Apple is reportedly eyeing Loudoun County and two other northern Virginia sites for a second campus that could make the region the East Coast equivalent of Silicon Valley.

The tech titan is considering a campus for 20,000 employees,The Washington Post reported Wednesday. Economic development officials in Virginia have reportedly proposed three sites, including a joint, 85-acre Fairfax-Loudoun site at the Center for Innovation Technology that has been pitched to Amazon.

Amazon is still eyeing the site as a possible location for HQ2, a second headquarters that could bring 50,000 employees to Northern Virginia. The site is near an upcoming Metro Silver Line station.

Apple representatives said the company is seeking 4 million square feet of space on a campus for 20,000 employees in northern Virginia. That amount of space is about half the size of what Amazon seeks, and about one-third the size of the Pentagon.

Other reported sites in northern Virginia include office buildings in Crystal City and Tyson’s. Unlike Amazon, Apple is quietly exploring a site for its East coast campus. In a recent interview, CEO Tim Cook said Apple would not engage in a “beauty contest.”

Apple is the world’s most profitable company, valued at $920 billion. It completed its new $5 billion headquarters – known as “the spaceship” – in Cupertino, California last spring. More than 12,000 employees work there.

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Maybe if loudoun started building offices like the ones along the Dulles toll road in Fairfax more companies would be interested in loudoun. Seems the only offices built around here are one level office parks designed for construction companies and small business. Case in point, around the Dulles town center and loudoun county parkway. Doubt that’s what apple and amazon is looking for. At one point loudoun one or kimcora was supposed to be like Reston town center. Instead of building up with high rise condos and offices, we build one level strip mall town centers surrounded by townhouses. Loudouns same plan for the metro stops. Now they want to continue that same type of planning to the transition area. With the guise of work force housing and a sprinkle of more low paying jobs and a few Harris teeters. Apple better hurry before the metro stops are completely surrounded by a sea of townhouses and empty metro garages.


OMG Loudoun...stop dreaming! The traffic and high cost of living here X's this county out. If you go to the Raleigh NC news sites you will also see that Apple is proposing the exact same East Coast campus there...and guess what...Raleigh and the Research Triangle is infinitely cheaper; houses, taxes etc and traffic is nothing....and RDU has excellent connections. You have to stop thinking LoCo is is not!!


Every home in Ashburn will soon be worth $1,000,000 as a minimum if Apple and Amazon move here.


Why don't they build out in some county that needs a better tax base and the property values are lower. Like maybe Morgantown, WV

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