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Welsh to serve in General District Court

Loudoun County attorney Deborah C. Welsh will replace retiring judge Julia Cannon on the 20th Judicial District of the General District Court.

Welsh, a native of Leesburg, was appointed this week by members of the Virginia General Assembly to a six-year term that begins July 1. She’s previously served as the deputy town attorney for Leesburg, as well as the Purcellville town attorney.

The 20th judicial district covers Loudoun, Fauquier and Rappahannock counties.

According to her law firm’s web page, Welsh earned a bachelor’s degree magna cum laude from the Westhampton College of the University of Richmond in 1976 and her juris doctorate from T.C. Williams School of Law in 1980. She was admitted to the Virginia State Bar, Virginia Bar Association and the Loudoun County Bar Association.

Welsh has served as a board member or an active participant for the Loudoun County Bar Association, Loudoun Senior Focus, Salvation Army Board, Loudoun Hospital Center (director), Notre Dame Academy (trustee) and Elder of Leesburg Presbyterian Church.

“I consider it an honor to be able to serve Loudoun, Fauquier and Rappahannock counties. I’m glad that I can give back to the Loudoun community,” Welsh said in prepared remarks.

-Trevor Baratko


After having sat in Cannon’s court room and observed the docket I can’t imagine a more boring job than General District. Imagine spending two whole days a month listening to people explain why they ran the toll on the Greenway. No Charles Manson or OJ trials to hear.

I’ve heard that she sued LCPS for a new paved driveway, new roof and new fence when they were building the high school that is now beside her house due to the dust!!!

So are you 50% or 100% liberal, moderate or conservative? Maybe you a dem or a republician. Anyone voting for a ticket because of the name should be horse whipped like Samuel L. Jackson who voted for Obama because he is black. It do sound as if you enlightened woman need a little physical contact with a male member of the species to get your mind right!

@Purcellvillean, the answer is NO.

But, but, but it’s my right to free speech and you find fault? I find fault with you saying there is something wrong with my kuncle dragging. Yes, please is the way you should address me if you dare to interupt.

Does Ms. Welsh have any experience in criminal law? Judge Judy she’s not. The Times-mirror is peeing on our legs and telling us it’s raining.

Liberal, moderate, and conservative women alike deserve more respect than cromag offers.  Is he still dragging someone around by the hair, carrying his club? Please. . .

Since the 60’s America has been in a free fall. I bet it has something to do with enlightened women.

Tom, “What kind of church has women elders?”

Enlightened, smart ones that value women - since the 60s.  Thank God!

O.K. Deborah Welsh is the next General District Court judge. She is proficient with civil, criminal and traffic cases——NOT.  Her practice consisted of Family Law, Adoptions, Wills, POA’s, Real Estate and land development and corporations.  Yep, this makes her well-suited for this position.  Who does she know in Richmond?

Still wondering how Welsh got this. Has a bad atitude when things don’t go her way.

Glad to see state trooper cannon is leaving, maybe some of the citizens will get a fair shake in GDC instead of having to go upstairs to get her rulings overturned.

What kind of church has women elders? Liberal.

I guess Randy Minchew lined this all up for her.

Welsh…“Elder of Leesburg Presbyterian Church”— Thank God. At least we won’t need to worry about the homosexuals or Atheist getting any leverage in Loudoun.

Thank God Cannon is retiring !!!!! Worst Judge I have ever seen on the bench. She is completly biased toward the Commonwealth. Goodbye and good riddance Julia.

Not surprising, Leesburg Dad, that’s the way everything is done in Loudoun these days.

Hard to imagine anyone less qualified to be a judge than Cannon but it looks like they found one.

The Loudoun Bar Association ranked her among the least qualified of the eight attorneys being considered for the post. She got the nomination because of her Republican political connections. Embarrassing.

Saw the story - about time!

I take it she is not gay then, since she was appointed.  Still waiting for any local newspaper to do a story on our local delegates voting against a well respected Richmond prosecutor to be a District Court judge just because he was gay and the Christian morality police had a fit about it.  Greason and that tool Ramadan voted against him while Minchew and May took the cowardly way out and didn’t vote.  Lemunyon and Rust voted for him.  Of course crazy gay obsessed Bob Marshall led the charge.

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