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Fall Back: Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday; Time For An Alarm Check

© Leesburg Today - 10/31/2015

As Loudoun residents turn back their clocks one hour Sunday morning Loudoun County Fire and Rescue urges them to also check the batteries in their smoke alarms.

Daylight Saving Time ends a 2 a.m. Sunday when clocks should return to Eastern Standard Time.

""Smoke alarms are the first line of defense in alerting a person to the dangers of smoke and fire,"" W. Keith Brower, Jr., chief of the Loudoun County Fire and Rescue System, said. ""Therefore, it is critical that these life-saving devices are checked and tested frequently to ensure proper functioning.""

All smoke alarms should be tested monthly. Check the manufacturer's expiration date and specifications on the label, replace the batteries if needed and clean dust away so that smoke can enter freely. Whether hardwired or battery driven, all smoke alarms should be completely replaced every 10 years.

Loudoun County Fire and Rescue's ""Put a Finger on It"" smoke alarm campaign offers free home safety and smoke alarm inspections to all Loudoun residents. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the department hotline 703-737-8093 or visit http://www.loudoun.gov/smokealarms.

In addition to regular testing and maintenance of smoke alarms, the agency urges resident to develop and practice a home escape plans so that everyone knows what to do if a smoke alarm sounds. To learn about creating a home escape plan or to get valuable fire safety information, go to loudoun.gov/fire or call Lisa Braun, Public Education Manager, at 571-258-3222.

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