Volpe | Sterling Meadow

Supervisor Suzanne Volpe (R) speaks with constituents about the Sterling Meadow redevelopment proposal.

While zoning in the Algonkian District has remained status quo for much of the past 20 years, a proposed housing development has caught the attention of residents in the Sterling community.

In a large room at the Cascades Library in Sterling on Tuesday, a couple dozen residents watched two presentations and asked questions about Sterling Meadow LLC’s proposed rezoning.

The project calls for developing 166 stacked multi-family residential units and 11 affordable dwelling units in place of the Countryside Regal Cinema built in 1996, according to the developer’s statement of justification. The 11.27-acre site is located between Route 7 and Tripleseven Road in Sterling. The adjacent retail uses, which are not part of the application, would remain.

“It’s important for this to be a thorough process, and the reason I wanted to have this type of meeting and have an overall conversation with county staff is, in my mind, this is my district’s first redevelopment type of project where you have an existing use and you’re talking about that use going away and new use coming in," Volpe said.

Residents opposed the traffic studies by the applicant and county staff, even at one point asking, "What is your education background?" They called some information provided false.

On the project's online portal, people have opposed the additional homes and higher density.

Sterling Meadow representatives said the site will be accessed from the existing Regal Plaza entrance off Pidgeon Hill Drive and two entrances on Tripleseven Road. The existing northern entrance to the cinema will be relocated, and the existing southern entrance will remain in place.

The applicant said it seeks to provide additional residential units to “bolster the amount of people who can walk to support the proximate commercial uses while taking a small portion of the underutilized commercial space and the associated sea of parking offline.”

Several residents have expressed concern about the potential development's impact on local schools and transportation.

Writing on the county's project portal, Vivian Gutierrez said: “This area cannot accommodate an additional 180 families. Most schools in the vicinity are at capacity and current residents will not allow zoning changes to affect our children’s education. From a transportation perspective, most of our roads can’t handle more vehicles. Traffic in Triple Seven Rd will significantly increase affecting residents of Calvert Glen and Environs. This application if approved will harm our community.”

“We do not need high-density development here,” wrote Michael Sziede. “There is no place for these kids to go to school. There is no proffer for school or roads. This place is zoned commercial and needs to remain commercial.”

Sterling Meadow Rezoning Proposal

Sterling Meadow LLC is proposing to construct a housing development where Countryside Regal Cinema was built in 1996.

The applicant is proffering four recreation spaces combining for a minimum of 35,200 square feet and two pocket parks, sidewalks, a trail along Tripleseven Road and a $1,744 contribution to the county per dwelling unit to address the unmet housing needs. Additionally, Sterling Meadow said a contribution of $325,000 would go to improve the playgrounds and fields at Countryside Elementary, over $1 million would go improve the weight room and fields at Potomac Falls and a restripe of Tripleseven Road would create two left turn lanes at Palisade Parkway. The most recent proffer package also includes a $1 million contribution toward the county's unmet housing needs.

While the restriping could alleviate some congestion, resident Heather Johnston said that would create more traffic issues on a nearby roadway, Cromwell Road, and Tripleseven continues to be a concern for commuters.

“This should be addressed at a higher level outside of the development process because Tripleseven, while being re-designated as I’ve heard this evening, it’s not being appropriately addressed before – and let alone after – the planning,” Johnston said.

Residents also spent a portion of the time saying they felt “abandoned” and left out after economic development projects have gone up around them in Ashburn, Dulles and Leesburg.

“I appreciate your comments, but I think our ability to impact this will be better in the future than it’s been in the past because of the Comprehensive Plan,” Economic Development Director Buddy Rizer said. “But we’ve put a lot of emphasis on it. We just haven’t been as successful as we would like.”

Before wrapping up the meeting, a resident asked Volpe whether she accepted a donation from one of the developers and whether she'd consider recusing herself from the vote.

Volpe did not directly answer the question, saying the resident appeared as though he had already made up his mind with regard to the inquiry.

Volpe has received $2,000 from real estate developer and Sterling Meadow co-applicant Brian Cullen, according to the Virginia Public Access Project.

Sterling Meadow is scheduled to meet with the Planning Commission Nov. 19. The meeting begins at 6 p.m.

Suzanne Volpe at Sterling Meadow Meeting

Suzanne Volpe (R) hosts a community meeting about the Sterling Meadow redevelopment.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that the project calls for developing 184 stacked multi-family residential units and 12 affordable dwelling units. The Sterling Meadow application was recently revised and now proposes 166 housing units with 11 ADUs, according to a development representative.

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I have no idea how they’d fit that many homes in that space but if the rendering is correct they’ll only have about 75 parking spaces so they better come with 2 car garages and a driveway.

More Cowbell

75 parking spaces, looks more like 50 if even that many. And this type of small townhome can only have single garage. This is a joke and BOS should say NO.


1. Not enough parking.

2. Not enough in interior (shopping center) road improvements to accommodate the projected (and even more if it turns into rentals) traffic into and out of the development.

3. Why wasn't residential on top of retail considered?

4. What is the expected tax revenue going to be vs. whatever is coming in now?

Sterling resident97

Briskman is unqualified. Ask her where her Go Fund me money (over $100,00 for giving the bird to a sitting President of the United States) went. Some light home remodeling perhaps? Her own campaign? I don't agree with the President's policy but have we lost all decorum? We should elect her because she "tells it like it is"? If I had dinner that to Obama I would have been vilified!! Not given $130,000 cash and a new job months later!


Hey Loudoun4Trump...are you talking about your Goon In Chief Trump? Did you catch last night's debacle in Minneapolis? The vulgar and vile language he used is deplorable for anyone much less the president of the US. Don't talk about one woman and one hand gesture when this clown does disgusting things every day. Shame on you.


I did -- what a great speech....Where's Hunter?


Yeah b/c the vulgar and crass person who flipped off the president, lost her job, is soooo classy.....I'll take Volpe over the crude radical leftist that makes a fool of herself every time she opens her mouth....


Let’s defeat Volpe on November 5. She pimps out the community to developers and disrespects the constituents she is supposed to serve. I have seen her in action at Board meetings — she is NOT for you.


This Zone just needs redevelopment as commercial not residential. If they build something good like Cascades Overlook people will come and buy


Volpe is vile! She and her GOP cohorts all need to go. Do not vote for any GOP this election cycle and restore Loudoun to sanity. Their party lies and cheats and obstructs..they learn it from the top. Do something bold this November, only vote D or I, send the GOP packing especially revolting Volpe.


Vile describes her. Voting her out is a must.


Name one lie that is fact based and not just your emotions clouding your ability to make rational fact based statements.


Stop trying to turn this into some kind of partisan issue, it isn't. There are currently 3 Dems on the BOS and 2 of them usually side with the developers. The only BOS member who consistently opposes density stacking is Umstattd.

VA voter

I have never met an elected official that avoids answering specific questions more than this woman. Not only she doesn't answer direct questions, she is absent when there is a vote that is IMPORTANT and she doesn't want to go on the record for her vote. She is out of touch with what her constituents really want. Time for a change!!


Spread the word!!!

Loudooun independent

Volpe has never dissed a developer, but she sure does when it comes to voters. Any supervisor accepting contributions from any person/company with business before the BoS should recuse themself from the decision making process.

Chris McHale

I agree that she should recuse herself, but what are you referring to when you say she has dissed voters?

Doug Glatt

For once I happen to agree with Mr. McHale. It should be common practice to recuse oneself when you are trying to represent both parties.

Chris McHale

Thank you Mr. Glatt. You are a true gentleman.


So true. Please spread the word as November 5 approaches.

Sterling resident97

Simmer down, Juli.

More Cowbell

I agree. She is just as corrupt as most. My problem with this, besides all the other issues, is parking. Every development with townhouses has 2-4 times the number of cars vs parking spots because these places become rentals. So instead of 1 family, 2 cars, its' 3-4 families with 4-6 cars. These extra cars park on side streets.

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