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The Living Legacy Project

A new project from the Journey Through Hallowed Grounds has begun an ambitious project to plan 620,000 trees, each representing a fallen Civil War soldier.

Extreme history at Journey Through Hallowed Grounds Camp

Each year, students from Loudoun go extreme about history through this camp from Journey Through Hallowed Grounds. Video produced by LCPS-TV.

Journey Through Hallowed Grounds teaches through filmaking

Created through Comcast newsmakers, this video shows how the Journey Through Hallowed Grounds teaches students about history through the creation of student-created videos.

Boulder Crest Retreat built on strong family values

Boulder Crest Retreat, a place for wounded warriors and their families to get away, officially opened Sept 6 with a grand, day-long ceremony.The journey to get there was long and emotional.

Loudoun Athletes of the Year 2013

The Loudoun Times-Mirror on June 7 awarded 28 high school students with Athletes of the Year awards during the inaugural banquet.

Leesburg couple celebrates 60 years

On Feb. 21, Wayne and Carolyn Reynolds celebrated 60 years of marriage. They share their secret to a lifetime of love and happiness together with the Loudoun Times-Mirror

The Chorus of the Old Dominion

The Chorus of the Old Dominion, a group of 15 to 22 men, have sung together for nearly a decade. On Feb. 7, the group was rehearsing for its annual Singing Valentine ritual, where the serenade residents on the big day. The event is the staple of the group’s fundraising.

Willy the Warrior

Willy, a 7-year-old labradoodle, survived days caught in a fence in freezing temperatures.

Vultures take over Leesburg

The U.S. Department of Agricultural worked from Jan. 7-11, 2013, to scare off a roost of at least 200 black and turkey vultures from a Leesburg neighborhood. The vultures were stripping bark from trees and tearing apart the rubber on roofs and cars, as well as causing a health hazard.

A fresh beginning: Muay Thai part of life change for Sterling man

Kyle Tyler spent the first 32 years of his life split between the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park and the campus of Kansas University.

It was a nice existence. He was sure he would live there forever. That’s until 2011 when his wife was diagnosed with cancer.

After ALS

Michael Murray’s day starts with 15 pills. Baclofen for muscles stiffness and cramps. Neudexta for the sudden uncontrollable laughter or crying (the pseudobulbar affect). Klonopin and Celexa for anxiety and depression associated with Murray’s condition.

Living with ALS

Living with ALS

The B-17 Aluminum Overcast Flying Fortress

On Aug. 16, the crew of the B-17 Aluminum Overcast Flying Fortress took the media and two World War II veterans up for a ride in the historic aircraft. The aircraft is open for tours and rides from Aug. 17-19 at Leesburg Executive Airport.

Dip-Set practice

The Dip-Set team, one of only two step teams in Loudoun County practices at Seneca Ridge Middle School for an upcoming event.


Loudoun County’s Future Leaders Look Ahead

High school seniors who were named Future Leaders by the Loudoun Times-Mirror at the annual Loudoun School-Business Partnership Recognition Breakfast were honored and presented with $1,500 scholarships. Diana Gretzkowski, from Potomac Falls High School, was awarded a $3,000 scholarship.

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