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Loudoun County continues to hold the top spot in the U.S. for median household income, according to a recent survey published by the U.S. Census Bureau. Loudoun, which county officials say has held the top spot for the past 12 years, came in at $139,915 in 2018.

Nearby Arlington County came in at No. 5 with $122,394, while the second through fourth counties were in California.

Loudoun's high income levels are driven largely by the government and government contracting, defense and tech industries.

In the Washington region, Loudoun has the highest household income distribution over $150,000 at 46.4 percent. In terms of renting and leasing in the region, Loudoun also holds the top spot with five or more-bedroom homes (14.4 percent), and ranks second with four-bedroom homes (33.4 percent).

George Mason University’s Stephen S. Fuller Institute for Research on the Washington Region’s Economic Future has long monitored the statistics from the U.S. Census.

“The main takeaway is that Loudoun’s housing stock is playing a role in what types of households can live in the county: housing is larger, newer, and more likely to be for-sale than other jurisdictions in our region. This limits opportunities for households earning less than $100,000 to live in the county,” said Deputy Director and Senior Research Associate Jeannette Chapman for the Stephen S. Fuller Institute.

Loudoun County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) welcomed the news, but she said there are still plenty of neighbors that need help in one form or another.

“We always have to be aware that even with that median income there are people who are not enjoying those income levels and to remember there are people in Loudoun who go to bed hungry and have other needs. We never want to forget those people because every single person no matter your income is important part of our county,” Randall said.

Still, Randall said, “It’s been a very good story of our economy over the past four years, and I think the takeaway is stay on the course, stay on the track, keep it going."

During the past four years, the Loudoun Department of Economic Development (DED) has announced $17.6 billion dollars in investment, 16,972 new jobs and more than 28 million square feet of new commercial space.

During that time, the number of people employed in Loudoun grew by 10.5% and the average income of people employed in Loudoun grew by 7%. The percentage of the county's tax revenue from commercial increased from 26% in 2015 to 32% in 2018 (estimated to be over 34% in 2019). In 2007, only 19% of the total tax base was from commercial taxes.


Top 5 U.S. median household income in 2018:

-Loudoun County, Virginia ($139,915)

-Santa Clara County, California ($126,606)

-Marin County, California ($126,373)

-San Mateo County, California ($124,425)

-Arlington County, Virginia ($122,394)

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mopar19, Not all of my posts are supporting more housing, they same that Loudoun is more suburbanized (don't know if that's a real word, but you get the gist) and that we should expect more housing and learn to deal with it. Definitely not for fully funding the schools wish list budget. Yes to legalizing marijuana. Where do you get that I think property taxes went down this year? I said that they passed the budget this year which would be for next year. Surely you know that the budget for a year is passed before the beginning of that year. All you guys are saying that because I said they passed a budget (for next year) that I think taxes were lower this year, it makes no sense. It's like no one comprehended that a budget passed in October was for the following year. Common you guys have to realize they don't pass a budget at the end of the year.


Some people don’t realize that a property tax rate cut does not mean you pay less in taxes. For the ones on here who are ignorant on home ownership in loudoun. When your assessed house value goes up and property tax goes down. You pay more than the previous year in taxes. Home values in loudoun have been up every year since 09. For the low information voter remember that when you get the flyer in the mail saying they lowered your taxes.

More Cowbell

The process is broken. If you complain about the assessed value, they will only look into it if other neighbors complain. And the person making the decision is the same one that tries to explain why your house is assessed so high. Year after housing dropped, my property value went up $15K(to offset house loss). I complained but nothing done as usual. Only way anything gets done in Loudoun is if you're a career politician or developer.....





More Cowbell

Great, now we get to hear from our corrupt local politicians(BOS and School Board), how we need to pay more because we're the richest county again... 30 years living in Loudoun and for about 27-28 of those years, my taxes have gone up. When the tax rate goes down 1 or 2 cents. My property seems to go up $20-30K. When you complain about property values(comparing my house vs neighbors), they do nothing. How does my property go up $25K while my neighbor across the street only goes up $5k? And agree with Bob, we should get all or 90% of our money back from Richmond.


Then you should be happy that they passed budget that will lower you taxes this year.

More Cowbell

They've made that claim at least 9 out of 10 years, yet my taxes went up. Just because the rate is lowered by 1-2 cents, property values will increase by 10-25%. The way they assess properties is a joke. My neighbor paid $20K less year over year, yet sold their house for $150K more than what my house appraised for that year, even though we had same SQ footage, same house, only difference, they had an in ground pool/hot tub fireplace area around the pool.


WaterfordResident, I am impressed with both your awareness of the games our current chair plays and the timeliness of your entry. Unfortunately for loudoun this type of publicity drives the balance of the state of Virginia contention that Loudoun does not need all of its sales tax proceeds so they withhold about $250 million per year via the composite index from what Loudoun should get to help pay for our schools. I spent 10 years on the Good Shepherd Board so I know first hand how many struggle in Loudoun. Our Chair may "talk" about support but an extremely small percentage of Loudoun revenues goes to support the non-profit charities that keep lots of folks from sleeping in the local forests. Its always easier to talk about concerns than actually doing something about it but I guess thats just how local political games are played. I hope Nov 5th changes things for the better. :-)

Duncan Idaho

Cue the overwrought chorus about "overpaid" feds, blah blah blah.


Cue the overpaid Feds trying to deflect from them being obviously overpaid.


and don't forget overpaid teachers


And Phyllis wants higher property taxes. SMH. She wants us all to pay more taxes so the Democrats can ruin Loudoun with their developer friends.


Really? They just passed a rate that will be the lowest tax rate since fiscal year 2008, the last time the tax rate was below a dollar, at $0.96 per $100 of assessed value. That doesn't make sense.

More Cowbell

you do realize the rate is only 1 factor. Just because it is lowered, majority of those in Loudoun will see their property/house assessed more. The rate should be around .80. If everyone paid their fare share....


Very simple - They lower the rate, but increase the assessment - thus higher Taxes. Should not be to difficult to understand.


Cowbell, yes I own a home and realize exactly what you're saying. This year seems to be a much more drastic cut and the assessment is something we will just have to wait and see.


Marv, Yes, they lowered the rate but what you don’t understand is that the assessment for next year, if it follows trends, will not be great enough to raise taxes. Unless Loudoun really over inflates home values, we might actually get a break. That isn’t all that difficult to understand either.

More Cowbell

You sound like a BOS pushing that nonsense. If you owned a home, you'd notice the increase. It's funny, I compared some of your responses with email response from Randall, you must work for Randall. You use some of the same statements.


Tax and spend. Tax and spend. It's pretty sad that someone can't do simple multiplication (rate x assessment) and comprehend that property taxes have increased.


Do you own a house? Have you received a new assessment? Pretty sad and amazing that you can make statements about info that they rest of the county won’t have until April or May of next year when the new real tax bill comes out.


So, in addition to really poor reading comprehension, AND and obvious lack of basic multiplication skills, you are now proudly declaring that you can't read a calendar? Today is October 10, 2019. Loudoun County's rate and property assessments have been published for over six months. Most of us have even paid their First Half property tax bills. This means that BOTH VARIABLES in the Taxes Owed calculation ARE KNOWN. This is like third grade stuff here... Rate times Property value. The magic of math.


All of her posts are supporting more housing. Fully funding the schools wish list budget. Legalizing marijuana. No wonder she thinks property taxes went down this year and somehow will go down next year with all of the spending.


So sad you don't understand a fiscal calendar. At least we aren't like trump who runs up the deficit, then wants to raise the deficit ceiling so we don’t default, raised so he can run it up higher. Didn’t he promise he would eliminate the nation’s debt in eight years? Another campaign promise broken. When Obama was president, Trump presented the debt as a crisis but according to Forbes trump should just about double it in half the time.

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