I am a “commoner” who would like to comment on some of the issues of the day. I am 77 years old and my only titles are RN, Wife, and Mother. I read the paper and listen to the news on radio and TV.

I am being told that America is systemically racist but my experience tells me that is not true. In my lifetime, we have come a long way from the days of slavery and Jim Crow. Much has been done to eliminate racial prejudice in America. I agree there is still a need for improvement in racial relationships and disparities, but indoctrinating our children and infecting our culture with Marxist ideology is not the way forward!

It seems to me the paramount problem facing America is that we have suffered a break- down of law and justice. We have “systemic corruption” in America. The way forward is to right this wrong. Every case of corruption should be litigated fairly and justly. We have laws but they are not being enforced and we have a Constitution but it is not being upheld. These two ideals are worth of any amount of effort it takes to preserve liberty.

It is imperative that we maintain the integrity of our election process as this is one way we voice our opinion on what kind of leadership we expect in America. Our Constitution gives us the right to this vote as citizens of the US. It does not give this right to non-citizens. Our citizen voices should not be diluted by any non-citizen votes. Every voter should be verified as having the credentials to vote.

How can we tackle any of our problems if free speech is not preserved? If voices of dissent are stifled by those who hold power we commoners are without liberty to voice our concerns and to affect our culture. We now have bullies who shut down the free flow of ideas by threatening people, who dare to speak their insights about the direction of our lives and of our country, with the loss of their livelihood.

Dale Belrose


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