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Winter 2015: 1,500 Tons Of Salt Spread On Leesburg Streets

© Leesburg Today - 05/29/2015

It's hot today, but Leesburg's town government is still recovering from the last winter's snow and ice storms. On Tuesday, the Town Council voted unanimously to spend $100,000 to replenish its stockpile of road salt.

A total of 1,500 tons of salt was used this past winter, and only 500 tons remain at the town's salt storage facility.

That salt was spread during 22 snow or ice events and seven of those required a full deployment for 24 hours or longer. Altogether, more than two thousand tons of salt and sand were used at a cost of $152,000.

For the past several years, Leesburg intentionally underfunded this line item in the budget, with the intent to replenishing the salt supply on an as-needed basis. Last year the same amount was approved to replenish the storage unit.

Funds in the FY16 budget will buy only about 400 tons of salt, which will result in a less than 50 percent supply, so an additional appropriation likely will be required.

Prior to the current practice, the town would budget for enough supplies to handle multiple large storms, but after a string of mild winters where only a minimal amount of salt was required,

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