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Your tax dollars at work: County officials’ salaries

The Loudoun Times-Mirror regularly looks at salaries as part of our coverage. This is your taxpayer money at work, and a way to examine how your money is being spent.

This chart represents a sampling of employees’ salaries ranging from top-level executives to entry-level positions across county government and the school system.

Similar compilations are put together annually by publications such as The Washington Post and Parade.

The salaries of county officials are public information. Any resident can request more information from the county government or Loudoun County Public Schools.

Salaries graphic


This article provides interesting information. However, I am more interested in finding out how much money we spend per year on county employees who live, shop, and pay taxes in neighboring counties. It seems to me that it would be good fiscal policy to give employment and promotion opportunites first to people who actually live, shop, and pay taxes in Loudoun. If a county resident qualified for any particular position/promotion cannot be found, only then should non-county residents be considered. I am certain that there are plenty of Louduon residents who are well qualified for any position/promotion that the county has to offer and I prefer that my hard-earned on tax dollars stay in Loudoun. I would like to see the Loudoun Times investigate and report on this issue.

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I think both you and Ashburn Father (the elitist) meet the definition of bigot: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.

Do you not read what you write? 
You asked,

Where’s the Love, alias….Mrs. Cashburn….

“I do not want to pay taxes that will be used to fund abortions, because I would much rather donate to a charity that supports the birth of babies(for example:Catholic Charities).  I also do not see what is wrong with wanting an educated adult check me out at the supermarket, because it could allow a teacher to have productive time in the summer”
Who’s the ignorant bigot?????
Who said unwed mothers are on welfare? I SAID THAT PART OF MR. CASHBURN DAD’S MONEY IS GOING TO HELP UNWED MOTHERS, YOU ASK WHAT TAXES, I SAID WELFARE…  You are a stupid uneducated hick…..you are your own worst enemy…....can’t fix stupid….its a good think your not one of the above elected officals or this county would be worse than we already are kinda like Green Acres at the Twilight Zone with Dumb and Dumber.

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Where’s the Love…..

An unwed mother is called “single, not married” mother and for you and the Cashburn Dad a Large, Large, Very Large portion of money given to Catholic Charities goes to them, for numerious reason….sorry to inform you of that..the unwed mothers tax is called welfare….we all pay for that, the only difference between Catholic Charieties and Welfare is that one is government run…...obviously you and Cashburn Dad, are Pro-Life, but don’t like (unwed mothers)  gott fish or cut bait….one or the other….

I think this is a wonderful forum to start a real discussion about salaries in the county.  However, we DO need to make sure that we don’t confuse salary and worth.  For example, a teacher who uses only time given in school to grade papers and plan, might not be worth the same as a teacher who comes in early or stays late and plans rigorous and inquisitive lessons for their students.  Should their pay be higher? It can be argued that they are WORTH more right? The same worth argument could be made for police officers and firemen compared to supervisors.  Who carries more worth?  It is not just Loudoun County that gives pay that is not necessarily in line with the community’s perception of worth.  However, it IS Loudoun county that offers employees with higher level education, minimal pay.  You would have to look hard to find professions where having a masters degree or doctorate keeps you below $70,0000, and that includes businesses in Connecticut.  Aside from that, attacks on peoples’ personal and poilitical beliefs just take away from valid arguments.  In fact, some of it is just comical.  Lastly, if you don’t like Loudoun County, please leave.  We pride ourselves in being close knit and goal-oriented, and if your only offering for solutions to problems is to highlight more problems, then you are effectively worthless in the conversation.  LoCo needs people to take on and solve problems, not instigate bickering and conjur up false images of Utopian counties.

@ isaidit
I have addressed no fault, re-read my comment.
Are you saying that the parents that have drug or social or mental problems should not be helped?

I was just curious as to why you are angry with people who want more control over their money.  Are you also angry with Bill Gates, he established a charity to give to causes his family felt strongly about, or are you only mad at people who give money to causes you disagree with?

Also I disagree with Ashburn Father

Where’s the Love,

Because parents have drug or social or mental problems….why are the children at fault?  Mr. Cashburn wants his money to go to Catholic Charities, what do you think they spend their money on??????  Helping the less fortunate!!!!!! The unwed mothers, homeless, and helpless.
What if medical problems hit the family?  One of my best friends actually works for Catholic Charities and that is who they help….oooops maybe you and Mr. Cashburn might not want to give anymore…or maybe you did’nt know what your money is being used for…..Mr. Ashburn Father wants a pro-life nation,you will have more of that too…it happens lady ...are you from Conn. too???  Let me quess, your Mrs. Ashburn….oooops I mean Mrs. Cashburn.


Interesting that you think

Ashburn Father,
Apparently you

Ashburn Father:  you claim that you “would love to have an educated person check you out at the grocery store.”  I would just like you to know that I work part time at a local grocery store in addition to my full time day job, so that I can provide for my family.  Oh, I forgot to mention, I also have a Bachelors Degree and am currently working on getting my Masters Degree.  Before you start assuming that the people that are checking you out at the grocery store are uneducated, maybe you should get to know them.  Most of us are simply trying to provide for our families.  We don’t have mommy and daddy’s bank account to support us.

Asburn Father…..really?????  Well you seem to think that Loudoun County residents should be paying such high salaries to the above individuals, but teachers should get a second job! your comment “I do not want to pay taxes that will be used to fund abortions, because I would much rather donate to a charity that supports the birth of babies(for example:Catholic Charities)”  explains everything now…You are a Pro-Lifer, but hate to pay those taxes that help unwed mothers, disabled fathers, children from households where maybe drugs, crime and abuse are happening, maybe that deduction from your (oversized paycheck) could go for health care of a small child who’s parents have abandon him or her…..as I said before, you are a selfish, self abosorbed, person…..you think giving should only happen if its a way you see fit because of your Pro-life ways and your old money…...still a bully to me….and stop cutting down teachers, they are people that are educated and don’t get even 1/2 the pay they deserve, but you think these people listed above deserve more….i don’t think your right hand knows what your left hand is doing…...

Excuse me ISAIDIT,
I find it odd that you can come on here and question what volunteer work I do when you do not know who I am or what I do.  I will assure you I have been doing volunteer work since I was a young child.  I prefer not to brag about my donations but if you want to question me… I would like you to know that I have given away a few hundred thousand dollars to charities and my alma mater.  Just because I believe teachers are paid fairly does not mean I do not participate in charity and helping the less fortunate.  I do not consider teachers to be the less fortunate.  I would rather pay less in taxes so that I have money to donate to charities who accept my personal beliefs.  For example with Obama redistributing the wealth I have a problem because I do not know where my money is going.  I would rather donate money to a charity that will use money for a cause I see fit.  I do not want to pay taxes that will be used to fund abortions, because I would much rather donate to a charity that supports the birth of babies(for example:Catholic Charities).  I also do not see what is wrong with wanting an educated adult check me out at the supermarket, because it could allow a teacher to have productive time in the summer.

“I would love for an educated person to check me out at the grocery store”......you a pig.  You should just shut up and go back to Conn.

Ashburn Father….go sell it back to the folks in Conn. the conservative ones….right.. your a bunch of snotty nose brats!  Why don’t you get a summer job voluntering with foster kids or homeless people and or better off POOR KIDS!  The ones that can’t pay the sports fee….your old money can’t buy you class or style….can’t buy that with your money now can you?

I have actually just returned from Connecticut tonight and it was great!  It was so refreshing to be back with normal conservative people!  I just reread(it is not re-read according to the dictionary, ReadyToRumble, I do not attack others until they attack me) my post and I will admit my grammar was horrendous and it did look like a ninth graders. My middle school children would probably have done extremely better. I probably should have focused on my studies in high school more instead of socializing and having fun.  Still I was able to maintain great grades so I must be pretty intelligent.  I was not completely focused when I wrote my last posting.  My not being completely focused is due to the fact that I had gotten so caught up in my thoughts about taxes. 

Yes I did grow up in a wealthy old money family, but I have also worked very hard to achieve my personal success.  Maybe I did have advantages because of the family I am from, but I still did work hard to get to where I am today.  I am also quite proud to be a Republican and be from a long line of politically conservative people. 

Many other Americans live of the salary of a teacher and work twelve months, and they do just fine.  So if teachers want more money they can go out and get a summer job!  I bet if these teachers applied for summer jobs they would definitely get hired, because they are without a doubt more qualified than high school students. I would love for an educated person to check me out at the grocery store!

Ashburn Father - You REALLY need to re-read your last posting. Then, explain to everyone how education is better where you’re from. Your punctuation is ridiculous and you have multiple run-on sentences.
By the way, what the hell is “and I am like to my wife is this for real?”

I’m not the best writer, but I also don’t brag about coming from an area that offers better education. I also don’t think I’m smarter than everybody else. But, I DO know ninth grade writing when I see it! You need to come clean with everyone and admit that you’re really Ashburn Son, and not Ashburn Father.

Great info.. but I agree with several others the salary is fair and focusing in it is noise when compated to the overly rich benefits and pensions some of these people get.

Ashburn Father writes like he barely made it out of HS.  I don’t buy his elitist facade.  If anything he is just another “old money” CT resident who got into college as a legacy, and got his job has a favor to his father. 

Come to think of it, that would probably make him a typical Republican.  Please hurry up and move back to CT.  I am sure your neighbors will be happy to see that “For Sale” sign go up.

I know this chart is about salaries, however, it would be nice to know what percentage of each Dept has female to male supervisors and who they manage. Is it old school? I mean…do female supervisors manage males and females or mostly males, etc., and is it same pay = same work.

Please do a story on the male vs female in high up leadership roles, and maybe salary. Pictures speak a thousand words. Of course, the BOS would be excluded as they are elected officials, and do have females!

Information is useful, please publish how the taxpayer can get the salary information from Loudoun County. It would be more than interesting to see all of the Departments’ Director’s salary information and how long they have contracts for or how they are hired. BTW in this day and age, why are most of the higher ups (not BOS) white males? Where are the women, or is there a glass ceiling in Loudoun County?

2004 Per-Capita Spending Data via City Data
Loudoun County   $9,599
Prince William County $5,689
Los Angeles County $5,956

Seems to me we are spending entirely too much money!  Loudoun Cty schools spend $12K per student to educate them…..those same kids could attend private school for much less.  A real head scratcher eh. 

The County I moved from had a per-capita spending of $1,990 and the taxes on my home were $2,500 per year.  My home home was $350K; the same home in Loudoun would be almost 1 million. My kid’s education there in many ways was far superior to what they receive here in Loudoun.  If we could have stayed where we were we would have, but a job move gave us no choice.  I have no choice to pay more for everything and see my taxes go up each and every year while all of us who work for private companies get no pay raise, no bonus, and our health benefits get cut but the cost increases. 

Incomes in Loudoun, albiet high, do not support the per capita spending nor the over-inflated housing prices.  Household income is based on a two-income household…...well, the people who live across the street from me have two jobs each…..and they don’t live high on the hog.  Working harder to get less….yes, that is the Loudoun way!

Teacher’s Unions scare the public by saying the students will suffer to justify the status quo of giving them so much…..but when we must borrow on the backs of future generations to pay for what they demand today is just senseless.  Balance the budget…...if I don’t my electricity gets turned off and I get booted from my home!

I am so tired of you people preaching that the teachers need to make more money. First of all teachers have the summer off so the $42K salary equates to a $50K salary. That is good pay for a new college graduate by any standard and when you factor in the benefits it becomes an excellent job. There isn’t a shortage of teachers is there?

Additionally, the argument that teachers can’t afford to live hear is ridiculous. There are several teachers for local schools that live right in my neighborhood. Besides, I don’t know many twenty-somethings that want to own a house they just want a nice apartment and there are plenty of them in the county.

Finally giving universal praise to teachers is a bit much. My kids through the years have had good and bad teachers with many of them being average. Lumping the bad in with the others when you shower them with accolades is a disservice to the ones who deserve them.

LCFR Firefighters are the lowest paid in the area. Lots of folks are jumping ship to higher paying departments whenever they are hiring. The County needs to get with it and make it competitive with everyone else in the DC region.

I just realized Old Loudouners comment about newer residents having special taxes and most of the new people have brought the wealth to Loudoun.  Also most of the people who have lived here longer generally are the ones with more children.  Then also all these horrible new people built the big expensive homes and are paying most of the tax bill for Loudoun so you children can attend beautiful new schools.  REMEMBER THOSE WHO CANNOT DO, TEACH!!!!!

I just wanted to follow up, because apparently my opinions are a bit controversial.

I am Republican, and I will tell you Loudoun County taxes are cheap.  I am from a town in Connecticut an hour outside NYC and sports cost $225, yes more than double that of Loudouns.  Also the property taxes in this town were substantially higher(in CT taxes are paid to a town only never the county) than that of Loudouns. Taxes were calculated at 70% of fair market value equals assessed value then $20 per thousand of assessed value.  So on a home that has a FMV of 1 Million the taxes would be 14000, in Loudoun you would pay 13000.  That is 1000 less and you are paying substantially higher school fees.  I am actually going with my wife to the town this weekend because we are looking to purchase a home to return there because we would like to move back this summer so our son will not have to attend a substandard school like Stone Bridge next year and are other children will not have to suffer by being babied in the elementary and middle school level at a Loudoun County Public School.  Loudoun middle schools are a joke these kids are not going to be prepared for high school at all.  My wife and I have a tutor come to the house three times a week to challenge our son, because he is able to obtain all A’s at a Loudoun Middle School and I have seen his work and my siblings’ childrens’ work(they live in the town we are from) and their children do much harder work.  Why would any intelligent person come up with the idea that High School should start at 9 it should start a bit after 7 so that sports practice and competitions can take place earlier allowing students to be home when their family can sit down and eat dinner together.  The learning environment in LCPS is getting very progressive, have you ever been to the middle school award shows, oh god children get awards for everything they do it is ridiculous.  Not everybody deserves an award, my children get awards and I am like to my wife is this for real. 

The people of Loudoun County need a reality check, they need to get in the real world, your taxes do not cover all cost sometimes there are other fees and oh well.  I am so glad I get to get out of this place and I AM AN ELITIST AND I AM PROUD OF IT!!!

Way too many chiefs in education….We need more teachers. We spend too much money on bloated, overpaid Directors in the school system and yeah, why does the school public info make twice as much? He has the worst speaking voice too….

Dear LTM - Do you periodically post the county’s salary to get a raise out of the citizens and the employees of the county?  I think maybe you should get your facts straight first and post all of the relevant salaries for each working title instead of some. 

It may be important to some what our tax money goes to but LC goverment employees do alot and they deserve to be paid.  Why is there such a range in pay for the same working title, who knows, but is it up to you, LTM, to post that?

Also, the Constitutional Officers are mostly funded by the state not by Loudoun County tax payers.  But even so….that’s also our tax money.

So next time you feel the eager to get everyone in a tizzy, get your facts straight or better yet, just don’t post them.

According to the WABE reports http://www.fcps.edu/fs/budget/wabe/2010.pdf , LCPS has to pay 43% of a teachers salary just for benefits! 

The cost of such a lavish benefits package has been one of the biggest drivers of our high taxes over the years at the same time the private sector was cutting back on benefits.  It was a double whammy for most taxpayers.

Why is it that the LCPS Public Information Officer makes twice as much as the Sheriff’s PIO?

Cashburn Father, oh I mean Ashburn Father,  NO WE SHOULD NOT PAY FOR SPORTS, BAND, ACTIVITY BUSES OR PARKING YOU IDIOT! We already paid for them!  Remember they are called taxes, we paid for those football fields, soccer fields, parking lots, etc with our tax dollars years ago and now when the “Good old boys” mismanaged their money they decide to hit the kids, with their sports, parking and activities???? Do you come home and kick your dog when you have a bad day?  Well same thing…..The richest county in the nation can well afford to to give the Children of Loudoun a fine education with sports, activities and free parking if someone could manage a budget. Have you ever seen a child at school that does not qualify for a free lunch, but does not have lunch money?  My kids come home and tell me, I send money for them to buy that child a lunch!  It upsets my kids to see a child with no lunch.  You and your kids probably laugh at the child….“poor little kid doesn’t have money for lunch, but parents have a car”  Your a pig! Get off your Obama kick too, Bush destroyed this country….as these “good ole boys” will destroy Loudoun!  I hope everyone in Ashburn is not like you.

We need to see the salary chart for the county constitutional officers - Treasurer, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Comm. of Revenue, etc.


Well I for one have been outside of Loudoun.  I grew up in NY, around Syracuse.  You are right, we had many school districts within Onondaga County, each with its own superintendent and BS administration positions. There are probably six or so districts just encompassing the City of Syracuse and its immediate suburbs. 

The result of this wonderful setup?  Property taxes that have ensured that Central NY and NY as a whole is an economic dead zone.  I still read the news coming out of there and almost every annual school budget proposal includes a tax increase.  At least in NY the tax payers get to vote on approving it or not, instead of leaving it to the “Brain Trust” we call a BoS here.

I also don’t think most of the comments here are “Obama socialist” (whatever that intelligent statement means), I think everyone here is suggesting cuts overall.  I do agree that those on the lowest rung should be paid more though.  Do you want good teachers in Loudoun?  Good cops?  Then pay them a living wage.  $38-48k is essentially the starting salary for those personnel.  Housing prices may be cheaper now than they were in 2007, but show me where someone can find a decent place to live on $40k a year here.  Something they can actually afford.  Maybe a scummy condo in Sterling?  I think our teachers and emergency response professionals deserve better than that.  I honestly don’t know why someone would want those jobs here.  I’d move ASAP to somewhere with a lower cost of living if I knew my maximum potential income would leave me stretching to buy an old townhome for my family.

Ashburn Mom, many of them, like many teachers, can’t afford to live here period.

Btw, the firefighters and police officers don’t make enough money.  I’m a mid-level accountant who makes more than their maximum salary and while my job is important, it doesn’t involve life and death situations. How is that fair? 
I wonder if they can afford the sports and parking fees for their children….

Ashburn Father:

You need to get off your high horse MR. I have money so I’m better than the rest of the friggin world.

I also live in Ashburn but I think paying fees for parking and sports is very wrong!!!

DId you or your parents pay a parking fee when you went High School??  Charging a fee to join the band and/or play sports seems unfair to those parents who have talented children but are part of the working poor.
How sad that you are so out of touch that you can’t understand people who want ALL children to benefit and enjoy the same HIgh school privilages.

When did government work start paying so well? It used to be that a government job meant job security, great benefits, and retirement after 20 years. Now it also seems to add in being in the upper middle class as well.

Simple Solution: Our Teachers, Firefighters and Police need at least a $10,000 raise across the board.  Eliminate the fluff mid-level management positions to help fund it.  Then enact a special tax on people who have lived in the county less then 20 years.  Make it immediate then phase it back out over the next 10 years.  Done! No More Budget Problems….

Geez, with that ginormous salary Hatrick’s getting, no wonder they can’t afford to give the school bus drivers a raise for the 3rd year in a row! And to add insult to injury - TWO mandatory furlough days this upcoming school year.  As usual, they always stick it to the lowest member of the food chain.

Why should public employees be so handsomely compensated when the government that pays them must borrow money to do so?  If a business ran like our gov’t did they would be out of business, and considering the massive debt the county has, it seems prudent to cut to the bare.  Do I like the idea of having to fire teachers, absolutely not, but I can’t afford to have my taxes raised yet again to support our overinflated budget. 

I remember back in 2005 a local politician arguling for teacher and public servant pay increases due to the high cost of housing in Loudoun…...prices for homes are a lot cheaper…..let’s just call it even and hold their pay steady for a few years.  They won’t leave and if they do, there are hundreds of qualified teachers that would step in and gladly take less pay.

Why is it that both boards refuse to do something about, or even acknowledge, one of the most clearly visible problems that causes strife between them? The LCPS staffers in charge of locating property for school construction and negotiating contracts for those properties.

The issue of locating schools has been a bone of contention between the two boards for many years now. The two factors that most influence their constant head-butting are: The staffers in charge of locating properties for the new schools and the school board who listens to them, agreeing with their recommendations without question.

The LCPS staff in charge of locating schools, run by Sam Adamo, do so with such arrogance that they don

Now we know why LCPS eats up 70% of the budget - they pay their employees a lot more than the county side.  As another example, a county librarian starts at $39k and must have a masters degree.  An LCPS librarian with a masters degree starts at $47,763 and gets the summers off! 

Hatrick’s total compensation is close to $400k with his car allowance and retirement annuity benefits.

Have any of you people ever left Loudoun, because you would see the pay for these positions is standard in many other places and higher.  In New England a superintendent of public schools would make a bit more actually and they would only be managing ONE TOWN’S SCHOOLS.  The salaries for the top people are fair, do any of you people know how hard they work, they are working to serve us and so why should the not get a nice pay check?  I also personally believe teachers get paid enough, what other job in America do you get paid over 40K and get summers and all holidays off?.....Pondering…..Oh no others!  Teachers just want to complain well in LCPS I know at Loudoun County High from my friend whose son attends county the teachers teach five periods, have planning for two, and supervise study hall for one.  Are you kidding me they get enough for what they do.  They may say they are grading papers at home but with two completely free periods and one partially free block, I highly doubt that.  And oh no, LEESBURG MOM is going to have to pay for her children to participate in band, well you most definitely should be, band and sports are optional.  My children are not in High School yet but I have a son starting Stone Bridge next year and I have no problem paying for his activities because guess what, he does not have to participate he can chose!  So therefore I pay for what he participates in why should my taxes go up if I can pay for him to just participate in one sport when there are kids in three sports.  I have a great idea I pay for my children and you pay for your children!  If you decide to have children you have as many as you can afford you do not expect other taxpayers to pay for your children like many in Loudoun seem to believe.  I think some Loudoun people seem like they must be super Obama fans and SOCIALISTS! Also there should be a parking fee I will pay it for my children because I can afford it and if you cannot, there is the SCHOOL BUS! Oh my god, and how do you buy a car if you cannot afford the fee?

I agree there are some things that need to be fixed here, but I think the average deputy or firefighter should be paid for the fact that they put their lives on the line daily.  Why are the school folks paid so high - is it due to better education?  It can’t be - look at the teacher’s salary!!  Also find it sad that a master’s degree only brings $5k difference for teachers.  What are we thinking?  I don’t understand why information officers are paid so highly… really?  A beginning writer fresh out of college costs 1/3 the cost! If salaries are this wild, I’d love to see the budgets of these organizations.  I have a feeling we are paying for all kinds of consultants etc. when that money should be spent on core needs!  It would be nice if they had to answer for budgets by the line item.  Waste! Waste! Waste!

For all the world that Supervisors do and power they hold, their salaries should be triple what they are now.

As for all the Directors and such in the Public School system… The taxpayer is being milked.
$129,000 for Director of Elem. Education? Whereas a teacher only gets $42k-$47k?  I’m sure its easy to guess which job has the most work.

If you ask me, some of these paychecks needs to be flipped upside down. The County’s bureaucracy is top heavy with extra large wallets.

Remember that these salaries are just a drop in the big budget bucket.  But it does add up doesn’t it?  I know many of these folks and they have served Loudoun far longer than most of you have lived here.  They are at the top of the pay scales.  I am mixed on this.  On one hand it is outlandish.  On the other hand these are the leaders have help to make Loudoun a great place to live and raise families.  I do think the Supervisors are paid way too much.  It is a part time job and they are making as much as starting teachers, deputies, and firefighters. Wouldn’t it be great to see all of them unseated in the next election?

I’m surprised by some of these comments.  You can’t live in one of the most expensive counties in the country and benefit from some of it, without things like this happening.  The salaries aren’t that outrageous.  What’s outrageous is the police and firefighter salaries.  They actually risk their lives for you and they make so little.

Holy Crap, BATMAN! I agree that these school officaals make WAY TOO MUCH money. Yes, Loudoun is one of the fastest growing counties in the country. Yes, 10’s of 1,000’s of students in Loudoun County schools. Yes, it most likely is a big job and at sometimes or all the time, a tough job. BUT, saek alive, that is a lot of money to throw to those people.  REALLY? the Dir of Mid and Elem. schoole education: $129,000???? REALLY??? The guy in charge of the school buses, $129,000???
Yes, too much money!!!

The Public Info Officer for schools makes $25,000 MORE than the Public Info Officer for the entire county, and DOUBLE what the same officer makes for the Sheriff’s dept.  The whole salary issue for the high echelon at the school district is stinky smelling.  They ALL need their salaries and benefits (don’t forget those!) cut before anymore teachers or programs get cut.  My kids are involved in music and we have to cough up $300 EACH for them to be in marching band, and we still don’t know if bus service will be provided!  This is nauseating.  Hatrick and his thugs make the Sheriff of Nottingham look downright charitable!

I would like to see a salary chart for the Town of Leesburg.

This is truly pathetic! These people are all retired in place never going to leave.  Why would they?  Plus remember for most county employees they only work 7.5 work day which is 1950 hours not the standard 2080 or almost 4 weeks less.  Where can I sign up.  Plus the benefit ratio is around 33%

Average salary for all 18 listed $124,605.  Average salary for the 6 listed scholl related positions $143,419!!!

ok, can’t be speechless you know me…..I can’t believe my kids have to pay $100 for each sport, activities and sports funding have been cut for this county, teachers salaries and benefits cut along with special programs, funding for aging and homeless, and taxes are sky high….after looking at these salaries, EMT and firefighters should get the top pay, Simpson needs to go anywhere but here…...as I said….explains everything…..ticks me off.  Also to the “thoughtful tax payer”  Public servants????? right…..maybe yours.

$48k for one of the BoS? Too much.  These guys should get a $10k stipend and no benefits.  It shouldn’t be a legitimate source of income.  Jobs like that are supposed to be real public service.

What is with all of these school district administrators making six figures?  Do you really need that many?  I say we cut someone like the “public information officer” and put that towards more money for the teachers. 

I also found it odd that fire/EMT can make more than a sheriff’s deputy?  Why is that the case?

How come all the employees aren’t available?  I know places where all public employees salaries are public record.  Name, department, salary all in a spreadsheet the local paper publishes.

Why does the Public Inormation Officer for LCPS make double the amount the same position with the Sheriff’s office?

There is something wrong here.  Either one is grossly over paid or the other is under paid.

Salary is only part of the compensation package.  These county employees get a defined benefit pension that has all but disappeared in the private sector.  They can start drawing a big pension at age 55.

They also get better medical insurance and much more leave than the average private sector professional.

Don’t shed a tear for any of these employees.  They are very well compensated!

For those who know ANYTHING about salaries, we are fortunate that these public servants are willing to work for these wages!

Mr. Miller took a pay cut as a political grandstand maneuver for campaign purposes, when one year into his term he decided to move to the one precinct in his new district that would allow him to run for the delegate’s seat in the 86th house district.

He had to counteract the remarkably stupid set of comments he made on the record his fisrt MONTH in office, when he addressed the Chamber of Commerce by saying “I wish someone had told me how low the pay was and how hard you have to work before I ran” and “I’m a lawyer.  Does anyone have any work for me?”

As a Dulles resident, I view that “noble” voluntary paycut a bit differently.

Mr. Hatrick, Mr. Hemstreet, Mr.Plowman, Mr. Byard, those salaries are too high, and we’re not getting our money’s worth. Hampton, Nicols, Martin, Troxell. All too high. Cut em. Bet you’d still have lots of applicants for those jobs.

To the commenter below who called for Loudoun County government officials to take a 10 percent paycut, I’d point you to the discrepancy between Eugene Delgaudio and Stevens Miller’s salaries. Miller makes less because he actually took a self-imposed 10 percent cut as other departments were being asked to make their own reductions.

I wish the other Supervisors—and of course Superintendent Hatrick—would follow Miller’s lead.

Delgaudio is overpaid.

I’m shocked at how much Mr. Hatrick makes.  Perhaps to fill the gap in the education budget, he should take a considerable pay cut.  Maybe we could hire a few more teachers, instead of increasing class sizes…????

How backwards is it that the Board of Supervisors get paid so little, but get saddled with trying to maintain school budgets from spiraling out of control?
Yet, LCPS Superintendent, Ed Hatrick, gets paid much better ($232K) without caring so much about budgets and how much money the LCPS system tends to waste. All this without really considering the cost of living increases the teachers truly deserve.

Steve Simpson makes about $120K too much, considering he’s a big ole weasel!  The salaries for the deputies and fire fighters are outrageously low for this area.  Maybe if the people of LC got rid of Barney Fife Simpson the deputies could make more money.

Wow!  For this area, and for the jobs some of these folks do, I am surprised at how low the salaries are—especially our cops and fire fighters. For as much as we pay in taxes, I would have thought salaries were higher.

Most of these salaries are outragious, especially when you calulate excellent benifits into the picture.  I think all mid-high level employees should take a 10-20% reduction in their salary to help balance the Loudoun County budget instead of forcing Loudoun County Residents to cover the increases every year!

Great chart! Great info!

well, this explains everything…...speechless, for once.

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