Tolga Baki

Tolga Baki

Make some room, Hillsborough Vineyards.

Tolga Baki, owner of the upcoming Hillsborough Farm Brewery, is teaming up with his family business, Hillsborough Vineyards, and will launch a farm brewery at the Hillsboro winery. (The town and winery are spelled differently.)

Baki -- who also owns Belly Love Brewing in Purcellville -- said he is looking forward to working closely with his brother Kerem, who runs the vineyard.

“It felt like a good time to do it. Belly Love is in a good place, and it will also continue in its current location. It has grown every year and we had a spectacular 2017. This is a new venture, which is separate and will have its own branding,” Baki said.

There will be five beers on tap to start, Baki said.

Baki is in the process of moving a 30-barrel capacity brewing system to Hillsboro, which was purchased from the recently closed Heroic Aleworks in Woodbridge. 

“This will allow us to have more capacity to increase production and begin distribution,” Baki said.

Construction for re-configuring the tasting room is underway. They are also adding solar power to the production facilities at the winery and brewery.

Baki said they plan to use products from their farm in the beer, including grapes, which are a “great addition,” he said.

Hillsborough Farm Brewery and tasting room should be open in “early fall,” he said.

“I am passionate about beer, and it is a cool thing to bring the winery and brewery together and work with my brother after all these years,” Baki said.

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