B. Doughnuts Leesburg to close its doors

After nearly three years in business, Leesburg's B. Doughnut is closing its doors Aug. 25 and moving to a mobile business, the owners have announced.

The popular doughnut enterprise launched in 2015 in Baltimore and is owned by Pin and Brian Chanthapanya of Ashburn. Their second B. Doughnut opened in Leesburg in December 2016 at 7 Loudoun St. SW. 

When the shop opened, customers waited in long lines for a chance to try the tasty -- and, many felt, pricey -- homemade treats. Doughnuts ranged from $2.50 to $4.

The owners said as of next week they will be transitioning to a doughnut delivery business model. 

"This has been our long-term goal, which is the reasoning behind our rapid pop-up (temp location) expansion these past few years. We will continue to host minimal pop ups around the area so please look out for locations and dates," the owners said in a statement on Facebook.

B Doughnut plans to launch a new website where customers will be able to place orders for September.

"We are pre-launching in Loudoun County, with Fairfax County coming in October. Other counties and cities -- Dallas/Ft. Worth -- are coming soon. Thanks to all our loyal Leesburg customers the past few years, get ready for the return of doughnut deliveries," the statement said.

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If your long term goal was a delivery business, why would you start off by opening a storefront? Maybe the underlying story is that nobody is buying $4.00 donuts and now the rent is more than the revenue? Time to close shop and downshift.


Exorbitant rent in Leesburg (most controlled by a single family) kills another dream.

David Dickinson

On the good side, downtown is now vibrant after years of stagnation. On the down side, the landlords are going to drive out the small established businesses. Such are the casualties of good economy.

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