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Wife of NAACP president lodges complaint against Leesburg councilman

Leesburg Town Councilman Tom Dunn, left, and NAACP President Phillip Thompson
The NAACP’s chair of legal redress, Tanja Thompson, lodged a complaint of discriminatory harassment, intimidation and bullying against Councilman Thomas Dunn Tuesday night after Dunn criticized her husband, NAACP President Philip Thompson, at a previous council meeting.

“I don’t think a member of the audience should ever be attacked from the dais,” Tanja Thompson told council.

During its Feb. 13 meeting, council voted to approve a memorandum of understanding among the Leesburg Police, the NAACP and the town. The police and NAACP had previously agreed to a memorandum in 2006, but as Tanja updated it, she decided to involve Mayor Kelly Burk and Town Manager Kaj Dentler so the town could collaborate.

When the memorandum came to a vote, however, Dunn tried to share personal emails he exchanged with Phillip Thompson in September 2017 and accused Mr. Thompson of calling him a KKK member. In the email chain arguing about the Charlottesville white supremacist rally, later released to the Times-Mirror, Phillip Thompson wrote to Dunn, “Now run along and dry clean your white sheets for your next rally.”

Mayor Kelly Burk called a point of order, saying the information was not relevant to the vote at hand. Dunn was the lone dissenting vote for the memorandum, later saying that he had told council about the emails and would have considered voting for the measure if council had requested a different NAACP representative to meet with police each quarter.

“I couldn’t allow my signature, my vote to be associated with an individual who made such demeaning comments,” Dunn later said.

Immediately after the Feb. 13 meeting, as the Thompsons exited the council chamber, Dunn walked out. In her complaint, Tanja Thompson wrote that she thought Dunn was “following us” and that she “feared for [her] life.”

Dunn said he exited the chamber to give the Times-Mirror copies of the emails he exchanged with Phillip Thompson. He immediately returned to the chamber after sharing the emails and did not interact with the Thompsons.

During council comments Tuesday night, Dunn said that while he wouldn’t vote for an investigation, he’d be glad to cooperate and air all relevant information.

“To insinuate that I would attack her or Mr. Thompson or that I would have a weapon is absolutely absurd,” Dunn said. “I regret [Tanja] feeling that way, but I can’t help … how anyone feels.”

Tanja Thompson, who listened to Dunn’s comments from home, told the Times-Mirror she felt Dunn belittled her, focusing his comments on her husband instead of responding directly to her complaint.

“All he could have said was, ‘I apologize. That was your perception,’” she said. “I’m not looking for him to be fired or anything. I’m looking for [council] to at least acknowledge that there was a complaint.”

In the complaint, Tanja Thompson called for a council response, and in another letter sent to council on Feb. 15, she asked for Dunn to be censured and take “an 8-hour face-to-face unconscious bias training.”

Council members Ron Campbell, Fernando Martinez, Vice Mayor Suzanne Fox and Burk publicly disagreed with Dunn’s behavior, saying that council should act with civility even when citizens criticize them.

Burk told the Times-Mirror she hopes council will respond to the complaint at its next meeting.

“We have to be better than that,” she said. “When one of us is so rude … and can’t be civil to the people in the audience, it reflects on all of us.”


Mr. Thompson has a long history of being a divisive force in Loudoun county relations. The comment about MR. Dunn washing his white sheet is all the evidence one needs. The NAACP needs to find a better chairman.

Seriously, I don’t agree with Dunn but why should he be singled out if in fact NCAA Rep Phillip Thompson said the following. “Phillip Thompson wrote to Dunn, “Now run along and dry clean your white sheets for your next rally.” If Dun is going to be reprimanded then the NAACP should do the same to Thompson.

Go get’m Mrs. Thompson, as a 25 year military veterans and former Board Of Director Of Loudoun Water among your many accomplishments, Mr. Dunn does not know what he is up against.

Yes those KKK Fliers are the work of the KKK—not liberal groups, but this Thompson lady is off her rocker and the town council will be “Purcellvilling” themselves if they try to censure Tom Dunn.

victimology is alive and well with the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, and the Thompsons.

The Victim/offense culture is what is destroying this Country. The Thompson’s are race baiting, professional victims.

Oh no, hear we go again. Why should he apologize. He was the one being accused of being a member of the KKK. This is so typical. This is reverse racism at it’s finest. Both Thompson’s need to apologize. But don’t hold your breath. Mr Thompson is wearing his accusation towards Mr. Dunn as a ‘Badge of Honor’. Let’s be honest people, Thompson is the racist in this scenario. His prejudice towards Dunn is revealing.

Let the games and name calling begin..

Getting my popcorn ready as Leesburg is about to follow Purcellville’s lead. Can I sign up for one of those no-show jobs that I foresee coming.

No need to apologize!

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