly, HB 1697: “Makes it optional for localities to impose roll-back taxes when the owner of real property that qualifies for special land use valuation has the property rezoned for a more intensive use. Under current law, imposition of such taxes is mandatory.”
This means you can sell your 10-acre property in Land Use never having paid real estate taxes on it, or get with your neighbors and assemble a large tract for sale to a data center—while the schmucks in subdivisions shoulder the tax burden for public schools.
Hopefully the 10th Virginia House of Delegates (from Lansdowne to Winchester) District will vigorously defeat Minchew THIS YEAR.

Absolutely.  We Democrats are sore about our local government being sold off to development interests.  This story doesn’t begin to capture the full flavor of our BOS selloff.  Story also seems to lack a link to vpap.org  

Go there and enter volpe or higgins or any other of our BOS names in the searchbox and you’ll begin to see what’s happening.

Whatever it takes to win. Democrats are just sore losers.

Imagine that.  Outside developer dollars going to a Loudoun BoS candidate.  A Republican no less.  Call me shocked. 

They should have done a story like this on Randy Minchew’s fundraising.  He had money coming in from all over, from LLCs that didn’t seem to have a function other than donating to his campaign. 

That VPAP site sure is an interesting read.  Too bad no one apparently cares to look at it.

“Your bought-and-paid-for elected officials”

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