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EDITORIAL: On hallowed ground, a bolt of lightening captures our attention

The rolling hills of Virginia. Courtesy Photo/The Journey Through Hallowed Ground
On a sticky Virginia summer night, preservationists around the region gathered in a sweltering tent at Little Oatlands outside Leesburg to celebrate a journey. The sidesheets began to bellow in the wind. The skies threatened. Lightning flashed.

EDITORIAL: Time and Wisdom: How Loudoun’s future will be made

Say what you will about our Board of Supervisors, but it hasn't yet made a mess of the sprawl that threatens to overtake Loudoun County like a weed. You have to go to Fairfax County for that.

EDITORIAL: Saving Leesburg from flames is the work of heroes

But for the heroic work of local firefighters, some of whom are volunteers, historic downtown Leesburg would be lost today.

EDITORIAL: Loudoun Chairman Scott York betrays our trust

The Chairman of Loudoun County’s Board of Supervisors should be basking in the glow of recognition for public service. Instead, his 15-year political career is being characterized today as disingenuous.

EDITORIAL: Future leaders: The best is yet to come

Over the next few weeks, more than 14,000 students will graduate from Loudoun County high schools. We'd like to introduce you to all of them, such is their achievement.

EDITORIAL: Baking soda

How much will the Silver Line cost Loudoun taxpayers?

EDITORIAL: Riding side-saddle into the future

Given the crazed loyalties for “our” professional football team you’d think the buzz this weekend would have been about the governor’s plan to build a football stadium for the Redskins in Loudoun County.

EDITORIAL: Runaway train

A runaway train is heading straight toward Loudoun County. It’s called the Silver Line.

EDITORIAL: When law enforcement is more than a matter of faith

Last Sunday, former members of Calvary Temple returned to the church they once called home. Rather than driving their vehicles into the half-empty church lot off of Tripleseven Road in Sterling, they parked their vehicles on the side of the road, gathered across the street from the church and waved signs protesting tactics by church leaders that, they said, resulted in the sexual and physical abuse of minors, kidnapping, brainwashing, coercion, divorce and the break-up of families.

The women in the room

Secrets to belonging and making history

EDITORIAL: The tragic flaw

In literature, the failing of character that brings about the downfall of a hero is called the tragic flaw. It unfolds with an error or flaw that takes a protagonist through a chain of events that leads to ruin or sorrow.

EDITORIAL: Conduct the public’s business in public

FOIA exemptions excuse closed-door governance

EDITORIAL: Diversity must come out from the shadows

The Town of Leesburg is considering a bold step that addresses a sensitive issue.

EDITORIAL: The perfect flip-flop

Borrowing an 18th century aphorism from a French philosopher – don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good – Loudoun County supervisors have made a bad decision about a 21st century problem.

EDITORIAL: The reporter and the chicken thief

A reporter is to a politician what a barking dog is to a chicken thief.
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