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All-Cedar Run District basketball teams


-Player of the Year: J.R. Washington (Sr.) Stonewall Jackson HS

-Coach of the Year: Marcus Lawrence, Stonewall Jackson HS

First Team
1. J.R. Washington (Sr.) Stonewall Jackson HS
2. Mustafa Ali (Sr.) Stonewall Jackson HS
3. Roman Hall (Sr.) Battlefield HS
4. Darren Hawkins (Sr.) Freedom HS
5. E.J. Baltimore (Sr.) Patriot HS
6. Diandre Stubbs (Jr.) Stonewall Jackson HS
7. Terrell Walker (Sr.) Battlefield HS

Second Team
1. Marcus Farber (Sr.) Stonewall Jackson HS
2. Greg Stroman (Jr.) Stonewall Jackson HS
3. Khiore Stewart (Jr.) Broad Run HS
4. AJ Cowthran (Sr.) Patriot HS
5. Terry Smith (Sr.) Patriot HS
6. Trevor Blondin (Jr.) Battlefield HS
7. Jamison Glover (Jr.) Battlefield HS

Honorable Mention
1. Emmanuel Berchie (Jr.) Patriot HS
2. Keonte Dennis (Sr.) Stonewall Jackson HS
3. Conner Lane (Sr.) Osbourn HS
4. Hush Campbell (So.) Osbourn HS
5. Hamed Ghafcon (Sr.) Patriot HS
6. Andrew Agilore (Sr.) Freedom
7. Kameron Hedgepeth (So.) Battlefield HS


-Player of the Year: Nicole Floyd (Jr.) Stonewall Jackson HS

-Coach of the Year: Diana Martinez, Stonewall Jackson HS

First Team
1. Nicole Floyd (Jr.) Stonewall Jackson HS
2. Amanda Hinton (Sr.) Stonewall Jackson HS
3. Misha Jones (So.) Battlefield HS
4. Taylor Character (Sr.) Stonewall Jackson HS
5. Sydney Jordan (So.) Stonewall Jackson HS
6. Bailey Dufrane (Jr.) Osbourn HS
7. Robin Taylor (Jr.) Patriot HS

Second Team
1. Ellie Ferguson (Sr.) Broad Run HS
2. Taylor Baltimore (Fr.) Battlefield HS
3. Dominique Newman (Fr.) Osbourn HS
4. Nikki Dyson (Fr.) Battlefield HS
5. Moriah Leonard (Fr.) Broad Run HS
6. Arnelle Collins (Jr.) Freedom HS
7. Elisa Diggs (Sr.) Battlefield HS
8. Rachel Burns (So.) Stonewall Jackson HS

Honorable Mention
1. Kendall Dalkiewicz (Jr.) Patriot HS
2. Hayley Nordike (So.) Stonewall Jackson HS
3. Jaclyn Hackman (Sr.) Osbourn HS
4. Carson Nizialek (Fr.) Freedom HS
5. Kayla Hix (Jr.) Stonewall Jackson HS
6. Alicia Klinko (Sr.) Freedom
7. Alysse Cabellos (Sr.) Broad Run HS
8. Fatima Kamera (Sr.) Broad Run HS
9. Hannah Merdo (Sr.) Patriot HS


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