Tito's vodka

Virginia’s state-owned liquor stores had another record-breaking year and topped $1 billion in revenues.

The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority announced earlier this month that its sales and other income for fiscal 2019 was $72 million more than last year.

Officials attributed the increase in part to customers buying more top shelf liquor than in the last. Irish whiskey was up 15%, tequila at 14% and bourbon at 10%.

Tito’s Handmade domestic vodka was the No. 1 seller for the second year in a row.

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It's hilarious that people are still buying Tito's considering all that has come out about their "hand made" vodka claim. Go ahead, just try to figure out where Tito's distillery is. They say they're from Austin, but no one in Austin knows where it is. This is a company that sells over 50 million bottles of vodka a year. Their distillery must be massive and employ thousands, but somehow, it's a mystery where it is made. Some have claimed it's actually made by Midwest Grain Products.

Chris McHale

It always kills me to pay taxes at any state run enterprise. Its double dipping in my opinion, but hey I got to get my vodka.

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