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Loudoun supervisors on Wednesday will formally hear from the public on what once was proposed as “the largest gas station in Loudoun County.”

The original proposal from Leesburg North Landing, filed in September 2016, requested a zoning change request and special exception to allow for a 5,600-square-foot convenience store along with 12 gas pumps and 24 refueling stations. The application was later revised to just 20 fueling stations to be built on 4.4 acres on Route 15, just south of the Point of Rocks bridge and across from Cigarette Outlet.

Residents so far have been outspoken on both sides of the issue, with some citing environmental and safety concerns and others saying it could allow Loudoun to collect taxes from Marylanders who commute on Route 15 each day.

Please [do] not approve this application. This project would benefit Maryland commuters, not Virginia residents. It will do nothing to help the excessive traffic on Route 15 and is likely to attract even more traffic. Virginia residents in the area have zero need of this project,” resident Norrie Fowler wrote on the land use application.

In April, Loudoun County planners recommended approval by the Board of Supervisors after the applicant scaled down the size of the plans. On a Facebook page dedicated to the proposed station, to be called the Route 15 Fuel and Market, a post says the business would offer locally-grown produce as well as a dog walking trail and pollinator garden.

Our goal is to be a destination that proudly shines a light on all that Loudoun County has to offer, while we serve the almost 20,000 vehicles a day that travel on Route 15 North,” the post reads.

Visit Loudoun has partnered with the project's owners to promote the county’s businesses and products at the station. In addition, the owners made an agreement with Visit Loudoun to donate $25,000 for the creation of an app that would map out rural businesses in the western portion of the county.

Those opposed to the proposal say it would only add more congestion to an already clogged Route 15. They also fear its proximity to the Potomac River will have adverse effects on the environment.

One more gas station will introduce one more eyesore to this scenic route …” resident Efrain Berrios wrote on the land use application. “One more gas station will provide no benefit to the community.”

The public hearing will be held at 6 p.m. June 13 in the board room of the Loudoun County Government Center at 1 Harrison St. SE in Leesburg.

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Make the approval conditional the developer funds a RT15 road widening from Leesburg to the Bridge.


Done deal. Developers own the County Board and Staff. The County's Motto Should Be "For Developer, By the Developers, Because they are Developers." What happens when you buy Government.


Not what is needed to Route 15, rather expansion to 4 lanes is what is needed to handle the significant traffic on this road. A new huge gas station isn't needed until after you expand this road.

More Cowbell

Scratching head, wondering how/why this is even being discussed? Unless 15 north of Leesburg is widened....There will be many major accidents with many fatalities. Use some common sense.


Another "gift" from Visit Loudoun--so who's bidding are they doing this time? With the Airbnb crackdown, it was the hotel owners. Who is behind this one--the article only refers to the project's owner--who are they?


The perfect bookend to showcase loudouns planning and development.


This is truly the wrong site for this facility. I use Route 15 many times a week and whether I am travelling north or south on the road, I am forever behind a car that makes the decision at the last minute to veer off to the Cigarette Outlet station causing many hard braking events when the northbound car cannot cross the southbound traffic causing me to almost run into them. This happens all the time...if this facility is built on the other side of the road, it will only exacerbate this problem causing more problems. This should not be built there, the road is too narrow and too busy to add yet another distraction. It looks to be a nice facility, but is clearly in the wrong place. And if you want to make Loudoun's entry more attractive, get rid of that ugly old block building down the road that looks like it was an old gas station at one time, it is an eyesore and just sits there, year after year. Where is KLB on this one?? Someone must own it...tear that down!


Sounds like a traffic jam bottleneck just waiting to happen. If RT15 between Leesburg & the bridge isn't widened, adding development along that route is a stupid idea.

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