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Warner outraises Gillespie in 2nd quarter

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- U.S. Sen. Mark Warner says he raised $2.7 million during the second quarter while his Republican challenger Ed Gillespie said he raises $1.9 million.

Both candidates announced their fundraising totals July 15.

The Warner campaign said it's raised $14 million so far for re-election. The former governor is seeking a second term in the Senate.

The Gillespie campaign said it has raised $4.1 million since the campaign launched earlier this year. The former Republican National Committee chairman's campaign said it received contributions from 47 donors who had previously given to Warner.


Oranges the poll averages are still 16%. 10% is the lowest and 25% the highest gap

New poll
CBS News/NYT/YouGov 7/5 - 7/24
LV 3.2 53 43
Warner +10
Start sweating Warner!

LOL yeah only 16%; that is after 4 months; I don’t think he has a enough time to wait for .75% a month gain to catch up a 16% gap.

Those who pay to play will bet their smart money on the incumbents. I’m surprised the fundraising is as close as it is. If Ed Gillespie were to pull an upset, you can bet there will be a line of lobbyists out his door offering their congratulations and “that contribution I’ve been carrying around all this time and just didn’t get around to mailing in.”

I can’t back Warner anymore since he’s voted for ACA, backs additional H1Bs and seems to condone all the illegals coming into this country. Mark has been MIA the past few years. I sent back my letter to his office stating he owes me money.

You would expect the incumbent with name recognition to lead campaign contributions, right?
It wasn’t long ago the democrats were touting Warner’s 19 point lead in the polls now it’s 16% and dropping. Remember the Presidential polls and the Virginia Governor poll swings? The more people saw of Cuccinelli the more they liked him and as people learned about Obamacare that Mark Warner voted for the more they disliked the plan. incumbents are hard to beat and lose about 6% of re-election bids, this is the first correction election we can make that will sound a resounding unsatisfied with the current Senators and the way the federal government has been run!

Waste of 4.1 million lol

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