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White House prepping for shutdown as Comstock bats off opponents

For the second time in three years, hundreds of thousands federal workers – including thousands in Loudoun County – are feeling anxiety over the prospect of a government shutdown and the loss of a paycheck.

Conservative lawmakers in Congress are threatening to hold the federal budget hostage if the spending plan continues to send public dollars to the women's health organization and abortion provider Planned Parenthood. The deadline to reach a resolution is Sept 30.

Fights over Planned Parenthood and abortion have been especially contentious this year in light of recent videos, taken by pro-life activists, that show Planned Parenthood officials discussing in graphic detail some of their procedures involving fetal tissue.

U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.-10th), Loudoun's representative in the House, is under fire from her political opponents, who say she isn't doing everything she can to avoid a shutdown.

As a lawmaker who both represents thousands of federal workers and is vocally pro-life, Comstock finds herself in a slippery situation.

Jeff Marschner, a spokesman for the first-term representative, said Comstock “is working with her colleagues to keep the government open.”

Comstock signed on Wednesday with Congressman Don Beyer (D) of Northern Virginia’s proposal to ensure federal employees receive backpay should a shutdown occur.

“Our federal employees and contractors should not be a political football used by either side for partisan gain and Rep. Comstock said that during the 2013 shutdown and ever since,” Marschner said. “While working to keep the government open and functioning, the congresswoman will also be a lead sponsor of bipartisan legislation that ensures federal employees are paid in full if the president refuses to work with Congress to keep the government open.”

When pressed on whether Comstock believes a shutdown would be the president's fault, rather than Congress', Marschner would only say, “There should not be a shutdown. Period.”

Congress is traditionally responsible for matters of budgeting and appropriating federal money. The White House reiterated that point Wednesday, while adding that it’s preparing for shutdown as a matter of prudence.

“The final decision rests with Democrats and Republicans in Congress,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

Anna Scholl, executive director of the liberal ProgressVA advocacy group, claimed Comstock "would rather see a government shutdown than continue to ensure women have access to quality, compassionate reproductive health care at Planned Parenthood."

Comstock’s signature, ProgressVA pointed out, was "conspicuously absent" from a letter from GOP-freshmen urging their colleagues for a so-called “clean” continuing resolution which would keep the government open.


Hyde Amendment. Period.

“Harvesting” is a lie. Period.

Stay out of personal decisions that do not concern you. Period.

Fungible money. Take away the government money and they will not be able to harvest anymore. Horrible organization and the people who work there are monsters.

Law already forbids use of federal money for abortions. Planned Parenthood provides many other services such as Pap tests, breast exams, sexually transmitted disease (STD) tests, and prevention of unintended pregnancies.

The correct thing to do to solve this is for PP to get rid of their abortion clinic.

In the end the President will get the money he wants. Comstock is a hack that will not even acknowledge the president is not working in a bi-partisan manner. Has she tried to improve the sequestration? No! But we have plenty of photos of her and drug task force, and hooker task force, not really much to crow about. Life is not better because she voted to fund amnesty, full day kindergarten, is yours. Seems like pandering and news cycle headlines, bs! To her credit she has not signed on yet to keep the government open at any costs. Why pay people who do not work. Back pay for a shutdown is another entitlement not earned! Is the democrat party a synonyms for child predator

“There should not be a shutdown. Period.”

There should not be a single tax dollar going to Planned Parenthood (or any other abortion provider).  Period.

If it takes a federal shutdown to save some of the 300,000 kids murdered ever year by Planned Parenthood, then so be it.

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