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EDITORIAL: With a loud statement, Loudoun rebukes the ugly rhetoric of politics

Civility was the secret sauce in the race for Virginia governor.

EDITORIAL: Benediction—life after Nov. 7

This year’s campaign for elected office is a sad and shameful affair. The political tone coming from our highest office -- as well as the unseemly tactics of candidates and supporters in the commonwealth and county -- is nothing if not offensive.

EDITORIAL: Inheritance at the Middleburg Film Festival

Each October we come to a seemingly perfect part of Virginia to better understand our existence. Embraced by the grace, charm and beauty of Middleburg, life is revealed in the context of an imperfect world.

EDITORIAL: The man in the corner

Constituents of local state legislature districts packed a community meeting room at the Rust Library in Leesburg to hear and ask questions of three candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates.

EDITORIAL: The Amazon payoff

Amazon’s announcement that it will grace some fortunate community with its second headquarters -- a $5 billion palace home to 50,000 employees and the harbinger of innumerable riches -- has set off a frenzy of choose-me bids that rival the awarding of the Olympic games to a deserving city. Count Loudoun County among them.

EDITORIAL: Two hours in Waterford

Amid the noise over the role of Southern heritage in Confederate statues, there is an alternative story, one that has been nearly silent since the Civil War. It’s about the honor, pride and courage of a people. “Come to Waterford,” it whispers. “Here we honor the rich, historical narrative of the largest antebellum, free black population in Loudoun County.”

EDITORIAL: Leadership requires confronting symbols of the past

There are times in elected life when leaders are asked to make difficult choices or take unpopular stands at a pivotal moment. This is one of those times.

EDITORIAL: First Amendment 2.0

Be careful before you invite Brian Davison to become a Facebook friend. You shouldn’t expect warm and fuzzy posts from a tenacious rabble-rouser who wages personal campaigns for free speech, accountability and freedom of information.

EDITORIAL: Better Angels, better understanding

Each day, the American discourse seems to sink to a new low. Settled fact is reinterpreted as fake news. Political manipulation distorts whether a foreign power meddled in our democracy. The President of the United States tweets insults and betrays the Boy Scout creed. The nation engages in a debate over health care as if we were mortal enemies, not as citizens looking out for one another.

EDITORIAL: A bridge too far

Geography is lost on members of Loudoun County’s Board of Supervisors, who embrace a fantasy that they can bridge the Potomac with a new crossing from Loudoun County that eases traffic congestion and fosters an agenda for growth.

EDITORIAL: President Trump’s troubling tweeting

From the beginning, there was something special about Twitter. When the online social network arrived in 2006, it was immediately placed on the watch list of consequential inventions.

EDITORIAL: Something is happening on Short Hill Mountain, and residents deserve answers

Residents who live near the ridge wondered what was happening there. It was hard to ignore the construction equipment that stripped trees from the ridge line, destroying the view, for the installation of something.

Peskin: Look homeward, angel

In a few weeks, I head back to Youngstown, Ohio, for my high school reunion. It’s been 50 years since I graduated from a school that, but for the persistence of memory, no longer exists. Neither irony nor nostalgia leads me back. What leads me back is redemption.

EDITORIAL: A commencement address for our place in the world

The Marshall Plan became more than a commencement speech. Approved by Congress, it stopped humanitarian disaster and helped secure long-term economic recovery. It has stood as example of American leadership ever since.

EDITORIAL: A promise deferred on the courthouse grounds

Our elected officials address sweeping change and competing perspectives about growth with the immediacy of the moment. If we are to truly grow from our history, then now is moment for keeping a promise.
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