Kevin Bednarz

Kevin Bednarz

Kevin Bednarz, owner of The Ashburn Pub, has operated the popular  eastern Loudoun restaurant and bar for the past 24 years without expanding to another location.

On Monday, social media was buzzing as Bednarz announced a second "Ashburn Pub" will be opening in Purcellville in the space where Coney Island Diner was located at 745 E. Main St. Coney Island Diner closed its doors on March 31.

The Purcellville Pub, as it will be known, plans to open in June. The 2,900-square-foot space is double the size of The Ashburn Pub.

“It's been a long search to find the perfect location, but I've always wanted to open a restaurant in Purcellville, and we finally found the perfect space,” Bednarz told the Times-Mirror.

Bednarz, his wife Jennifer and their son have lived in Purcellville for 15 years. Jennifer Bednarz will be joining the team in the new Purcellville spot along with General Manager and Operating Partner Chris Deatherage.

Kevin Bednarz said he has already started renovating the space. The look and feel will be similar to Ashburn, he said, and renovations include adding a new floor, booths, extending the bar area and painting the walls.

“We are really excited. The space has a really nice patio and breezeway area, and we are next to Petite Loulou and near Belly Love Brewing, which is great,” Bednarz said.

The Purcellville Pub will offer the same menu as the Ashburn location with a few modifications, including daily breakfast. There will be brunch on Saturday and Sunday and half-price burger night on Thursday.

“Our burger nights and brunch are really popular in Ashburn. We kill it,” Bednarz said.

Overall, Bednarz said he is most excited to join the business community in Purcellville.

“I love all of the restaurants here. We are not trying to compete, we are just adding to the experience here. It's a family,” he said.

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welcome to Purcellville AP!!!


Good luck finding competent staff.


I liked the Coney Island Diner for its food, it was pretty good...but the service was dismal most of the time. But the worst part was the was awful! Most diners have great is a hallmark! And just steps from the Coney at the French place was great coffee.....they could have bought it from them and it would have given the Coney good coffee....

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