Evergreene Homes

Plot plans at Longmoor Farm in Purcellville.

While it has been an unpredictable year in the real estate market, new home construction sales — particularly in largely rural western Loudoun — have been expressly strong over the past few months, according to local home builders.

Mark Jalajel, sales manager for Carrington Homes, a builder that focuses on homes in western Loudoun, said the company typically sells about 50 homes a year, or about five each month.

This summer, however, sales have increased rapidly — in part due to people moving from more urban areas and looking for more outdoor space amid the pandemic, Jalajel said.

In June, Carrington sold nine homes, and in July they sold 24 homes. Eight contracts had already been signed as of early August, he said.

“We are going through the home lots fast. I’ve never seen anything like this. We tried raising prices, but that did not slow things down. About 60 percent are people coming from Alexandria, Arlington and D.C., moving away from cities,” he said.

In Carrington’s The Ridings neighborhood located off John Wolford Road in Purcellville, Carrington has released 10 lots and already sold eight, Jalajel said. Another 10 lots are planned for the second phase of the development.

Carrington has several other developments around the area — Hunt Ridge Preserve, James Farm and Meethinghouse Farm in Purcellville. Coming soon, there will be lots on the market in Downey Mill in Lovettsville.

A representative of Evergreene Homes, a small regional home builder, also said he has seen sales increase over the summer.

Rob Cappellini, president and CEO of Evergreene, said sales dropped in March and April, began to stabilize in May and then shot up in June and July.

“We are very grateful business has picked up. We are seeing a lot of people moving out to western Loudoun from urban centers in D.C., Alexandria and Arlington,” Cappellini said.

Evergreene Homes’ Miller’s Reserve project, located off Route 9 and Purcellville Road in Purcellville, went on the market this spring, and three homes have already been sold. Cappellini said they will be opening a model at the development by the end of the year. The development will feature 20 homes after completion.

“It’s an exciting project with gorgeous land, a creek and beautiful views,” Cappellini said of Miller’s Reserve.

Other Evergreene projects around western Loudoun have nearly sold out, with just one lot remaining at Touchstone Farms off Route 287 in Purcellville. At Longmoor Farm, near Woodgrove High School, phase one has sold out.

Lisa Sturtevant, chief economist for Virginia Realtors, told the Times-Mirror there was a steep decline in homes sales when the pandemic began, but sales were up 27 percent in May and June.

“Overall the housing market exhibited a V-shaped recovery. Prices are up, sales are up, but supply is going down. New construction is where the inventory has to come from,” she said.

Examining the data, Sturtevant says the trend over the past two years — even before the pandemic — is an increase in home sales in suburban areas among millennials who are reaching their early 30s, having kids and looking for good schools and homes with more space, she said.

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More Cowbell

My house was on the market 1 day, bought at $850K and sold for $1.35 Million. 2 other houses on street sold in less than a week(both around $1.5 mill), guess people thinking if we have to say in the house, might as well have a nice big house.


Off topic, but are they actually now building the office space they promised us 15 years ago at One Loudoun? Or Are those apartments going up? They’re building something where the baseball field was supposed to be.


How can a story about increased housing turn into a political war? Do you notice that it is only the sad, beleaguered GOPer who always have to inject politics into every discussion. It is always a we v they, left v righ, liberal v conservative. This only tells me how scared they are that a big blue wave is coming and all they have to hold onto is to constantly make everything the fault of liberals. Sad folks...you really need a life if all you see is left v right in every issue.

Loudoun Observer

As opposed to the ignorant hypocritical democrat that refuses to acknowledge the disasters being created by their policies? Lots of people that live in Loudoun already fled what they saw was coming inside the beltway. It has arrived and the people that made it happen need to stay there and deal with the mess they made instead of coming out here and making another mess.


and there you go again, making it all political. It has arrived because that is what the people want, even those of us that have lived here most of our lives and had to deal with all the rip-off good old boys for most of it. People have to live somewhere and the population will continue to grow even if it invades your conservative areas. Life goes on.


if it's political that's because it's about politics. If you don't see the waves of people fleeing the o so well run blue cities for more rural areas as a result of 50 years of blue city politics then I can't hep you.


KK those are very mixed messages. No it doesn't have to be political but then you say you don't see anyone fleeing blue cities. Just to clarify most cities are blue cities. Of the 50 largest cities mayors: 35 Democrats, 13 Republicans, and 2 Independents. Out of the top 10 only one is red, San Diego


And there goes the injecting.


perhaps you might entertain the thought that "they" don't see it as left vs right..but more as authoritarian vs liberty. You may be willing to take the yoke, but there are many who are not. Perhaps you would have had the same advice for 6 million Jews.. "come on guys, just get on the boxcars! Why does it always have to be about politics?"


They are literally dying to own the libs these days. See, e.g., Cain, Herman.


Don't let anybody turn RT.9 or RT.15 North into a 4-Lane highway. That is the surest bet you'll see all the land along the roadway snatched up and new neighborhoods build that will allow even more crazy liberals into the county. At least if we keep housing low, prices will rise, and only the rich liberals can move in, which is at least better than the poor liberals who want to milk everybody's tax dollars so they can sit at home watching TV shows.


Does endless political bickering make you happy ? Seems miserable.


That's the reality of people getting to speak in this country, democracy. I wouldn't want a dictatorship where only retain people say what will happen.


democracy being 2 pedophiles and a 12 year old voting on the age of consent.


KK are you being nonsensical again?


I see the County's attempt to buy people's building rights is a lost cause. The county will never have the money to compete against the free market of developers offer 10x the county's price to sell.

Loudoun Observer

Another wave of urban flight has begun.


Make way for all the liberals!


Paranoid much?

Charles Houston

This truly sucks.


These incoming buyers might want to do some in depth research about zoning in western loudoun. Particularly with regard to exactly what can be built right next to them in terms of event type facilities - Noise and traffic all Weekend long. Be careful

Of the noise ordinances there are two one zoning and one codified which the police will enforce. Before 11pm at night it literally has to sound like shouting INSIDE your HOUSE with the DOORS and WINDOWS closed before they will action. FACT you can thank County for those regulations! You have to be VERY careful before moving from

The city to a rural area it may not bring you what you would expect. Buyer beware!


Watch out western Loudoun communities for Special Exceptions and other reliefs that the Loudoun County Govt and BOS folks may be permitting over the next year. Special Exceptions that are approved by the BOS or Board of Zoning Appeals at their "Discretion" should be highly suspect (because these Exceptions don't meet Code, and it is usually a favor granted to a developer). Keep an eye out neighbors, because Special Exceptions require a public hearing and provide for community input. Call and email your BOS and tell them now no more "discretion" Zoning Exceptions, but only those that meet the requirements of the zoning code should be considered.


With access to very high speed internet (perhaps with Starlink) western and northern Loudoun would be even more appreciated as great places to live. It would be nice to see the BOS stop accepting a property tax rate that is 39% above the average of Virginia too! :-)


Um... people fleeing the population centers after seeing mass rioting and the police standing down? Nah, nothing to do with that I'm sure and before you nay sayers chime in. My new neighbor fled Baltimore City last month citing that during the day the protestors were peaceful, but after dark the place became a war zone . Their words, not mine.


Can you shut the eff up with your stupid politics for one article. Jesus Christ.

Comment deleted.

Poor poor MB, you don’t seem to grasp what information is because you are too busy trying to comment on people in the posts instead of the articles. Guess it’s you who adds NOTHING. This from the person that sweat shops weren’t a problem that lead to workers protections but were off topic instead. Claim that facts and stats don’t matter to others when those stats and facts are wrong. Claimed that Stonewall Jackson High School in Manassas changed their name last month to honor a janitor when it was a long-time security assistant at the school, real facts don’t seem to count for you and you think other people’s opinions don’t count. Too much self-righteousness.


What??? People are buying homes that doesn't mean they are fleeing anything. When you bought your home were you fleeing? ooooooh you are just trying to make this political.What a life you must have.

John M

"What a life you must have"- says the lady who spends all day, every day, on these comment boards.


Oh BS. If it wasn't for covid I wouldn't have the time for much of this.And (let me use that right wing term) when i woke up this morning this was America and I had rights! LOL Who was talking to you anyway? Are you like the time police, do you determine who can make comments and when? It's a comment section about different things that are happening locally, why don't you comment on that and not others?


Cow, too bad, you made personal attacks and I will report you. Done and done

John M

Haha, Amerigirl, you took my comment really hard! I think I hit a nerve there. No, I'm not the "time police" but when I see a hypocrite, I like to point you out. Hypocrite. Now, on with your endless commenting on every article, where you antagonize people about politics, but then get mad when people turn non-political articles into Right and Left back and forth. You need some self awareness.


John are you actually bragging about being a bully? You have a contorted sense of reality if you think that was taken hard. It was just a comment not some accomplishment for you to prove what a tough little bully you are and to brag about. But John, I don't have a problem with reporting your comments like the others for breaking the rules (listed below). You must be young and immature if the reason you are here is to attack other people rather than their comments. Sorry but it will take a lot more than those childish rants to actually hit a nerve.


Amerigirl and her non-stop drivel.


sorry Master B bye bye


I don’t think they are fleeing rioting rather the density in a time of Covid. Nothing new about that — goes back centuries in times of plague.


Carrington Homes is systematically destroying Loudoun County. They are like jackals who scoop up vacant land put down ugly, McMansions in the name of progress. Despicable. They think they are doing a service when in reality they are crushing the beauty of western Loudoun.


Agreed. It's sad to see the beauty of Western Loudoun get plowed under and McMansions popping up like weeds. Eastern Loudoun has already turned into Fairfax and Western Loudoun is on its way.


RoundHillRes--true statement. You may see the resurgence of "Don't Loudoun Clarke" bumper stickers the way things are going....


Good one, Voltaire


The burbs are growing, that's what they do.


No, it's not "what they do". The "burbs" are not an organic entity. Growing suburbs requires specific political policies like high rates of immigration, loose zoning, etc. Suburban growth is the direct result of policy. It is not a state of nature.



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