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Sen. Tim Kaine (D) holds a bottle of Purcellville's Catoctin Creek whiskey during a Senate hearing on trade.

Purcellville's Catoctin Creek Distillery found itself on the national stage at a United State Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on Thursday morning.

During Sen. Tim Kaine's (D-Va.) comments at the Tariffs: Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy and the International Economy hearing, Kaine highlighted Catoctin Creek Distillery as a small, locally-owned business that's being hit hard by recent Trump administration trade policies.

At the hearing, Kaine began by discussing the effects of the administration's escalating trade fight on local businesses.

Kaine held up a bottle of Catoctin Creek's rye whiskey and said, “Catoctin Creek, a tiny Virginia distillery with 20 employees, has spent in the last five years $100,000 to expand in Europe. After the tariffs, the European Union has retaliated with an additional 25 percent tariff.

“Catoctin Creek's owner Scott Harris said they were just launching in a big way and this is the worst possible timing, and all European sales are likely to come to a screeching halt,” Kaine continued. “We talk about a trade war, and the question is, ‘Who is it against?’ And in Virginia it seems like it’s farmers and workers … We should not be in a trade war without a vote of Congress.”

After the hearing, Harris, the Catoctin Creek co-owner, told the Times-Mirror: "We are happy to have Sen. Kaine discussing the impact on the trade tariffs on local Virginia businesses like ours. These tariffs are causing real stress to small businesses, potentially impacting the good manufacturing and agriculture jobs that we've created in the last decade. Hopefully, the senator's efforts in Washington will be successful in getting the Commerce Department to the table with the EU negotiators so we can put an end to this hurtful policy."

President Donald Trump has defended his trade policies and tariff implementation as a practice in protecting American interests. He has said America has consistently being taken advantage of on the world stage.

“Recognizing that bad actors have taken economic advantage of the United States for too long, President Trump is taking urgent action to safeguard American interests,” reads a statement on the White House's website.

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Need to change your name "MAGA". Also Kaine doesn't even know what tariffs are in place that affect anyone. He is totally disengaged from real Americans and certainly does not represent Virginians, just try and call his office. You will see. As mentioned Warner never saw a tax increase that he didn't like. Try calling his office. I'm sure Kaine reads a whiskey bottle before he reads any legislation. Wish I could get paid for doing nothing. Vote them out.


You are fake news. I love MAGA's name, it very apt. If Kaine didn't represent Virginians they wouldn't have elected him.He is a down to earth person who likes to jam with bands, prefers beer and is personable. I have called his office and there was no problem. What's your problem? Warner was a great and honest governor for us. You are just bias.


If you think Kaine does nothing maybe you should go to Congress.gov and look at the amount of legislation he has sponsored or co-sponsored. Where does your doing nothing" comment come from because you sure didn't look to what he does.

(Edited by staff.)


And he spoke as if he sampled a bottle prior to his speech....


My guess is that you never watched it. He was well prepared, has his facts and figures on job loss, and had visuals to have entered to the record so the republican, I mean slower, senators could understand it.


We in Loudoun need to pick up the slack and buy more local whiskey. I am fairly certain that bottle did not make it out the Senate cloak room, that is some good stuff

MAGA Morons Are Governing America

I'd have so much more confidence in the Trump team's ability to right the world's trading systems if I thought even one of them had ever read a book...


How about the Senator putting some pressure on his VA state counterparts in Richmond to lessen the 26% tax (tariff) Loudouners have to pay on the same bottle? 20% VA tax on distilled spirits, 5% VA sales tax, 1% Loudoun sales tax.


I have found that after you have hit the bottle a few times the taxes don't hurt as bad.

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