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Georgetown’s iconic ‘Exorcist Steps’ get a plaque

© Leesburg Today - 10/30/2015

Tucked between a gas station and the Key Bridge in Georgetown is a steep, scary and iconic staircase.

The 75 steps leading down to M Street from high above at Prospect and 36th Streets is where Father Karras tumbled head first to his death in the 1973 horror classic, ""The Exorcist.""

Friday night, on the eve of Halloween and 42 years after the film made the steps famous, the movie's director and screenwriter, along with D.C. officials, officially commemorated the landmark with a plaque.

""The famed Exorcist Steps not only pay tribute to an iconic film but have also become a part of the district's rich film history,"" said Mayor Muriel Bowser. ""This recognition is more than deserving and I am confident this landmark will continue to be a favorite destination for residents, tourists and students for decades to come.""

""The Exorcist"" story is based in Georgetown, but screenwriter William Peter Blatty was inspired by the true story of an exorcism not far away in Cottage City, Md.

""Several area newspapers reported on a speech a minister gave to an amateur parapsychology society, in which he claimed to have exorcised a demon from a 13-year-old boy named Robbie, and that the ordeal lasted a little more than six weeks,"" according to the Internet Movie Database, IMDb.

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