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Warner headlines Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Loudoun, defends health care law

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) was the keynote speaker at the Loudoun County Democratic Committee Jefferson-Jackson Dinner May 5 at the National Conference Center just outside of Leesburg. Times-Mirror Photo/Trevor Baratko
U.S. Sen. Mark Warner did not mask his support for the Affordable Care Act during Loudoun Democrats' Jefferson-Jackson Dinner Sunday, but the popular former governor admitted there's “some bad” in the act commonly referred to as Obamacare.

“There's some good and there's some bad, but one of the things that's pretty remarkable, with all its challenges, right now there are 8 million more Americans who have health care who didn't have it,” Warner, a Democrat, told a crowd of roughly 100 Democrats at the National Conference Center just east of Leesburg.

Virginia's senior senator also weighed in on the partisan Medicaid fight currently playing out in Richmond. Warner said it “kind of makes [him] mad” that his federal tax dollars are being sent to other states around the country that have opted into Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Repeating an oft-used talking point for Virginia Democrats, Warner said the commonwealth is losing $5 million every day it doesn't expand Medicaid.

Warner is up for re-election in November, and he's likely to square off against former Republican National Committee Chairman and lobbyist Ed Gillespie in a multi-million-dollar contest. Virginia Republicans will formally nominate their candidate in a convention next month.

GOP officials and Warner foes have angled to make this year's senatorial election a referendum on Obamacare and its numerous roadbumps. Despite the 8 million health care enrollees touted by the White House in April, conservatives have highlighted that as many as 33 percent of those haven't paid their first month's premium, a figure reported by CBS News.

A USA Today/Pew Research poll on the health care law released Monday showed that 55 percent of those surveyed oppose Obamacare.

Warner has consistently conceded the Affordable Care Act is "not perfect," but he said key provisions in the law – like allowing young adults to stay on their parents' health insurance plans until their 26 and ensuring people can receive insurance despite pre-existing conditions – are critical to improving health and wellness in the U.S. Moreover, Obamacare is working better than the national health care approach preceding 2010, when the law was signed, Warner says.

“ … as each of us has promised, we are taking important steps to make the law work even better for families and small businesses across the country,” Warner and several Senate colleagues -- four Democrats and one independent -- wrote in an op-ed in Politico in April. “From repealing the 1099 filing requirement to easing the paperwork burden on small businesses to allowing individuals to 'window shop' for their insurance options on HealthCare.gov, we have already eliminated several unnecessary and bureaucratic barriers while maintaining consumer protections that provide invaluable peace of mind to millions of Americans.”

In Loudoun Sunday, Warner expectantly pitched to his base, rallying supporters with calls for comprehensive immigration reform, raising the minimum wage and equal rights for the LGBT community.

“Minimum wage at $7.25 today has less purchasing power than $1.70,” Warner said, mentioning that $1.70 is what the minimum wage was when he started working in the 1960s. “If you work full-time … you ought to be able to put food on the table for your family.”

Warned pleaded for the crowd to “please, please, please” send John Foust to Congress to succeed U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, a Republican. Foust, who attended the dinner, is in Virginia's 10th Congressional District race against Republican state Del. Barbara Comstock.

One of the wealthiest members of Congress, Warner said he owes much of his success in politics and the private sector to what he considers a strong public education.

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Its BS because the companies like Walmart who complained know they will have to give benefits for their workers and yet are hiring full time workers at a record pace.

All that bluster and they are doing the opposite of the threats they made.

@fedupdude, how can it be BS since ACA is in it’s first year. Give it another year or two. Unless parts of the bill are changed, companies will cut back hours or layoff people.

SWSWSWSWS; “Oh, it’s so good that Mass. just announced (the model for Obamacare) the Romneycare is going to be scrapped.”

Also not true, the Mass website (like Oregons and Marylands) is going down and they will probably switch to the national one.

In real Romneycare news, recent reports have shown that it is saving hundreds of lives.

Wow- people living longer and not dying?  That something the GOP would get behind, but nope!

more cowbell:
and he backed ACA which is a jobs killer.


You know that statement has been proven to be BS right? Companies saying they would lose jobs or change jobs to part time because of the ACA, like Walmart for instance, have instead have moved to much larger full time staffs. You statement in based in no reality and opposite the facts.

works for a living, look a bit farther down the main page of this website, for headline about 216K signing up—

from the article:

“Federal officials say roughly 216,350 Virginians picked health plans in the new insurance marketplace created by President Barack Obama’s health care law.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released the final enrollment figures on Thursday.

The federal data shows that many Virginia residents who have obtained coverage are older, though about 39 percent are under age 35. More than half are women, and 82 percent are getting financial help to pay their monthly premiums.”

Hmm, where IS he getting the 8M?  :D

I would like to know where he get’s the 8 million who were not insured who now are.  The Administration hasn’t released any numbers on how many remain uninsured.  For all we know the 8 million, or more likely the 65% of the 8 million who have paid may have been previously insured.  I hate it when they misrepresent the facts.

I voted for Mark in the past but can’t anymore has he has become anti business/american with the idea H1Bs are better than US citizens and he backed ACA which is a jobs killer.

Oh, you silly guy, oranges869.  I think you confuse the feds, with the out-of-control spending by the republicans in Richmond.  A short lesson for you.  The House of Representatives (controlled by republicans) must pass a budget.  That means republicans make the majority of the votes on that budget.  So, if you think there is too much spending, you have to blame the republicans.  Thought you might like to know how it really works.

Its funny to call Warner a spender and debt creator when you look at the record of Governor of VA he had the most balanced budget and was the most liked, he holds the record for the most opposition support for a Governor in modern times.

The nay-sayers are people who hold one way of doing things dear and fear his smart ideas that are better than their brand of idea.

Just wait until everybody’s employer tells them to obtain Health Care on the Government Plan. That’s when liberals who are jumping up and down for Obama Care will be pissed. Especially when their doctor tells them they don’t accept Obama Care Insurance.

Funny how governemnt grows so much when there is a Republican President, but when there is a dem in the White House, you get people like oranges869 saying all they do is spend spend spend.

You cant say the your top GOP political dynasty is RINO? 

If you cant come to grips with the past of the GOP and their carelessness with deficits and spending, its pretty rich when you accuse a Democrat of doing the same.

Mark Warner will probably be Hilary’s VP and she’ll carry Virginia again. Then you can complain about spend spend spend for another 8 years while your not winning presidential elections.

Yikes indeed, oranges869

who is spending without cuts?  What was all those government cuts in the sequester?  Do you think all the jobs coming back are in the government sector?

If we had governemnt job growth like when Bush was president (and every GOP president- funny) then unemployment would be below 5%.

Obamacare raised taxes on the rich to pay for it. Something they can afford.

You cant just say dems spend spend spend and not back it up.  You want to see deficits rise, just look a Reagan and Bush.

Why shouldnt he be defending it - its working. 

Gallup finds this month “the lowest monthly uninsured rate recorded since Gallup and Healthways began tracking it in January 2008“.

Reality bites GOP

This guy is the face of Virginia politics and isn’t it sad. Spend, spend and more spending without cuts brings deficit spending, a Mark Warner strategy. It’s time to say no to the blank check government spender like Warner, Kaine and Foust. Over 50k a year per new enrollment, yikes!

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