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Warner has 15-point lead on Gillespie in poll

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- A new poll shows Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Warner has a 15-point advantage over former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie.

The Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday shows Warner has a 46-31 advantage over Gillespie, the favorite to win the Republican nomination for this year's Senate contest.

Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis polled at 6 percent.

The poll also found that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who may run for president in 2016, is currently more popular among Virginia voters than several possible Republican presidential candidates.

The poll was conducted in live interviews with people on land lines and cellular phones from March 19 to March 24. It has a margin of sampling error of plus-or-minus 2.7 percentage points.


more cowbell there is plenty of research on the matter and it agrees with me.

If Warner is here on a visa can we get it revoked? A rubber stamp for the Obama admin with more then half the polled population unfavorable about policy that Warner has voted for (ACA). Time to show term limits by voters a viable option to shoddy politicians.

@fedupdude, nothing made up. I’ve worked for 3 major companies(all Major tech firms), all did this and still do. I witnessed job title, job descriptions and pay scale vs non H1Bs. Even the H1Bs would complain the only way they could get a good increase in pay was to move on to another company, however other company would have to sponsor them and most don’t want to deal with it.

So you agree with the college grad(H1B vs American) no difference, yet a lot of corporations wanted more H1Bs and taking them right out of college vs Amercian Collge grads. You need to do more research.

Nothing wrong with paying more, but you are still just making stuff up. Companies to “green” workers all the time, replacing costly high skilled staff with people fresh out of school but there is absolutely no advantage to using an H1B over an American grad, they make the same pay scale again BY LAW.

@fedupdude, the way they get around it is they create a new job title. All companies do it. I know many companies that had layoffs only to turn around and bring in H1Bs to replace them with a different job title and pay scale. They should create a new H1B fee and charge $100K. So, why would companies hire H1B right out of college with the same skill set as other college grads????  Doubt your wife is giving you all the facts. What’s wrong with making the companies pay more? You still haven’t answered that question….You sound too much like a politican.

more cowbell - Sorry that is bull; my wife in an HR manager for a major tech and contracting firm and knows the laws as well as does the hiring and deals with these visas directly.

You must try to fill the job here in America first for 30 days before you can even apply. BY LAW you must give them equal pay: “Currently, an employer must pay H-1B visa holders the higher of the prevailing or actual wage paid to similarly employed U.S. workers in the same area” -Forbes article on H1Bs.

My wife can tell you directly not a single H1B person in her company is making less than an American with the same skills or experience. On top of that the visa fees are $5000 to $10000 a year.

The tech industry is the major consumer of these visa’s because there is a million person shortage in the industry.

@fedupdude, I know for a fact that H1B’S do not get the same pay and benefits(Yeah HR info) and they pay a very small price for an indentured servent since the H1B is stuck with that company, unless they can find another sponsor. They hire them for cheap labor. Like I stated before, if you want to allow more then raise the fee to $100K, those corporation can afford it. I backed Warner before but not based on his record.

Rasmussen now has it at 14% for the deciding voter that sold out the Virginia taxpayer. Warner won a while back with 65% of the vote now the polls show he only has 51% and it’s declining from there. Don’t count Ed out!

FredSanford - NoVA is now dominating state elections. Your numbers are dead wrong BTW. NoVA is 1/3rd the entire state population about 3 million out of the 8 million people. The next two more populated areas also have many democrats they being Richmond and Hampton roads. The poll makes it clear he is still extremely popular even with middle ground republicans.

I believe workhardgetahead, FredSanford, oranges869 and morecowbell have convinced each other to vote the way they were going to vote before any of them said anything.  #echochamber

Lucky for Warner, Northern VA and Hampton Roads can carry the state with decent turnout.  A candidate without some appeal to the moderates is an automatic loser.  Cuccinelli proved it.  Allen proved it. 

Lets face it though, Cletus in Wythe County wasn’t voting for some “evil liberal” anyway, which is anyone with a (D) next to their name.  He’ll vote for someone who is fighting to give him the freedom to leach off the system the old fashioned way by going to the ER and stiffing the hospital.

Way to go Mark.

Love the Obamacare vote and Virginians will too.  Popularity already ticking up.

Maybe even Hilary’s VP in 2016.

Benghazi of course too!

Believe it or not fedupdude, there are another 6/million Virginians living outside the NoVA region. Since this is a state wide race, Warner’s vote For Obama Care is impacting all those people living outside the NoVA bubble. He’s got some explaining to do in the rest of the state on why people are going to be fined if they can’t afford Obamacare and its $6000 deductible.

more cowbell you are not in HR or management for a tech firm are you?  H1Bs cost a company more. Not only are they by law required to pay the workers the same you must also sponsor the person which costs thousands. Tech firms use them because believe it or not there is a million person shortage in the tech field and Americans are still more interested in being lawyers and CPAs than they are in computer science.

Obamacare is a non issue in NoVA, most people here have coverage. It is only an issue for the people who would never vote Warner anyway.

Warner holds the distinction of being the most liked by the other party Governor of a state ever.

Just look at Warner’s record on adding more H1Bs, which allows companies to bring in cheap labor. Instead, they should raise the fee to $100K. I don’t trust Mark Warner anymore, so will vote for someone else this go around.

As people pay attention and learn about Warner the divide will close dramatically, until we have a dog fight. It’s a sad comment on our so-called leaders that large donors play such a big part come re-election time instead of incumbents accomplishments.

Fined because you can’t afford Obamacare?
Insurance Canceled because of Obamacare?
Employers cutting your hours because of Obamacare?

Re-Elect Warner if you enjoy the effects of Obamacare.

Well you should probably find a better GOP candidate then. 

And just because he clearly doesn’t represent you, doesn’t mean he didn’t represent his constituency.  Most Democrats support reforms of some sort, if anything Democrats were disappointed that single-payer was not pushed harder.

Warner is an Obama hack. When he voted for Obamacare he was being self serving. He didn’t vote as a representative of the people but as a representative of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. The man does not deserve to be reelected. He needs to be removed from office.

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