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Frederick County Libertarian Joins 33rd House Race

© Leesburg Today - 06/25/2015

Del. David A. LaRock has picked up a second challenger as he aims for re-election in the 33rd House of Delegates District.

Libertarian Mark Anderson of Frederick County obtained enough signatures to get on the November ballot, joining Democrat Chuck Hedges in the battle to try to prevent a second term for LaRock, a Republican.

Anderson is fielding his first campaign for office. The 36-year-old said that he's running because government has become too intrusive, creating too much of a ""nanny"" state, and too large.

""It's too much,"" he said Monday. ""It needs to stop.""

Anderson said that he first became interested in his party in 2011 when Gary Johnson was seeking the presidency as the Libertarian nominee.

Before that, he always voted Republican. But he became bothered by, among other issues, the GOP's stance against gay marriage. He said the Libertarian Party is ""everything the Republican Party should be.""

Anderson also said that, though he wants to be elected in the 33rd, which comprises parts of Loudoun, Frederick and Clarke counties, his run can do a lot of good just by informing people about the Libertarian Party, which is known for a belief in extremely limited government.

""It's definitely a movement,"" he said.

However, making a bid without the support of one of the two major political parties is a challenge, he acknowledged.

For example, besides being the candidate and his own campaign manger, Anderson works full-time at O'Sullivan Films in Winchester, which makes film and artificial leather products. And he's a student at Lord Fairfax Community College's Middletown campus.

But he said that it's important for the Libertarian Party to field candidates in every race every year. And his campaign gives him the chance to show people that the party has tangible ideas and isn't a group of crazies.

He said that he would like to see spending and taxes cut in Virginia, and that the market for agricultural products should be improved, as the 33rd includes lots of rural land.

Anderson also believes in legalizing marijuana and in decriminalizing other drugs. Spending on the War on Drugs has been wasted, he said, and the effort has infringed on Americans' civil liberties.

""It's really just a war on communities,"" he said.

The notion of basing a government revenue system on property taxes is wrong, too, Anderson said.

Spending should be cut so that the taxes aren't necessary, he said.

And when asked what the government would do for money in the absence of property-tax revenue, he gave an answer that seemed especially appropriate for a Libertarian.

""The government shouldn't be looking at the citizens as sources of revenue,"" he said.

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