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MORE: Walbridge wins Democratic primary in 33rd House District

Tia Walbridge
Democrat Tia Walbridge of Round Hill walked away the winner in Tuesday's 33rd House of Delegates District primary.

Walbridge, a farmer and small business owner, defeated longtime investment banker Mavis Taintor by nearly 5 percent of the vote. She will now face incumbent state Del. Dave LaRock (R) in the Republican-heavy 33rd District's general election.

"This campaign will now continue to the general election and so will our fight on behalf of the values of the 33rd District," Walbridge said in a statement following her victory. "Against intolerance and partisanship, against opposition and difficulty, those values will always be at the forefront in this campaign. Whether it’s ensuring quality, affordable health care for all Virginians, creating an economy that works for everyone, strengthening our public schools, or protecting the rural heritage of our district, we have heard your voices and we will fight for you every step of the way."

The Round Hill resident congratulated Taintor and said that despite having been opponents in the primary, she plans to work with Taintor in the days and months ahead.

In the lead-up to the primary, Walbridge landed a major endorsement from Loudoun County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large), whom Walbridge called a friend and mentor.

The Round Hill resident secured the primary victory despite raising only more than $35,000. Taintor raised nearly $200,000, thanks in large part to a self-donation of $110,000.

Walbridge is a strong supporter of expanding Medicaid in Virginia, investment in job-training programs, raising the minimum wage and supporting small businesses.

LaRock, one of the most conservative members of the House of Delegates, won his 2015 contest over Democrat Chuck Hedges by more than 23 percent of the vote, and Donald Trump carried the western Loudoun-focused district by 16 points over Hillary Clinton last November.

In a statement Taintor congratulated her opponent and vowed to continue to focus on issues that affect the 33rd District.

“This has been a very great experience for me running for office and I won’t stop being an advocate in the community and continue to connect with people like I did knocking on doors during this campaign," Taintor said. "Thank you to all of those who supported me. My family, the staff, the wonderful volunteers, and the voters who really got out the vote today mean the world to me. So thank you. I will still focus on issues in my community like access to mental health services in the 33rd District and find solutions for those young entrepreneurs who would like to start a local business."

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what happens when copying another’s numbers - transposed

2017 dem primary -
2,697 - 2,460 = 5,157 votes

for the record

2017 dem primary -
2,697 - 2,460 = 5,517 votes

2013 rep primary -
2,958 - 2,201 = 5,159
“Could it be that the vote count is so embarrassingly low. . .”

Any particular reason LTM isn’t releasing the actual vote count—instead, a vague reference to a five percent win?  Could it be that the vote count is so embarrassingly low that it would amply demonstrate that almost no one cared about a primary election in a district that the Democrats can’t possibly win? 

For the record—2,697 to 2,460.  A total of 5,517 votes.  In the last general election, LaRock got 12,004 votes.

If the 33rd district is happy with a Delegate who does nothing much but does issue divisive press releases about one hot-button social issue or another then I suspect LaRock will do OK in the general election.

If you think this deepening disgust with Trump and the enabling GOP is a real thing, then he’s in trouble.

@HamiltonDoc, who will do the min wage jobs if they don’t pay enough to support living?  AND!!! those same people can’t get healthcare?

Guns are dangerous and should be handled responsibly.  Shouldn’t we attempt to confirm the person owning it can handle that responsibility?

Cant go wrong with LaRock in this one…

It seems hypocritical to say you (tia) support small business, but want to increase the minimum wage. How do the ecomics work? Look at the cities who have raised the wage ro $15 an hour. Massive exodus of small business and people traffic has decreased because prices increased. And who pays for the increase in Medicaid? Taxpayers, don’t want this, we want lower taxes. And you are anti 2nd Amendment. You blame guns for crime, that’s like blaming a fork for obesity. None of your positions are defensible as the facts don’t support your positions.

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