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Concrete panels installed in the $2.6 billion project extending the D.C. region's Metrorail Silver Line to Dulles International Airport and into Ashburn are not as durable as they should be.

Charles Stark, director of the Silver Line project, said the concrete is supposed to last 100 years but was not mixed properly by a subcontractor. To fix the problem, the concrete will have to be periodically coated with a special substance to enhance its durability.

Stark said the additional costs will be borne by the contractor and will not delay the anticipated 2020 opening of the Silver Line's second phase.

Stark said another 60 panels are being replaced because the reinforcing steel mesh is positioned in a way that it could too easily rust.

The issue was first reported by WRC-TV.

Metro's Silver Line extension will bring Metro into Loudoun County after completion of the second phase. Loudoun will spend an estimated $20-$30 million annually as part of the Metro Silver Line funding agreement.

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why doesn't Metro DEMAND full replacement of the panels? Seems to me there are 2 coverups going on here: cover up the panels with a coating, and a cover-up of responsibility.


Sprayiing glue on concrete panels is not a solution but a excuse allowing Metro to put the publics safety at risk. Our contribution in 2013 was estimated to be 11.1 million dollars now with Nick Freitas and Tim Hugo's helps that amount has increased 151% to 27 .9 million dollars, c'mon man!


*Sees title*
*Sighs loudly*

Par for the course unfortunately. Par for the course.


Seems like the entire project should be shut down and reviewed. If there is one mistake made, how many others are out there. To coat the inferior concrete is stupid. How do they know how it will fare in 10-20-30 years? Replace them now!! This whole project was ill conceived by greedy BOS and developers without regard to public well being, budgets etc. It was doomed from Day One and this latest miscue only highlights that.

More Cowbell

Because it was caught too late. They should inspect during the mixture not after it's been up for months. Everything wrong with Metro is passed on to taxpayers. It will probably cost us more than $100 Million because they'll find other issues...They always do.


Uh...anyone surprised that there is a problem with a Metro-related construction contract? If so, do you play cards for money?


How do you know this WAS NOT discovered through an inspection? Common sense would say, that is exactly how this discovered, through post construction analysis, testing, inspections. $5 million, where did you come up with that number? What do you know to make that claim? What are your qualifications to make any such statements?


A "coating" is enough to replace properly mixed cement? Where were the lawyers that represented us (the taxpayer) and what protections did they build into the contracts? How about legal malpractice in all of this?

More Cowbell

Not shocked by this. Metro is known to have maintenance/security issues. What's scary is what other safety type issues were overlooked? Why wasn't this caught during inspections? I'm sure fed/state/county inspectors just rubber stamped OK. Will Subcontractor be fined for this(or MWAA./Metro sue contractor and sub contractor)?? This will cost an extra $5 million from Loudoun taxpayers.


I remember when the costs to Loudoun were going to be 11 million dollars a year, I do. Contractors pass costs on to consumers does anyone believe these companies are going to maintain the panels for a hundred years. Safety first, drive your car. Smart scale bypassed by Nick Freitas and company to give Metro 260 million dollars that would of been spent on roads, bad Nick!

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