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Truck Falls From Leesburg Parking Garage

© Leesburg Today - 05/28/2015

Another piece of government property in Leesburg will need some repairs after a car crash, but this time it's not the Loudoun County Courthouse.

An 85-year-old Hillsboro resident on Thursday afternoon drove his pickup through a brick barrier on the second level of the Leesburg town parking garage and landed on a bench in the Town Green.

""We are still trying to determine how and what happened,"" Leesburg Police Department Lt. Jeff Dube said as he surveyed the scene. ""We're fortunate nobody was injured on the courtyard lawn.""

The driver suffered minor injuries, including a cut to the leg, but he declined a trip to the hospital.

""It's nice to know so many people care about me,"" the driver said while receiving medical help. ""I'm just wondering what happened to the car and what happened to me.""

Town maintenance employee Joe Staubs was in the Council Chambers when he heard a series of loud booms. ""It sounded like someone went through a brick wall, and that's what it was.""

Town employee Angela Styler said she heard a similar series of crashes and wanted to know what happened.

""My friend told me someone drove onto the Town Green, so I had to come out and see it,"" Styler said.

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