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Your tax dollars at work: County officials’ salaries

The Loudoun Times-Mirror regularly looks at salaries as part of our coverage. This is your taxpayer money at work, and a way to examine how your money is being spent.

This chart represents a sampling of employees’ salaries ranging from top-level executives to entry-level positions across county government and the school system.

Similar compilations are put together annually by publications such as The Washington Post and Parade.

The salaries of county officials are public information. Any resident can request more information from the county government or Loudoun County Public Schools.

Salaries graphic


This article provides interesting information. However, I am more interested in finding out how much money we spend per year on county employees who live, shop, and pay taxes in neighboring counties. It seems to me that it would be good fiscal policy to give employment and promotion opportunites first to people who actually live, shop, and pay taxes in Loudoun. If a county resident qualified for any particular position/promotion cannot be found, only then should non-county residents be considered. I am certain that there are plenty of Louduon residents who are well qualified for any position/promotion that the county has to offer and I prefer that my hard-earned on tax dollars stay in Loudoun. I would like to see the Loudoun Times investigate and report on this issue.

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Enough you two! Now you’re acting like total idiots in an attempt to get the last word. Go back, look at you posts, and smack yourselves for being so ridiculous.

where’s the love…

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@ Isaid it



@ isaidit
I think both you and Ashburn Father (the elitist) meet the definition of bigot: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.

Do you not read what you write? 
You asked,

Where’s the Love, alias….Mrs. Cashburn….

“I do not want to pay taxes that will be used to fund abortions, because I would much rather donate to a charity that supports the birth of babies(for example:Catholic Charities).  I also do not see what is wrong with wanting an educated adult check me out at the supermarket, because it could allow a teacher to have productive time in the summer”
Who’s the ignorant bigot?????
Who said unwed mothers are on welfare? I SAID THAT PART OF MR. CASHBURN DAD’S MONEY IS GOING TO HELP UNWED MOTHERS, YOU ASK WHAT TAXES, I SAID WELFARE…  You are a stupid uneducated hick…..you are your own worst enemy…....can’t fix stupid….its a good think your not one of the above elected officals or this county would be worse than we already are kinda like Green Acres at the Twilight Zone with Dumb and Dumber.

@isaidit, you state,

Where’s the Love…..

An unwed mother is called “single, not married” mother and for you and the Cashburn Dad a Large, Large, Very Large portion of money given to Catholic Charities goes to them, for numerious reason….sorry to inform you of that..the unwed mothers tax is called welfare….we all pay for that, the only difference between Catholic Charieties and Welfare is that one is government run…...obviously you and Cashburn Dad, are Pro-Life, but don’t like (unwed mothers)  gott fish or cut bait….one or the other….

I think this is a wonderful forum to start a real discussion about salaries in the county.  However, we DO need to make sure that we don’t confuse salary and worth.  For example, a teacher who uses only time given in school to grade papers and plan, might not be worth the same as a teacher who comes in early or stays late and plans rigorous and inquisitive lessons for their students.  Should their pay be higher? It can be argued that they are WORTH more right? The same worth argument could be made for police officers and firemen compared to supervisors.  Who carries more worth?  It is not just Loudoun County that gives pay that is not necessarily in line with the community’s perception of worth.  However, it IS Loudoun county that offers employees with higher level education, minimal pay.  You would have to look hard to find professions where having a masters degree or doctorate keeps you below $70,0000, and that includes businesses in Connecticut.  Aside from that, attacks on peoples’ personal and poilitical beliefs just take away from valid arguments.  In fact, some of it is just comical.  Lastly, if you don’t like Loudoun County, please leave.  We pride ourselves in being close knit and goal-oriented, and if your only offering for solutions to problems is to highlight more problems, then you are effectively worthless in the conversation.  LoCo needs people to take on and solve problems, not instigate bickering and conjur up false images of Utopian counties.

@ isaidit
I have addressed no fault, re-read my comment.
Are you saying that the parents that have drug or social or mental problems should not be helped?

I was just curious as to why you are angry with people who want more control over their money.  Are you also angry with Bill Gates, he established a charity to give to causes his family felt strongly about, or are you only mad at people who give money to causes you disagree with?

Also I disagree with Ashburn Father

Where’s the Love,

Because parents have drug or social or mental problems….why are the children at fault?  Mr. Cashburn wants his money to go to Catholic Charities, what do you think they spend their money on??????  Helping the less fortunate!!!!!! The unwed mothers, homeless, and helpless.
What if medical problems hit the family?  One of my best friends actually works for Catholic Charities and that is who they help….oooops maybe you and Mr. Cashburn might not want to give anymore…or maybe you did’nt know what your money is being used for…..Mr. Ashburn Father wants a pro-life nation,you will have more of that too…it happens lady ...are you from Conn. too???  Let me quess, your Mrs. Ashburn….oooops I mean Mrs. Cashburn.


Interesting that you think

Ashburn Father,
Apparently you

Ashburn Father:  you claim that you “would love to have an educated person check you out at the grocery store.”  I would just like you to know that I work part time at a local grocery store in addition to my full time day job, so that I can provide for my family.  Oh, I forgot to mention, I also have a Bachelors Degree and am currently working on getting my Masters Degree.  Before you start assuming that the people that are checking you out at the grocery store are uneducated, maybe you should get to know them.  Most of us are simply trying to provide for our families.  We don’t have mommy and daddy’s bank account to support us.

Asburn Father…..really?????  Well you seem to think that Loudoun County residents should be paying such high salaries to the above individuals, but teachers should get a second job! your comment “I do not want to pay taxes that will be used to fund abortions, because I would much rather donate to a charity that supports the birth of babies(for example:Catholic Charities)”  explains everything now…You are a Pro-Lifer, but hate to pay those taxes that help unwed mothers, disabled fathers, children from households where maybe drugs, crime and abuse are happening, maybe that deduction from your (oversized paycheck) could go for health care of a small child who’s parents have abandon him or her…..as I said before, you are a selfish, self abosorbed, person…..you think giving should only happen if its a way you see fit because of your Pro-life ways and your old money…...still a bully to me….and stop cutting down teachers, they are people that are educated and don’t get even 1/2 the pay they deserve, but you think these people listed above deserve more….i don’t think your right hand knows what your left hand is doing…...

Excuse me ISAIDIT,
I find it odd that you can come on here and question what volunteer work I do when you do not know who I am or what I do.  I will assure you I have been doing volunteer work since I was a young child.  I prefer not to brag about my donations but if you want to question me… I would like you to know that I have given away a few hundred thousand dollars to charities and my alma mater.  Just because I believe teachers are paid fairly does not mean I do not participate in charity and helping the less fortunate.  I do not consider teachers to be the less fortunate.  I would rather pay less in taxes so that I have money to donate to charities who accept my personal beliefs.  For example with Obama redistributing the wealth I have a problem because I do not know where my money is going.  I would rather donate money to a charity that will use money for a cause I see fit.  I do not want to pay taxes that will be used to fund abortions, because I would much rather donate to a charity that supports the birth of babies(for example:Catholic Charities).  I also do not see what is wrong with wanting an educated adult check me out at the supermarket, because it could allow a teacher to have productive time in the summer.

“I would love for an educated person to check me out at the grocery store”......you a pig.  You should just shut up and go back to Conn.

Ashburn Father….go sell it back to the folks in Conn. the conservative ones….right.. your a bunch of snotty nose brats!  Why don’t you get a summer job voluntering with foster kids or homeless people and or better off POOR KIDS!  The ones that can’t pay the sports fee….your old money can’t buy you class or style….can’t buy that with your money now can you?

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