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EDITORIAL: The right to know comes home at Montpelier

Just as the Times-Mirror is distributed to homes and sites throughout Loudoun County on Thursday, the newspaper’s editor will be speaking at James Madison’s home in Orange County on an enduring idea about newspapers and government.

EDITORIAL: Good people

They have renovated historic buildings in Leesburg and opened new businesses there. They founded 100WomenStrong to improve the quality of life for residents of the county. They installed a solar grid on their property to promote the feasibility of community energy. They financed an Academy Award-winning movie on how journalism makes a difference.

Dorothy McAuliffe: Hunger does not take a holiday

Thousands of children in the commonwealth rely on school meals as their only consistent source of quality nutrition, making the holiday season a time of anxiety and hardship for them. For too many families, hunger does not take a holiday.

EDITORIAL: Transparency and citizen participation must be central in development decisions

Several stories flew under the radar as Loudoun was consumed with electing a new president and re-electing a member of Congress. One was about relaxing the rules for development in rural areas of the county.

EDITORIAL: Donald Trump’s momentous idea

While most of America wasn't looking, Trump saw the details of impending change.

EDITORIAL: Messages and meaning at the Middleburg Film Festival

In just four years, the Middleburg Film Festival has earned a place among such iconic film festivals as Sundance, Telluride, Tribeca, Toronto, Melbourne, Berlin, Venice and Cannes. The film festival’s quaint venues – a converted ballroom at Salamander Resort, a performing arts auditorium at an elementary school, a library-museum for horse enthusiasts, a spartan reception hall in Upperville and the barrel room of a local winery – differentiate the festival from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s showplaces.

EDITORIAL: A troubled political psyche

Citizens in Loudoun, considered a pivotal county in the presidential election, are so troubled by the candidates – their assertions, their rhetoric, their performance and their values – that some have asked psychologists to assess whether a candidate they oppose has a personality disorder or sociopathic tendencies.

EDITORIAL: Hatred, hope and healing

Last week, the Ashburn Colored School was vandalized with crude symbols and ugly words. The community responded with an outpouring of support and kindness. In just a few hours, citizens rose to restore the rightful meaning to a story that echoed wrongly throughout the world during a moment of meanness and fear.

EDITORIAL: Memo to Loudoun’s supervisors: Learning is OK

At a retreat to plan how Loudoun navigates the present and moves toward its future, the chair of the Board of Supervisors proposed to add a word to the board’s vision statement.

EDITORIAL: Running against the wind in Leesburg mayoral race

The photograph of the necklace touting this weekend’s fine arts festival in downtown Leesburg reminds us in some ways of the town and its unique place in Loudoun County: a jewel in a gold setting with diamonds placed at strategic points.

EDITORIAL: Political football

You know that Loudoun County is hot when leaders throughout Northern Virginia all but concede a billion-dollar stadium for the Redskins.

EDITORIAL: Douglass School’s legacy remains relevant today

“Douglass High School, the first accredited black high school in Loudoun County, has stood in Leesburg for nearly 75 years as a symbol of the strength of the community that persevered through nearly insurmountable obstacles to fight for equality.”

EDITORIAL: Joy Maloney and the Rashomon question

How can the same incident be viewed in different ways by different people? That is called the Rashomon question. It comes from a classic Japanese movie that explores the subjectivity of perception. Observers of an event are able to produce substantially different but equally plausible accounts of the event. Rashomon presents a story from several points of view exposing each person's truth about the story.

EDITORIAL: Doing our job, covering the candidates

This week the Times-Mirror became an unwilling member of the growing club of news organizations that have been denied credentials by the Trump campaign. They include The Washington Post, Politico, BuzzFeed, the Des Moines Register, the Huffington Post and The Daily Beast.

EDITORIAL: Convince, don’t confuse on voter restoration

While we appreciate the governor’s enthusiasm for Virginia, as well as his respect for Virginians, we think he’s overreached on the issue of voting rights for felons.
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