Mighty Midget

The Mighty Midget Kitchen is currently located at Döner Bistro along Harrison Street in Leesburg.

The Mighty Midget, a historic Leesburg landmark, is up for rent after Leesburg Town Council voted unanimously Tuesday to put out a request for proposal from potential tenants.

“I would like to keep it in our inventory of historic structures,” said Councilman Neil Steinberg.

The 6-foot by 9-foot B-25 fuselage tank converted into a kitchen has been a Leesburg landmark since the 1950s. Originally, it was located near the current Mom’s Apple Pie as a diner pit-stop when Route 7 went through downtown Leesburg.

The original kitchen closed in 1993. The following year, when the property owner wanted the building moved off of its current spot to make room for a gas station, it was given to the Town of Leesburg.

Gordon MacDowell of MacDowell Brew Kitchen rented the Mighty Midget from Leesburg in 1996 for a lease of 20 years. Most recently, the Mighty Midget housed Döner Bistro, a Turkish kebab and German eatery with a biergarten.

However, in May, Döner announced it is moving down the street to Virginia Village Shopping Center, leaving the Mighty Midget vacant.

The original staff report offered for council to either sell or rent the property, but Steinberg asked that the town rent the building only. Councilman Tom Dunn asked that the lease stipulate that the Mighty Midget stay in Leesburg.

Avis Renshaw, the owner of Mom’s Apple Pie, offered to return the Mighty Midget to its original location and run it there. Mom's Apple Pie is where the kitchen was originally located.

“I’d like to see it not leave the old town area,” she said. “I’m willing to have it at our place and operate it in the original manner it was originally operated.”

Interested tenants can apply to lease the Mighty Midget once town staff releases the RFP.

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Why do we keep confusing "old" with "historical", and why is the town insisting on owning an old kitchen?


Because Loudoun is all about the image of being historic while the actual history is being plowed under for strip malls and McMansions.


Because Loudoun is phony and wants to pretend to be historical while building tract McMansions.

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