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Wolf garners 17th term in office

photoTimes-Mirror Photo/Jonathan Taylor U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf gives a victory speech at the Holiday Inn in Dulles Nov. 6 after winning a 17th term in office.

U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf sailed to a 17th term in office for the 10th district Nov. 6, winning 57.30 of the vote against Democrat Kristen Cabral and Kevin Chisolm, an Independent.

Unofficial numbers as of midnight Nov. 7 had Cabral taking 39.77 percent of the vote and Chisolm garnering 2.79 percent.

Write-in votes totaled 0.14 percent.

“I’m very grateful to the people for the support. It’s always an intimidating process to put your name out. People have worked very hard …” Wolf said Nov. 6 from his Republican victory party in Dulles.

Wolf said going forward the first issue for him will be the economy. By the end of this year, the country will be $17 trillion in debt, he said. 

“To kick the can down the road, we’re going to go off a fiscal cliff,” Wolf said.

The veteran congressman said he will continue his work on gang issues in Northern Virginia, Lyme disease and rail to Dulles, but the everything hinges on the economy.

“Realistically everything hings on what you’re going to do for the debt and the deficit …” Wolf said.

In Loudoun County, Wolf unofficially took 56.20 percent of the vote, compared to 40.71 percent for Cabral and 2.98 percent for Chisolm.

A member of the House Committee on Appropriations, Wolf has championed legislation focusing on transportation, domestic and foreign security and human rights. He’s a member of the Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies – which he chairs – and the Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies.

On issues specific to Loudoun County, Wolf has lobbied and advanced bills for greater oversight of the oft-maligned Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, the organization overseeing the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project and proposed a study to consider dropping the tolls along the privately owned Dulles Greenway.

This year Wolf proposed the formation of a Congressional panel to study the mission of the war in Afghanistan. Wolf wants to pin down precisely what thousands of American troops are aiming for in Afghanistan and if it’s a valid use of the nation’s resources.

Cabral could not be reached for comment.

Cabral has practiced law as a federal prosecutor within each of the three branches of the federal government. She was the first woman in her family to attend college, which she paid her way through with loans, scholarships, grants and by working various jobs.

The Democrat had focused her campaign on trusting women and returning more tax dollars to the 10th District.

Chisholm ran as a “fiscally conservative progressive” and a “Jeffersonian.” Chisholm previously ran unsuccessfully for the Arlington County Board of Supervisors as a member of the Green Party.

An engineer by trade, Chishom lobbied in his campaign for more investments in green energy and technology, reducing the federal deficit and drawing down the U.S. foreign military presence.

– Staff Writer Trevor Baratko contributed to this report.


Are you kidding me, 17th term. This guy has done so little in all the years in congress. This is what’s wrong with politics. You get in lead and then leave. You don’t make it a career of nothing.

uh?  Isn’t he going to focus on the Greenway toll hikes or was that just bait for the Loudoun folks to think he cared about us?

Oh give it a rest Troy.  He’s been fantastic for Federal Workers, which make up a large % of his constituents.  He’s the one Republican I have voted for every time since ‘84 - even though I generally vote D. (but not always).  I like him, and apparently, a majority of NOVA does too.

Too bad Wolf wasn’t interested in Afghanistan this much ten years ago. I guess now he will have 34 years of largely unimpressive “service”.

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