All Points Broadband | Fiber Expansion Proposal

Fiber expansion proposal for northern and western Loudoun County.

All Points Broadband and Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC) announced Tuesday they have reached an agreement that company leaders say will support All Points Broadband’s efforts to extend fiber-to-the-home broadband service to more than 1,000 homes in northern and western Loudoun County.

The initial locations targeted for service are within or adjacent to NOVEC’s service territory, and the sites do not currently have access to fiber-optic, gigabit-capable broadband.

Between now and Sept. 15, eligible households in the project area will be contacted by mail and encouraged to pre-register online. Doing so is expected to allow All Points Broadband to evaluate demand and determine whether construction of the last-mile fiber network can proceed. If there is sufficient customer demand, All Points Broadband would commence construction in early 2021.

Interested consumers can pre-register their locations and subscribe to project updates at

“Because of COVID-19, the imperative of ensuring universal access to high-quality broadband has never been more clear than it is today,” Loudoun County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D) said in a prepared statement. “This innovative partnership between two local organizations is an important step towards achieving that objective, and we look forward to supporting its continued progress.”

Under the agreement, All Points Broadband will design a new fiber-optic network that leverages excess capacity in NOVEC’s proprietary fiber-optic network. NOVEC built and uses the 333-mile network to monitor and manage aspects of its 7,400-mile electric infrastructure.

“All Points and NOVEC have been collaborating to expand broadband in Loudoun for many years, and [Tuesday’s] agreement is the fastest and most economical way of expanding fiber-to-the-home broadband in this underserved area of Loudoun County,” All Points Broadband CEO Jimmy Carr said in a prepared statement.

Carr said the initiative aims to extend fiber-optic broadband into areas of Loudoun where there is relatively lower population density and challenging terrain from a deployment perspective. He said in order to proceed with construction, the companies need to verify there is sufficient interest to make the network viable.

Loudoun-based All Points Broadband offers utility-grade broadband service to underserved markets throughout Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Kentucky.

NOVEC, headquartered in Manassas, is a not-for-profit utility corporation that offers services to several Virginia localities, including Loudoun.

Stan Feuerberg, president and CEO of NOVEC, said in a prepared statement, “As a member-owned and customer-focused energy cooperative, NOVEC is committed to investing in the communities we serve.”

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David Dickinson

I can't say I know anything about All Points, but I have nothing but great things to say about NOVEC. As a long-term NOVEC customer, all my interactions (which have been few because my electricity service has been wonderfully uneventful) have been positive. If NOVEC is putting their name on it, I would expect good things.


So are they offering service with All Points or working internet service? I had them for 2 years before FIOS came thru. To say that their service was spotty would be a great understatement.


16 thousand dollars per home paid for by the taxpayer for broadband?


I welcome this effort - Comcast wanted $30K to run cable to my house


I just rec'd an offer of 25Mbps broadband from All Points for $299 per month. Get ready, Western Loudoun, a gouging is coming

More Cowbell

Might be not for profit, but I'd wager those in charge are making millions(with lots of paid perks from the not for profit).


Did ltM think to ask All Points about service tiers and pricing?

Or is this just another regurgitated press release in lieu of local journalism?

No need to respond... we already know the answer.

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