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EDITORIAL: Chasing Shadows

It’s just 26 miles from the White House to the Loudoun County line, but the distance seems shorter these days. Events -- one planned, others unexpected -- bring attention to a county that lives in the shadow of the nation’s capital.

EDITORIAL: In Loudoun, an identity-defining choice depends on who makes the rules

Participation in the county’s future has come a long way since Supervisor Steve Snow told citizens to move to Canada if they didn’t like like the onslaught of development.

EDITORIAL: Hold the town hall

Congresswoman, it's past time. Hold a town hall, and hold the town hall soon. Hold a town hall because, first and foremost, constituents must feel like they're elected officials hear them and grasp their fears and their concerns.

EDITORIAL: Golf is just part of the game at Trump National

Like the news, golf is a game of situational character. Faced with obstacles, players must make the right choices as they confront obstacles, some anticipated, others unforeseen.

EDITORIAL: The merit badge for reporting is truth in news

The Times-Mirror was happy to recently receive a letter from a local Boy Scout, and we welcomed the opportunity to respond.

EDITORIAL: Brewer’s reinstatement comes with an inconvenient truth

Supporters will applaud the reinstatement of their principal, even as he placed on probation and required to undergo training for handling issues ranging from inappropriate relationships between students and staff to matters relating to religion in public schools.

Commentary: In Loudoun, a mismatch between need and affluence

As explained by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, “A Mismatch Between Need and Affluence,” American communities with high standards of living often have low charitable giving rates.

EDITORIAL: Fumblerooski on Metro

The play calls for the quarterback to receive the snap from the center then deliberately leave the ball on the ground, technically fumbling it. As the backs run to the right, a lineman waits for the defense to follow, then picks up the ball and runs to the left.

EDITORIAL: Security is vital at Dulles Airport, but so are our freedoms

Of all the landmarks in Loudoun, none expresses who we are and how we live so dramatically as Dulles International Airport. Dulles is our gateway to the world, a symbol of our progress, a shining beacon of our aspirations.

EDITORIAL: There’s nothing cynical about the First Amendment. Express it.

It didn’t take cynics long to trip on the First Amendment. More than 500,000 people, including busloads from Loudoun County, marched in Washington in an historic, peaceful expression of American freedoms. Then came criticism from those who seem to have an issue with The First.

EDITORIAL: For $1 billion, citizens should expect accountability from Loudoun County Public Schools

The school district shrugs off criticism with a protectionist approach to its problems. It rejects anti-discrimination policies addressing vulnerable minorities, students and employees alike. It thumbs it’s nose at recommendations from Virginia’s attorney general, the ACLU and community leaders (see letter below). And it ignores the same anti-discrimination policies that have been adopted by other school districts in Virginia, including neighboring Fairfax County.

EDITORIAL: Closed meeting for ‘open’ discussion brings shame on Leesburg Council

Just a couple months ago, the candidates for Leesburg Town Council asked the voters of Leesburg to trust them with their votes. In return, they pledged to bring transparency and new leadership to a dysfunctional, political council that masquerades as nonpartisan.

Herring: As LGBT vote nears, Loudoun School Board should affirm county’s commitment to inclusion

The state's attorney general, a Loudoun County resident, weighs in on a controversial issue facing the Loudoun County School Board.

EDITORIAL: Loudoun school system’s protectionism must end; Wayde Byard should step down

As with most secrets, things went terribly wrong. The band director stepped down from his position at a Florida school after an investigation by school police substantiated claims that he made sexual advances toward a student. The report lead to allegations of sexual misconduct with students when he was at Dominion.

EDITORIAL: The right to know comes home at Montpelier

Just as the Times-Mirror is distributed to homes and sites throughout Loudoun County on Thursday, the newspaper’s editor will be speaking at James Madison’s home in Orange County on an enduring idea about newspapers and government.

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