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Wine and grilled cheese bar coming to downtown Leesburg

A new wine and cheese bar that will focus on trendy grilled cheese sandwiches is slated to open in August at 105 South King Street in Leesburg.

BITES, owned by Damian Dajcz, who also owns Senor Ramon taqueria restaurants in Leesburg and Sterling, has leased the space next to Delirium Cafe from Devine Commercial Inc. properties.

Dajcz told the Times-Mirror he plans to use local vendors and farms for the menu selections at the tapa-style restaurant.

"I feel it is most important to support our local community and vendors so we can provide the best products possible," Dajcz said.

They will serve small plates, including about 10-12 different grilled cheese sandwiches, salads and snacks.

One highlight, he said, will be a sangria bar featuring six to eight different types of sangria. Loudoun wines will also be on the menu.

BITES plans to serve several desserts and breakfast on weekends.

Don Devine with Devine Commercial Properties said he's excited about the tenant and noted he has helped move roughly 10 restaurants into downtown Leesburg over the last few years. Dajcz also leases the space for Senor Ramon on Loudoun Street from Devine.

The location for BITES was previously an antiques store, known as The Cottage. It has a large covered porch to provide seating for about 20-25 people. Inside there will be seating for about 35-40 people.

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So easy to sit at your device and opine that “it won’t work” without offering a better idea.  I know when I moved here 10+ years ago everyone complained there were no “good (non-chain type) restaurants and now we have new ideas.I think it is great that someone is willing to offer a new place to have a yummy nosh and if I want to have a glass of wine, what a treat! Enough negativity haters, if you don’t like it don’t go, open the dream business you are so sure we all need.

I have to Agree with David Dickson here, Data Centers and Alcohol are the only new business opening in abundance in Loudoun. Can’t we expand our horizons here?

Alcohol needs to be privatized. The Government can still control the number of licenses and regulate it accordingly. But there is no reason the State should be selling alcohol.

Local Yocal, I have nothing against this one establishment.  My issue is that the Loudoun/Leesburg “economic development” teams seem to only to be able to deliver data centers, data centers, booze joint, data center, booze joint, distillery, vineyard, data center.

At what point are we going to get some real business development that produces professional jobs?

In the meanwhile, we do have an explosion of alcohol which, on the whole, is going to cause more problems than the immediate tax revenue that has people clapping their hands.

I can’t believe all these negative comments. I for one am glad to see the antique store close and now being replaced with something that will bring more people and more tax revenue to Leesburg. These guys already run two very successful restaurants in loco so I think they have a good idea on what they are doing. If you’ve never been to senior ramones then your missing out. Their tacos are crazy good and they do serve beer there but I have actually never seen anybody drink a beer there. David, why don’t you move to a dry county or back to Utah with the other Mormons?! Not sure why your so bent on attacking any establishment that serves alcohol. I don’t hear you going after new convince stores or grocery stores that open up. Clearly they are selling tobacco and alcohol.

For someone who is actually knowledgeable about wine, I am so excited for this place! As a matter of fact, I make grilled cheese all the time and drink it with a glass of, yes, wine! I only wish my gourmet grilled cheese-making skills were better. Hence, my excitement for this place. Anyone who thinks wine and cheese don’t pair well, I am not sure what planet you are living on. Anyway, I REALLY hope they offer a gluten-free bread option (anyone who knows the owner, put this bug in his ear!) I wish the best for this business!

Seriously…all the cheese in the world and you can only come up with 12 different kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches?  DD has this right—it’s an excuse to sell booze…and while I don’t wish failure on anyone and especially the employees we’re at the point now that the only small businesses that are opening are about-to-fail restaurants and bars.  Instead of setting up sister city boondoggles, townhouse developments and bogus land purchases, any chance at all our alleged leaders can offer tax credits, economic developments zones, or short-term incentives that encourage sustainable small business development?  I’d gladly offer up a few initial tax breaks to a small manufacturer.

If they’re paying Divine levels of rent, they’d better move a lot of product. 

Ever wonder why so much churn in downtown Leesburg businesses?

David, doesn’t the proprietor have to demonstrate actual food sales?  I don’t believe they can just have a food menu or food offering and keep an ABC beer and wine permit?  Perhaps that’s for a bar that serves liquor also.  The regulation on the ABC site reads “For the mixed beverage licensee, current Virginia ABC regulations stipulate that a minimum 45 percent of the total gross sales must be from food and nonalcoholic beverages. Conversely, alcohol sales should comprise no more than 55 percent of these sales.”

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are apparently the rage, and some of the gourmet ones are pretty exceptional from what I understand. 

In any case…you’re all right, it’s survival of the fittest.  They better serve a product that sells.  I’ll pull for them though.

More to the point, you can’t have a straight up bar in NOVA so they have to serve food.  They serve a food that DOES NOT pair with wine or anything else.  So, why do you go there?  Answer: to drink.  Thus, they keep high margin alcohol sales up and low margin food sales down.  It works to their advantage.

Folks, the food is irrelevant.  It is all an excuse to sell alcohol.

Grilled Cheese?  What planet is this owner from?  At least call it a Wine, Cheese, and Crackers Bar.

I agree with ChocolateDinosaur, bankruptcy within a year.

The formula for bankruptcy within a year right here.

Sounds awesome!  Hope they serve up some local beers too!

I would think beer would go better with grilled cheese?

Because whenever I’m enjoying a delicious grilled cheese sandwich, I think to myself “What wine can I pair this with?”.

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