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EDITORIAL: Virginia’s incumbent protection program must end

Five different reform bills, all aimed at nonpartisan redistricting, were defeated in a single bloc vote in the House of Delegates Privileges and Elections Subcommittee. Several bills would have set nonpartisan criteria for drawing General Assembly and congressional districts — including, as the law stipulates, “respect for political boundaries,” contiguity, compactness and communities of interest.

EDITORIAL: Blame the media

Cruz and Sanders give “the media” too much credit. And just what is that bogeyman they call “the media? Newspapers? TV networks? Magazines? Bloggers? Internet sites? Facebook?

OP-ED: Working together to fight the heroin scourge  

A sixteen-year-old high school student buying syringes in a local drug store; a 24-year-old college graduate dead of an overdose; grieving parents trying to warn friends, family and community members of the growing danger. 

EDITORIAL: Dr. King’s words still ring true

Decades after his death, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s words continue to ring true across Loudoun County, the nation and the world.

EDITORIAL: Creativity, expression are key to revitalizing downtown Leesburg

After all the stickies had been assigned to good ideas about revitalizing downtown Leesburg, organizers asked if all voices had been heard. All but one. A renaissance man in a Redskins cap rose. He needed no introduction.

EDITORIAL: Naughty or nice? The questionable generosity of the outgoing Board of Supervisors

It’s hard to know what to say about the generosity of the merry band of elves known as the outgoing Board of Supervisors. Before heading home for the holidays, they delivered extravagant gifts to favored children.

EDITORIAL: Passion, purpose and polarization

Our approach spans journalistic forms. We investigate institutions, situations and people that may undermine the values and ideals we strive for as a community. We define our news coverage by taking our lead from the passions of citizens more than the processes of government. We support without equivocation the organizations and people who try to create “good” through their work in the community.

EDITORIAL: Reacting to Mr. Trump

At a Sterling mosque, the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security broke from the strident rhetoric of the moment to reaffirm that horrific acts of terrorism should not permit Americans to vilify and stereotype peaceful Muslims. “These are men, women and children of peace,” Jeh Johnson said at the All Dulles Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center.

EDITORIAL: American selfie

On the day after Thanksgiving, families flocked to the new suburban downtown that resembled a Disney set. They lined the sidewalks for a parade. They loaded the kids on a small train that circled the plaza. They took carriage rides. They watched Santa arrive, just in time for a photo and a Christmas wish.

EDITORIAL: As we ‘pause,’ so does our humanity

As we gather in our homes to embrace our families during Thanksgiving this week, we are presented with a moral dilemma: From the relative comfort and security of our community, how do we respond to a world in turmoil? The question causes us to consider our humanity, our place in it and how we should respond.

MEMO FROM THE PUBLISHER: Community newspapers are the thing of the future

The responsibility of journalistic trust intensified last week when my company acquired Leesburg Today, Ashburn Today and LeesburgToday.com. We have an even higher calling to leave no stone unturned in the most dynamic county in America.

EDITORIAL: A new day for news in Loudoun County

Anyone who was worked at a newspaper in the past two decades understands the disruption that has resulted in the restructuring of the news industry in the digital age. I worked at two of the nation’s largest newspapers as they confronted painful transitions.

EDITORIAL: Phyllis Randall—The right leaders at the right time

In her interview with Times-Mirror reporters and editors several weeks ago, Phyllis Randall shared a personal story of perseverance. Bullied as child because of a hearing problem, she vowed to overcome any obstacle.

EDITORIAL: Show your power. Vote.

In Loudoun we take the right to vote for granted. Only 28 percent of those who registered to vote in the 2011 local elections held the county. We are governed today by the 28 percent.

EDITORIAL: Our decision to not endorse candidates in 2015—and likely the years ahead

We try to be open-minded in our coverage and in our editorials. We strive to approach issues with facts, knowledge and context. We pull good ideas from opposing sides of political thought.
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