Compass Creek Restaurant Rendering

Four fast-food restaurants have been approved for the Compass Creek development off the Dulles Greenway in Leesburg. 

Four drive-through restaurants will be coming to Compass Creek after Leesburg Town Council voted in favor of a rezoning Tuesday night.

While the identities of the four establishments have not been disclosed, one will be a coffee shop and three will be fast-food restaurants, one with two stories.

“This whole area of Compass Creek is going to be an extraordinary benefit to the town,” Councilman Neil Steinberg said.

While a large portion of Compass Creek currently sits on county property, the plot where these four restaurants are expected to sit is across from Ion International Training Center and inside Leesburg’s corporate boundaries.

Leesburg is trying to incorporate the rest of Compass Creek by a Boundary Line Adjustment, started before Leesburg’s latest efforts to annex the entire Joint Land Management Area from Loudoun County.

The plot next door to the restaurants, currently on Loudoun County land, is also slated for development. County government is reviewing a proposal to bring a 116-room hotel, gas station and convenience store, retail shops and a sit-down restaurant to the site.

While council overall approved of the development, most objected to the modern, square design of some of the buildings, especially the two-story restaurant.

“[They] look like hangars at the airport,” Councilman Tom Dunn said.

Developer Peterson Companies responded that it would work on the architecture of some of the buildings with the Board of Architectural Review.

While Mayor Kelly Burk said that she is not personally a fan of fast-food restaurants, she said that the establishments would fit with the rest of Compass Creek.

“I do think it goes along with Ion and how it looks,” Burk said.

Construction on the coffee shop will begin first, with restaurants expected to begin opening in the spring of 2021.

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Drive-through equals junk food. When can we get more healthy options in Loudoun?


Krispy Kreme please! Too many chicken joints in this county. Give the people what they want.


Krispy Kreme please!!! We have enough chicken joints in this county. Give the people what they want.


Let's be mindful that these restaurants must cater to the Walmart crowd, not Targ'e't 🌭🍕🌮🍗


If a Subway comes in I’m moving to Pennsylvania. Why is Loudon County so bad with food? Where are the mom and pop deli’s and restaurants. I know how about Royal Farms fried chicken or Exxon hot dogs? Leesburg is so dull. The food scene is so 50’s. Take a lesson from California or New Jersey. More Puccio’s and Moms and less McDonalds.


Preach on, brother. Loudoun is a food desert if you're not OK with slick, like-a-food-court-but-with-better-booths, approach to cuisine.


Since there is already a Subway inside of Walmart, I'm betting you won't have to move to PA, but if a Subway is all that it takes to get you to move I feel for you. P.S. Loudon county is spelled Loudoun, unless you are in TN

John M

I think there are no mom and pop type places because real estate prices are so high and people are afraid to take a chance and open a restaurant. Also, there are millions of people who just want to eat at chain restaurants, which makes me sad. Any time I'm traveling, I want to go to a different, local, place- not a chain.

loudouncommonsense More fast food restaurants. Just today it was announced that heart disease is again on the increase. Let's go celebrate with a fat-burger and fries and of course, a full-calorie soft drink

Duncan Idaho

You can choose not to eat that food, or open up a restaurant serving healthier alternatives. Isn't freedom great?


Loudon sucks


Freedom's wonderful. I think the gripe is lack of choices.


Wow! No choices?! Here are a few of my favorites:

Wine Kitchen, South Street Under, Bites Wine & Grilled Cheese Bar, Tuskies, Fireworks Pizza, King Street Oyster Bar Casa Nostra, Delirium, Melt, Trinity House Cafe, Shoes Cup & Cork, Donner Bistro, just to name a few!


And Pville is adding another drive thru to that design nightmare at 267 and 7! Tried to find my way out after actually walking unto Dunkin cuz I couldn't figure out the drive up! What a freaking nightmare! How many 7-11s does this little town need! Just because someone pays off zoning doesn't mean it should happen! Let's just plop another drive thru in....perfect example...Sheetz and McD on Ed's Ferry! How about one way in and one way out? A bit of logic goes a long way therefore you will NOT find it in Loudoun, particularly Leesburg! Can't wait too see what happens at the old Walmart center. Something has to be brewing there...primo spot and still nothing...hmmmmm! Let's Gentrify and put in more townhouses like across the street. Almost $400k right across from the "projects'! (Can I still use that term? Or is it like everything else....if it's true but unpopular than it's NOT PC! My Bad!

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