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Whole Foods Market coming to Loudoun

A Whole Foods Market in Rockville, Md. -Courtesy/Whole Foods
A spokeswoman for Whole Foods Market confirmed today the upscale grocer has a Loudoun County store in development.

The popular Austin, Texas-based natural and organic foods grocery chain is looking to locate its first Loudoun store between Russell Branch Parkway and Claiborne Parkway in the Belmont Chase development of Ashburn.

The nearest Whole Foods is in Reston, and the nearest grocery stores to the planned location are the Harris Teeters in Ashbrook Commons and Lansdowne Town Center.

Plans are also in place to use the 40,000 square foot store to help develop surrounding retail space totaling 20,000 square feet according to a brochure from H&R Retail.

The candidates H&R Retail are targeting are banks, pharmacies, fast food chains and restaurants.

Construction of the retail parcels will be done by fall 2014, but the Whole Foods official would not confirm a finish date for the grocery store.


Wow! A few of you like to believe whatever you hear.  Personally,  I’d rather live next to the nice people here in Belmont, than people who would throw trash in someone’s neighborhood!  I live in Belmont and always tip well, and I’m quite sure that my friends here do to.

The Whole Paycheck thing isn’t true.  I have been shopping at Whole Foods now for 18 years (even back when it was Fresh Fields) and when Wegman’s came to Ashburn, we gave them a chance, but went back to Whole Foods because they are cheaper when it comes to meat, cheese and produce and the quality is so much better.  I’m so happy to be getting this store near our community!

Wegmans is great. Except for the massive crowds on the weekends and the narrow, nearly one way, aisles. Somebody needs to fire their store designer.

I’ll take Giant any day over Wegmans.  I prefer to make my meals at home. That way I know what is going into my body. 

Usually, I will have a protein shake after the gym, so I eat a smaller dinner/less calories.

If we have to go through the gates of Belmont Country Club to get to this place, I will make sure to throw empty bottles of water, and snickers wrappers out my car windows.

Finally we can get some overpriced organic food!!!

Wegmans accomplishes anything you need a Whole Foods and then some.

But plenty of moms in yoga pants will be happy to pay an extra 3 dollars for a yogurt at Whole Foods.

And any haters of Wegmans need to realize how lucky we are to have them here.  Most places would kill to have wegmans.  We have 2.

I’d rather have Trader Joes, but maybe this will make Wegmans a tad more pleasant on the weekend.  Get there after 9AM and it isn’t even worth the hassle.

If we do have to go through the gates of Belmont Country Club we should throw lots of litter throughout the neighborhood as we pass through. That should provide for a good laugh.

My neighbor’s son delivers pizza part time and he was telling me how 9 times out of 10 the tips are typically $2 or $3. We are talking on food orders of $30 and well beyond.

Finally!! Saves me a weekly trip to Fair Lakes

Whole Paycheck has strategically located this store next to their customer base. Hopefully the rest of the public doesn’t have to go through the gates of Belmont Country Club to shop at this store.

AWESOME !  Now, LoCo - land a Trader Joes and we’ll be golden !

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