Westpark Golf Course opened in 1968

Westpark Golf Course opened in 1968. 

Westpark Golf Club, a 50-year Leesburg stalwart, has closed its doors, announcing the shuttering on Facebook last weekend.

The golf course’s website has for all practical purposes shut down, with only an announcement of the course’s closing day.

The past couple years have been busy for Westpark. Leesburg Town Council celebrated the golf course’s 50th anniversary with a proclamation in 2018.

However, in late 2017 and early 2018, neighbors turned out to protest after a developer who owns the property proposed replacing the open space with houses. The land could hold 27 houses by-right, according to current zoning, but one plan has called for a 96-unit townhouse development.

Developer Lennar has proposed donating 129 acres to the town for public land.

The Leesburg Planning Commission held a public hearing about the development on Sept. 19, and a Town Council public hearing for the Westpark rezoning is scheduled for Nov. 12.

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John M

I held a golf tournament for charity there a few years ago and it was a complete disaster. Employees at WestPark did not show up and we were left just starting the tournament ourselves, then when it came time to serve lunch, there was no food. We ended up waiting for an employee to be called in and when she arrived she looked really miserable. The food that came out was (literally) ice cold and the employee left as soon as the food was put out. None of the 45 of us that were there that day have ever gone back.


Giving 130 acres to the town, which means the taxpayers have to pay for maintenance, is not a good idea. The town's parks and rec dept. has no plans for that much acreage -- and certainly not running a golf course. If the private sector couldn't make a go of that in this wealthy county, how can government do better? So, the best solution is to not approve the rezoning unless the homeowners of the new development pay for watering and mowing in perpetuity, but I suppose the town can take a few acres near Country Club Drive for practice fields. Better yet, do what Purcellville did and ask the county for money to pay for the land (see lead story in T-M today). of course, that means Ms. Umstattd has to ask her colleagues to support Leesburg and she's been pretty incapable of getting their support for town wishes (i.e. she couldn't stop them from taking away Leesburg's primacy over servicing areas outside town limits with water and sewer service). So, having the developer retain the 130 acres for open space at his new owner's expense would be wisest


Westpark has long been considered the lowest end of the golfing spectrum in an area with few reliably good public courses for less than $100 per weekend round. The city could lease the land to a professional golf management company who could then improve on the existing course and attract new golfers. There are thousands in the area who might come to recognize Route 15 as a golf corridor, with this course nestled between Bull Run & Raspberry Falls.


When will this town and county get tough on these jackal developers who make Leesburg and Loudoun their playtoy. Westpark should have tried to sell to someone who would keep the land. I remember when there was a hotel there. Why in God's green earth do we need more houses which translates into more schools etc. on our backs? Lennar is just sucking the life out of Leesburg with another of their poorly done developments. Don't believe me? Just go look at a typical Lennar development, it is Ryan Homes 2.0. Yuck. Grow a set and demand a quality development there, not more econoboxes.

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