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APEX gymnasts tumble for a cause

Three APEX Gymnastics squads placed first at the Pink Invitational, contested Feb. 24-26 in Philadelphia, Pa.

The event raised $60,000 for breast cancer research and was attended by more than 2,000 gymnasts, including former Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller.

Level 5 - 1st place
Ellie Deegan - 3rd vault, 3rd bars, 4th beam, 1st floor, 1st all-around
Kendra Rentz - 4th vault, 1st bars, 2nd beam, 3rd floor, 2nd all-around
Ellie Wooten - 1st vault, 1st beam, 2nd floor, 2nd all-around
Samantha Sharp - 2nd bars, 3rd beam, 4th floor, 4th all-around
Hanna Zebdi - 2nd vault, 5th beam, 5th all-around
Lauren Hertel - 5th vault, 4th beam
Avery Goodlin - 5th bars
Anatalya Zapanta - 1st vault, 2nd bars, 4th beam, 1st floor, first all-around
Caroline Johnson - 4th vault, 1st bar, 3 floor, 2nd all-around
Erin Keane - 3rd beam
Maddie Pennington - 1st beam
Lindsey Sestak - 4th beam, 3rd floor
Madison Chandler - 2nd beam
Leslie Edwards - 1st vault, 3rd bars, 1st beam, 2nd floor, 1st all-around
Claire Bates - 5th vault, 5th beam, 1st floor, 3rd all-around
Ava Derrick - 2nd vault

Level 6 - 1st place
Carolina Cascadden - 2nd vault, 1st bars, 1st beam, 4th floor, 2nd all-around
Kathrin Shamenko - 4th floor
Kristin Gettier - 2nd vault, 4th all-around
Erin Kaplan - 3rd vault
Sharon Gilbertson - 5th beam
River Stone - 2nd vault, 1st bars, 2nd beam, 2nd floor, 1st all-around
Ashley Wilkins - 2nd beam
Margaux Webb - 5 beam

Level 7 - 1st place
Allison Auten - 3 vault, 2nd bars, 3rd beam, 3rd floor, 1st all-around
Bryn Hertel - 4th vault, 3rd bars, 4th floor, 3rd all-around
Lauren Miller - 1st beam, 4th all-around
Leah Trepal - 4th bars, 2nd beam
Hannah O’Dea - 1st vault
Julia Ames - 2nd vault
Natalie Schweikhart - 1st bars
Claudia Cardona - 3rd vault, 5th bars, 3rd beam, 4th floor, 2nd all-around
Lauren Mason - 5th vault, 5th all-around
Priscilla Hall - 2nd vault, 5th beam
Ashley Spangler - 1st vault, 4th bars, 4th all-around
Erin Dennis - 5th floor
Alex Donahue - 2nd vault, 1st beam, 3rd floor

Level 8 - 3rd place
Tess Tibbits - 3rd beam, 4th vault, 5th all-around
Amy Eck - 2nd vault, 5th bars, 4th beam, 2nd floor, 3rd all-around
Taylor Noem - 3rd beam





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